A circle

If life is a circle… so what I was dreaming about? Last night I was running on the mountains. Not those really high ones, those smaller ones, where rocks are covered with tiny grass. I was running with other people … Continue reading


I have strange dreams recently… I mean strange even when we remember that they belong somehow to me. And this what is connected with me is… well in fact NEVER normal or even close to normal. But playing with a … Continue reading


Recently I got crazy about crystals from MARIAELA! I mean this way only me can… I mean me can be really crazy crazy crazy, you know. So between putting next silver lining on my last piece, and making magic, I … Continue reading

Be happy

Few days ago I have decided to be happy. Somehow got crazier than ever, me thinks… maybe that is all because of the planets, maybe only me, maybe my Island or that strange really warm weather? Do not know. But … Continue reading