I love giveaways! This amazing thrill, first something to do, then waiting… will there be some luck for me? Or this what I did was the best? Oh my! These expectations, shivers… and so much hope in the air. And … Continue reading

Just look

“Just look, stop and look. Carefully open and dream… Keep your tickets close, keep your mind open. With this impatient fire inside just look inside of yourself.” Ch.J. It is not so hard, all you have to do is be … Continue reading

The Gates

“Pędzli bukiet, miękkich rozkosznie. W różnych rozmiarach, kolorach i gęstości. Miękkich by gładzić ostre, by muskać, nie naginać, by prosić i błagać, teraźniejszości nie zmieniać. Po prostu pytać i myśleć, wciąż szukać, nie szkalować. Po prostu daj mi ich bukiet, … Continue reading


Finally it is raining. The dry, I mean really dry soil is drinking… cooler weather can only help to reach the deepest amounts of giving birth soil… … and I am watching and listening, because there is an idea in … Continue reading