Just signs… and feelings.

It is like… they are everywhere.

Just waiting to be seen, noticed, touched and so impatient to push our way of thinking. To make us step inside of ourselves, and change the world.

Just this one around us.

To be not afraid. To feel strong, and able to change…

Everytime I see anemoner I feel like Ancient Gods watching me. Protecting me. I think it is all about these triskels. Double 3! Double signs! 3 Moons, 3 parts of One Goddess. Triple Powers!

Finally, after the Full Moon and Sunstorms, I feel better… and can paint, even walk out. And almost finished my Eternal Love – 2 Swans painting.

And from a walk I brought many driftwood pieces for small wands and feathers. And amazing, raw crystals. The Island was generous!

Thank You!

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