The home

People say that home is something you always carry with you, what is a very important part of you, which in fact do not require walls and roof. Garden, doors and windows. I do not agree. Yeah, of course we … Continue reading

Melt me

I woke up with 2 new paintings in my head. All inspired by my Island, and our recent journeys. Everything here is somehow melting… in shapes and colors… Yeah I know it is Summer, but still, I am a child … Continue reading


“I am the darkness, this is how I like my life with shadows, with no bright. In the night no torch, no candle no light… My life this is how I like it not to show everything in light.” Ch. … Continue reading


How much space do you own? I mean just for you. To jump, dance, to scream out all the pain or just to create… to take emotions out and also breath freely. To catch some inspirations or just to be… … Continue reading


I have learned, that people stopped seeing beauty. This simple perfection around them. Natural amazingness… Example? The stone. Perfect on the beach, amazing in touch, looking, feeling, just breathtaking… and nobody sees it. But when you put it on a … Continue reading