My witchy crazy life!

Yeah, time to be clear. I am not an usually person. I do not even look alike!

Sometimes I look like a storm, and winds together… sometimes You can not even see me, because I am hiding under my table.

Yes, this big pile of blankets, shaking like crazy, it is me.

I am afraid of people. This is also me. I usually hide, or run away, or cry too much… It is also me. I am the one who is walking with a nose close to the ground, looking for cool stones, branches, feathers and seeds.

I am taking photos, too often – ask my Husband – and always in a funny position. Funny for everyone looking at me. But I do not care!

I am usually depressed, and scared, and messy… I act strange, kiss dogs which I do not know, and listen and taste the Sea! Yeah I taste the Sea! And sometimes, when someone asks me, I paint strange cats.

I do not eat meat, because my body do not like it, and I am addicted to books, jasmine, wood, stones, and plush bears, moose and other fluffy soft creatures. And I am able to find magic in everything except stupidity. I do not watch TV, it is depressing and empty, and I listen to a heavy music when I need to jump out the pain.

I love sage, I am a crow, and my home is full of books, teddy bears and paintings. I do not even use telephone. In fact they scare me, like clocks! Did You know I am afraid of clocks? Especially these loud, tick tacking…

I love Monsters… and create strange, magical pieces. The one who You must feel, not to be fond of… Because my whole life is about feeling. It is also because my eyes are not so good as they should be. But because I can not see and I am shaking, I can hear and feel like a bat! Yeah, I am THAT crazy…

And now I have decided to love myself. To give me a chance to live. To proof myself, that I am awesome and worth of taking care of. We will see what will happen with this?

PS. Did You know that I always walk with a bear. And not a small one! See… I am not a very usual person. And did You know that I am also a writer?

Yeah, I am doing too many things in one time sometimes.

TEA!!! LOL I forgot about tea! I love tea, and can not stand smell and taste of coffee. And I do not drink “fire water”. And I love bodies, which are just bones… well eaten! Burnt, not cooked! But if I will have to I can deal with cooked bones – I am archaeologist too! Now closed in a world of symbols, but still all I want is a nice grave!

Spooky? No! Beautiful! Yeah!

And I am a witch. An Intuition One. I just feel it. Sometimes I am even unable to explain, why the owl always is telling me that someone who I know will die… I just listen to the Nature and Mother Island.

This is all I need.

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