Bears and me…

My Birthday is coming… in fact they are on 25th, but I am a bit overwhelmed with them already!!!

And yeah I am getting older… or maybe younger? Do not know exactly, because since I can remember…

I was always somehow really old! Like never the young one, never the first or second Maiden, always the last one!

Yeah I am changing and not all changes are my favorites, but I can do nothing about it… so I just am. With a different number describing me… in fact I still feel 30. Somehow 30 is for now the best period of my life! 20 was not so cool. And being a teenager was just awful, really!

And I could not be one in this crazy modern days…

I figured out, that all those years were connected to crows and birds in fact! To changes, but still bears… And my Husband already gave me… yeah A BEAR!!!

Awesome one, amazing and white!!!

And BIG!!!

LOL not this one, this is my little helper Miś Śnież!!!

And here I will show you my birthday bears! Which are of course for sale!

“Soul of the White One” – legends do not tell much about the the White One. Spirit Bear hidden in the Northern Lights. The one who belongs to nobody, no tribe and no nation can say: we have him, he is our spirit, he was touched by our ancestors.
He is the one who carries all stories, all legends and myths. The first one which are roots to the ones we know, we remember. The ones which are covered with fairy tales. With things too visible…

… because the most important stories have no glitter, no happy endings, or maybe no endings at all!!!

Magic included!

This what You can see on this painting – is only Yours.
Made on Bornholm!

“A Very Beary Soul” – this one soul of a bear is waiting for the last one to be born. For the last one. Because life is short, and in fact there is no much fun about it… there is a nice cold water and pieces of ice, cute meat to catch and kids to be born… but when you are the last one, nothing matters. So this soul is waiting bigger and stronger than ever.

Scared to become a body.

Magic included!

And here is my awesome, one and only gift!!! Yeah my Husband loves me… I hope all OLD crazy me!

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