Nothing, empty, no…

The world is filled with gifts. Our world. The problem is… most of them are nasty, ugly and plastic. I got it – people love gifts and gadgets – but please do not tell me you love nature, when you change your phone every month! Do not tell me, that you help, when I see, that you do it only for an ugly t-shirt or a pen.

Why people stopped seeing pretty things, simple things, all those for free? They see them, when someone make an add about them? Stick a label to it? Recently it got my attention, that kid will not help his mother, unless he will get paid?

Are you kidding me?

I miss nothing… the world, where art was art, not just pieces made in china glued together. Nothing, what was enough to help someone, to just listen… Empty, when it was in fact full of ideas, not the commercial, trashy stuff. No – when people was brave enough to say: I can live without it. I do not need it for my happiness.

I miss the world, when people were buying a book to read it, not because it had a mug attached to it… and I miss the world where people had opinions, not just quotes from the commercials… when everything was less staged, more natural, maybe even simpler? Maybe even old-fashioned?

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