Time for swans…

I keep seeing them, so it was natural somehow, that a next big painting will be about swans and eternal love, about the story, a fairy tale which I wrote few days ago – hope to win a contest.

They are one, and two in fact, one feeling, one life, two souls on a blue, the one who gives life and takes it away…

I think the whole swan history is amazing (ugly duckling, self-confidence, beauty, forever), and in fact they were always somewhere near me.
Now I live next to Svaneke – swan city. I do not believe in a coincidence.
This is fate, and a strange feeling…

Meanwhile I have created 2 Courage Wands, one is with crystal quartz and one with pyrite.

More details here… if You are interested, write to me.

I think we need courage and hope… really.

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