I noticed that some time ago… people who start to be an artist, somehow suddenly also become teachers. How is that possible? Is it only me who thinks that a teacher should be at least… well older? I mean working on a subject for decades?

How is that possible, that everyone now is a teacher? Maybe there is something truly wrong with me, that I do not want to teach?

All I wanna do is… to learn.

I learn from nature, I learn by making mistakes, and everyday is for me the one, when I can discover something. I do not want someone to tell me how to do it, I wanna try it myself, I wanna be the mighty traveler… who meets new, and touches new, and have this light and happiness of being first…

Of course I got my basics… had cool schools, and can read… but still I prefer to try it, touch it, taste it, and feel it in me…

So no classes. I am not your teacher. All I can tell you is… have fun! And contact me, when I will be… a 100! LOL

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