My world is in stains. OK in spots and in marks of colors. In fact everything looks like touched by a very crazy painter. Yeah Nature, I am talking about you. Just look around. All those colors should not go … Continue reading


Timeless… I have a painting to finish. It just happens from time to time that there are canvas which like to being forgot, and then come out from the wall and scream: finish me!!! It happens. I usually prefer to … Continue reading

Natural colors

Nature. Richest, perfect beauty, the most amazing artist… designer and scientist. Invention and god in one… In fact all those colors around me should not suit together, should not match each other, but they do… how? And they are so … Continue reading


I recently discovered the most amazing shade of gray… all I need is to mix one black and white and ultramarine blue, and some payne’s grey and my secret ingredient and it comes out from canvas. Somehow alive… vibrant. So … Continue reading