Artist here and artist there…

“Artist here and artist there,

should be magic everywhere.

Some sculptures here

some paintings there,

what can I see

is everywhere.” Ch. J.

Yeah there is more artists today than I have seen ever. My whole life was about art. As a kid I played with funny things, which later, in those amazing hands of my uncles and aunts, changed into awesome… into pieces, strange and magical for a kid, so impossible to describe.

They taught me, that art is in everything and everything can be art… all you need is a feeling, deep inside of you, this some ghost pushing you to paint, or sculpture, or just put some trash together…

Art was always for me something what happens only for crazy people. What is not work, more like calling… like a tribe of voices who always follow you, who make you forget about yourself.

Now I am not so sure… not so sure if everything I was told is also today… kind of truth? Time changes… I do not think, I will ever deserve calling me an artist.

Maybe after this life?

“I am a crow” – I am hidden between the past and future, I am this what was and this what will happen… I am touching now only slightly, only just breathing, because now is just to short to really live in it.
Maybe I was born without my wings, but I found them…
Maybe I was born without my claws, but learned how to use them…
Maybe I was born human, but my heart was always scattered between birds…

Magic included, made on Bornholm!

All you can see on this painting is yours!

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