Almost Yule

“Follow me colors,

do not let me fall asleep,

I need to be present,

awaken must be me.

This is my time,

my naked trees,

this is my frosty,

snowy buzz freeze.

Even in grey shades,

when the veil is thick,

I can still smell you,

in shapes easily see…

Even in this whiteness

somehow magic sparkles,

so let the colors follow you,

and take you out from nightmares.” Ch.J.

December is my time. My love, my pure me… Somehow this what makes lots of people depressed, balance my depression and make me feeling even happy. And if snow comes, well even ecstatic.

But still… colors are everywhere. They catch me, strangle and use me… somehow this someone loving all blue and black during naked months, change into crazy full of colors… naked me…

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