Be happy

Few days ago I have decided to be happy. Somehow got crazier than ever, me thinks… maybe that is all because of the planets, maybe only me, maybe my Island or that strange really warm weather? Do not know.

But I decided!

So now I am learning, trying and well working on it.

It is not so easy as it sounds! I am more like a dark and crazy, although I smile a lot… I do not like bright pastel colors and do not get crazy about rainbows and unicorns. But even someone like me wanna have this tiny happiness. Feeling good, not being scared. Finally not worry so much…

Not worry about this that nobody likes my art, and in fact none buy it. That maybe I am so bad in it… well, this is depressing. I know I am not good in selling my art, I just can not push it into somebody’s arms, it is not me.

Maybe I will not be good in being happy, but must try, at least try try try… oh my, there is so much to learn!

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