Blue Moon

This Blue Moon coming… well makes me crazy. I can not sleep, my body is strangely full, and not mine… but still I feel this special need to create.

Create something, anything, just make, paint, built, clean, give birth to the madness of creativity!!!

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I think everyone have demons. The one from the past and the one who are so present… and we all know there are these waiting for us, just around the corner. They have created us, and changed, and made us to create…

Well at least mine did!

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I can finally create my Mori Project. Canvas are here, and in a very cool and unusual for me, size!

Do You know, that in fact Mori – what is also my middle name – called Morrighane, Morrigu appears in the form of a crow? And in fact we are talking about 3 sisters here: Badb, Macha and Nemain (OK there are also thesis that Nemain was the name of Badb, and third sister was Anand). This is why I always felt so close to them… however we will see this strange Goddess/Power/Deity there is always sex and violence – war. Because one passion can not live without other.

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I think I have no faith… except this one which I have in my Island. I believe in a bunch of rocks on The Baltic Sea. Never thought it could be possible. But I also never thought it is possible to fall in love with an Island, so… it is just another experience.

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Pain is with us… always. It makes us feel life different. Stronger, or strange. There are people who fancy the pain, I am not one of them.

Or maybe, a little?

I know one thing. Finally my body decided it has enough! So I am sick, I am in pain. The problem? I am also so feeling this need to create!

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