The World and I?

The World is amazing…

Full Moon, then Sunstorms, now Jupiter and Venus and Mercury…

I can feel strange powers, and this amazing need to create. I have still warm driftwood pieces in my hands and strangely cold stones. I just glue things together, feeling that someone is passing me some instructions. I created wands, and courage sticks and some pendants touch but darkness and Goddess of Hell.

I can feel so much, that I start to be afraid that there is not enough ME to create all this… Because in fact I leave a piece of ME in every creation.


How crazy is wanting this piece of wood? Yeah, I want it to have it in my garden, but it is huge and heavy, so… I should leave it.

But it is so lovely.

Like lovers dancing together… or bones of an amazing creature who died because the time came.

I can see faces and hear the music of last, in fact ages ago forgotten tribes. I can hear them. Are they talking to me? Or this is just my imagination? Is it me, just being an artist, or spirits are playing with me, like always?

And this stone in my soul place? It was grey months ago, now it broke into pieces and shows amazing colors… so impossible!

What are You telling me Mother Island?

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