I am here

Under the dark, or those fluffy, white and soft clouds, under the winds messing with my head and dancing my body out, under the storms and rains, under stones, soil and grass, under the roots and all dreams… Under all those amazing tiny miracles, there is somewhere, a tiny me…

Sometimes I really feel smaller than ever. And it is not only because I am just… well short, but mostly because the world is so cool and awesome. Everything, all this Spring-Summer growing is so breathtaking, that I can discover more and more and more everyday! Who am I to create anything?

… only small tiny so called witchy human partly plush? The one who gets crazy when see jasmine blooming!

But… I paint. Do I do it only to be seen? Understood? Noticed?

“I am in your hands” – I am all you need. In fact there is nothing more, what could help you, nothing more what could stand apart… I am really all you need, because I am just you.

“Totem animals dreaming” – there are totem animals, waiting for you, ready to be discovered, to be seen, to be noticed finally in your life. They wait peacefully, they do not rush, but from time to time they wake up and touch you… Can you feel them? Can you see your totem pole?

Is art a part of me, screaming: SEE ME?

But I like to hide myself as often as it is possible… but do I want to disappear? Maybe sometimes? But the truth is… I create for myself. I need to take out all those stories, dreams, images out from me, to make place for new one, not to say: I AM HERE – love me… or maybe sometimes? I am a woman, I do it!

Life is short…

… do what you feel.

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