When the time wakes up…

I prefer when the time forgets about passing, changing… just for a moment. A moment I can notice, I am waiting for. For this amazing, precious moment when I can just breath and all my hopes, dreams, visions and ideas, just move and dance around me!

And nothing is important, “nothing” is just an amazing soft cover, when everything is possible.

When I can be no one. Just not be… when I do not have to proof anyone, or usually just myself, that I am important, small, but important, and useful. That there is someone who… needs me.

At least one person.

Yeah, I am that crazy! Or maybe I am just a human… at least a half of me should be able to say it…

I do not trust myself. This is why this bear has disappeared. But do not be afraid! The new one: “You erased me” was born…

… and new canvas came!

Big ones!

Here, on them, I will try to create 3 paintings for an exhibition “3760” in Gudhjem Museum.

I have also, painfully discovered, that I am too short for such huge canvas! Well, but I still like me in a small package!

So now I need to finish them… ideas were born, of course with me nothing is sure, every painting can be killed after finishing, every idea can be erased or transformed. Everything can happen because the time has woken up… again.

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