“Lights, colors and music,

rhythms, dresses… amusing.

Between stones, and trees,

trying to catch last Autumn leaf.

Dancing with winds,

dancing under stars…

I will do it when I want to,

not when you say time is right!” Ch.J.

I do not get carnevale! Just do not! How can someone tell me that at this time I should dance and feel happy, and then I should be all miserable? I dance when I feel in the mood, I even sing sometimes, what is not OK, but I do it! I smile, when my inner me smiles, and when I do not…

… well do not push me!

I was never good in having group fun! Now it is worst! I just prefer to hide, play with trees and stones… so please just go away, do not look, do not touch me, do not ask what I am doing… I do not need a fancy outfit to have fun! And do not need a GOOD NEWS, or how do you call it. I believe… in my Island!

Deal with it! LOL Let me be me… I do not want to wear your thoughts and your feelings!!! They are yours!

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