All my favorite things…

All my things, all my favorite things… I really thing that I know me, from time to time I am eve sure what I can do, and what is impossible to do. But more often, like almost always I surprise myself!

I love dark colors, I love nature and wild things, I am amazed by wilderness and intuition, but recently I love my hair pin with a Hello Kitty and a pink toothbrush! And even… for the first time like EVER… I have pink undies!

And you know what? I am not surprised. Because I am not a closed book, finished painting, I still evolve. I can change in every moment. Even in pink undies… the whole thing is to be OK with it, and to let myself to love everything I feel comfy with! So use your pinkness, and your crazy pieces which you love… for a smile.
A very everyday one!

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