Crazy crazy crazy

Sometimes I fully imagine how crazy the world is. How impossible to be understand and how empty… all this rush rush rush. I thought I was a part of a rat race years ago, and that after I got sick and moved to Bornholm, I will slow down.

But nope.

I just need to have something to do, and even I have nothing, will find one! Different, more amazing, but still got no free time! But sometimes I run away into the woods, to hug trees and smell them…

I am a witch, archaeologist and an artist… I have 4 blogs: IBornholm, Miś Śnież – wolność dla pluszaków, Chepcher Jones and this one. I am an admin of few pages on FB, a photographer, writer and addicted reader, possessed by teddy bears and I am a crow!!!

And a wife!!! Sorry Masław, it is not like I forgot about you! I am just sooooooooooooooooooooo busy!!!

Maybe from all this crazy world “Tongue” was born? Or maybe not… do you want him to live with you? He is for sale!

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