Looking up, looking down…

How often do you look down. On your feet, on your paths, roads and ways? How often do you really touch the ground? The gentle soil, so reach, or so dry? How often do you watch the stones?

Those ordinary?

Those, so called, useless?

We see the sky, we reach for apples growing up and up and up… we smell the trees above us walking in the forest. But how often, really, and I am not talking about shoes or twisted ankles… How often do you really feel the land you walk on?

How aware are you of your simple path?

I am an archaeologist. I always walk strange. Usually do not mind the sky, touch the roots, look for stones which were used before… those touched by people who were aware of nature. Who could really feel her… I do not have to say, that I do look ridiculous? Yeah, I do, but can spend hours just crawling on the beach and look for pieces of the past… Do I really feel them? Sometimes I could swear, they are calling me… those strange whispers stoned and so angry, so willingly ready to be touched again…

… yeah I am that strange!

And in the need of new canvas… new paintings wanna just burst my body now!!!

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