Did you know I am a bit scared of red. Yeah red is amazing, full of passion, so strong and can have so many shades but still… when I use it I always feel not me. Always somehow afraid. Maybe … Continue reading


I do not deal good with pink… somehow in my this really crazy world, pink has no position. But recently it changed a bit. Had a pink toothbrush, and got crazy with it, and have a pair of pink panties!!! … Continue reading


Weird? Well I am weird, and crazy proud of it, and the fun is… you can not copy that! Because every weirdo is unique… so for me colors are something different. And they always carry strange magic with them. Yellow… … Continue reading


I know people are different, and loving it. But what do they see in color green? What makes so many of you choose this color to make it a huge part of your life… Even when you see something you … Continue reading