Thunders in sea magic!

I woke up with thunders… for a moment I thought it is only my Husband, trying to check his stunning, amazing and scary… the new way of snoring, but nope. It was not him! Only thunders, in fact the weather forecast told nothing about them… so it was a surprise, really.

Weather is crazy today! It was raining, still it was really annoying hot and steamy, and now it is only… just really terrifying hot and steamy, but… maybe in this way my herbs will dry quicker? Because it is time for first harvest and love potions before bonfires will start to dance! Before all this passion blow up in the air and change all of us, feeling natural, into crazy sexual madness… or just creativity!

Still it is also all about water. The waves which open for everyone ready, and brave enough, to swim!!! Because lets be clear about it… it is still THE NORTH! So the sea is like, chilly always!

I love the sea, it maybe makes me sick when on the boat, but the stones, waves, sea grass and all this wet magic is the best! And just putting my ass inside is just magical. Maybe my ass is a bit more frighten, but for me oh this is the best. To be a part of this mighty sea… And even if I look like a swimming elephant, still love it!

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