Winds are coming!

The winds are coming.

Trees started to dance, so suddenly, slowly, but now… I could swear they will take roots out and run. Spirits are swimming in the air, and blowing giants are hugging the birds. Tiny feathers finally can come back up and up… and there is a white cat who wants to catch it, but no way!

The feather is coming back to the air.

So why I feel so waterly? It is strange. For me as a fire, I feel so close to the water now. Can smell the sea in the air. Salty pieces in my nose, my skin can breath the sea. My hair decided to move with the winds. Why not!

The Island is dancing.

And I got my new amazing pendant from Kasia (Wands of Transformation). And a tiny witch for my bday 🙂

Thank You so much! I love it!

And well, crow is just awesome!

The wand is: “Song of a whale” – “Mini wand pendant with clear quartz, whale and jay medicine. It’s all about expressing the emotions 🙂 Water and air element. For any whale or birds lovers out there. Comes on a leather string and is on driftwood. The backside of the wood reminds me of the ghost figure from Ghost busters 🙂“. And I can feel it!!!

Yeah, the world is changing.

Can feel it, can dance with it, and even if I am a bot scared, I also know there is something good for me, so impatient to be touched by me… Wait for me my miracle. I am coming and ready for Ya!


I won stickers from Kittypinkstars!!! And they came, and made my postman smile, and brought me rainbows and amazing bday card!!!

Thank You so much!!!

Kitty You do make everybody smile, even if they are in a grumpy mood.

And the stickers!!!

And there is a rainbow which even me made smile!!!

Yeah, it was a happy post day!!!

How amazing it is? And if You stick it even on a poo, the poo will look funny and happy!!! Just like the best thing on the World!

And today KATHY made me smile too!!! Thank You so much! There will be pendants and wands and all magical happy pieces!!!

In fact I had a Birthmonth not just one day 🙂 I am so grateful, so Thank You Everybody!!!

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