Today the Sun is dancing with Clouds… and it is an amazing show of light and shadows! But I can not just sit and watch it, I will paint it! I will paint a story of a very jealous Sun, and the one he loved…

She was a lovely, fluffy Cloud.

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Nose Time

I am addicted to the smell. Just addicted… I need to smell everything, and if the smell is not correct, I will not touch even something pretty and shiny! Even something what is so desirable… something what is major, amazing … Continue reading

Autumn is here

Something has changed in the air. Colors started to shine and burning sun starts to cool down… Yeah, Autumn is here. I just hope I will finally be able to deep breath again. This Full Moon almost did not kill me. It was like the Moon sucked out all my strength and life, peace and calming moments. I feel sick, tired and unable to do anything.

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