And Spring is ON!!!

I have a problem with Spring Time. I am a Yule child, kid of darkness, cold and snow. Close to frost, sister of a Snowman. I eat cold pieces and let them melt me inside… but I was born on March – 25th!!! Yay Birthday are so close… and in fact all I get is this strange stage of creativity.

I wanna paint, make pendants, just glue sticks and stones together, add seeds and dried petals… make everything beautiful and magical. Of course I am a Witch, so like for every woman also for me it is time to clean up.

Clean up my little home, clean up me, and my life… and clean up an Island.

Is it possible to clean up the mess in my head? Clean up my ideas, dreams, thoughts, all those stories which wanna be written, all mighty knights looking for their princesses, and less pretty trolls?

I have just finished “Big Blue” – this is in fact state of my mind, when I feel my Island is touching me. Everything is possible and everything will be OK.
There is nothing what can not be done. And nothing what can be wrong.
There is peaceful, quiet Sea, which touches me, hugs me and puts me in its cradle. I
am safe.
I am free.
I am… only ME and this is enough ♥ (for sale 60cmx60cm, cotton canvas, acrylic, for sale – ONLY for few days You can have this piece for 2500DKK + post)

So why do I have a problem with Spring? Well… giving birth I think? And killing the Winter Time. I miss snow!!! Yeah, I am not a NORMAL person! For me even a laundry is an inspiration!

And… we have a new Monster in Galleri Kobaltowa Wrona… his name is Grabowski, and he is my new lucky charm. As first he passed the borders with no touching by custom! How did he do it?

I think there is a spy under this hairy, fury cover… a pink one?

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