Tongue – show on

Sometimes the world, and by “the world” I mean stupid people… make you so mad that all you can do, in some point, where you just have enough, do not want to argue… is showing your tongue!!!

I remember, as a kid, not that I grow up… well, sometimes all you could do was showing off your tongue (I was never good in telling “bad nasty phrases”). To say: I am over you, piss off, get off, leave me alone, and: you are as stupid as a dirty left sock! So when I saw a photo of a polar bear showing his long purple-grey tongue, I knew I need to create such painting… still working on it!

… because sometimes all we can do is show it!!!

I think my Island is very good in all those nasty gestures!!! LOL

She is strong, and always ready to say: bugger off people!!! I am here the most important!!! I need to learn from Her to be more self-confident, and put my tongue out when someone tells me a pure bullshit! and never grow up, to think that it is so not like the adult act like!!! I am not the adult! I am a witch, and have always been the crone! and as old like this, I can everything!

So… get lost!

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