My Giant Sale is still on! Just give me Your price, and my paintings can be Yours!!!

All details on my Etsy Shop – including shipping… of course if You do not want to talk, just use code MAYDAY for 35% off the price!

Please! If the paintings will not find homes I will have to just throw them away…

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I have decided to do it. Because of many reasons. Here is a special time, special for a BIG SALE!!!

I need to clean up my walls – it is really urgent – so make me an offer if You want one or few of my paintings. You can get them as cheap as possible – shipping and all the details You can check on my Etsy Shop – I will just change the price and done.

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Few words about waiting…

I am not patient. In fact I am so impatient as anyone can be. I want everything NOW! In this moment… I feel pain somewhere inside if I do not get it. I feel darkness and anger… and then, with time passing by… I forget. Forget about things I wanted to have so quickly. Only the deepest dreams stay with me forever, but waiting for them to become truth is so painful.

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