A painting is…

A painting is like creating windows do amazing stories! You put one on Your wall, and not only the wall looks better, but also Your mind opens. Opens and pushes mighty Imagination to play. Play with You senses. Play with Your visions… This is why I paint!!! To give You possibility to free Your mind, soul… To make You laugh or think or just have awesome dreams!

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Moon Whale and Aurora B.

Life is a fight. It is a pleasure to breath a fresh air, and to touch wood, to find nice stones and take photos… but very often we have to fight. Stand up and say: no. This is my life, and I do not want to harm anyone. I just want to live in peace and harmony, and in a quiet place.


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Mighty driftwood…

Driftwood. The most amazing wood ever.

As I adore trees, fresh wood, and am addicted to resins, love pine and fresh leaves… so find the most amazing driftwood. Pieces of wood, branches, who connected with the Sea, took a long journey in the magical underwater world, or just the surface of it… have been where I will never be – because I throw up on a boat 🙂 – so strong, but also so fragile in shapes. Love it.

When I am out of canvas, I go to the beach and look for them. For most amazing shapes. For those who sing for me. Tell me an amazing story and let change into a pendant or a lovely sculpture.

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