Have fun!

I am trying to have fun… to discover one more time autumn and her colors, all that leaves which in fact create this amazing carpet which I could just lie down and stay there forever. Forever watching leaves dancing…

… trying to one more time discover amazing smell of books which is so much different when it is colder outside, and trying to have fun!

And of course it affected my canvas.

“Autumn Moon” – by the seaside, when you just lie down in heathers and feel pink granite under you, over your head are tiny green apples, yellows, red yellows, and all that bunted greens which do not want to fade away…, and the sun, which makes your eyes crying and the sea…

Just my Island in this amazing weather, full of colors!

And next project? “9 shades of autumn in Gudhjem”!

There will be 9 small paintings showing autumn in my fav part of my Island. All around, the rocks, trees, the sea, city, magic and stones, winds and quiet time.

… well if Grey can have shades why not Autumn?

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