Winds are coming!

The winds are coming. Trees started to dance, I could swear they will take roots out and run. Spirits are swimming in the air, and blowing giants are hugging the birds. Tiny feathers finally can come back up and up… and there is a white cat who wants to catch it, but no way! The feather is coming back to the air.

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The World is changing. I know it is good, and creates new possibilities, but as a always depressed and scared human being witch… I am just more scared. And I never know if the changes will be good or just nice, or just good but for somebody else?

Dreams are crazy lately. Maybe this is because of the Moon, Venus and Jupiter, or maybe it is just crazy me? Do not know… but this strange feeling made me to create 2 paintings and a wand.

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Happy Ostara!!!

It is like this… I love Winter, I am a kid of Darkness, but my senses are not blinded for Spring Time. I can feel it, I can see it – less see… smell her!

My Crows are creating fresh nests. Soon there will be tiny crows inside. And everything is just buzzing. Green is just ON.

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And Spring is ON!!!

I have a problem with Spring Time. I am a Yule child, kid of darkness, cold and snow. Close to frost, sister of a Snowman. I eat cold pieces and let them melt me inside… but I was born on March – 25th!!! Yay Birthday are so close… and in fact all I get is this strange stage of creativity.

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The World and I?

Full Moon, then Sunstorms, now Jupiter and Venus and Mercury… I can feel strange powers, and this amazing need to create. I have still warm driftwood pieces in my hands and strangely cold stones. I just glue things together, feeling that someone is passing me some instructions. I created wands, and courage sticks and some pendants touch but darkness and Goddess of Hell.
I can feel so much, that I start to be afraid that there is not enough ME to create all this… Because in fact I leave a piece of ME in every creation.

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Time for swans…

I keep seeing them, so it was natural somehow, that a next big painting will be about swans and eternal love, about the story, a fairy tale which I wrote few days ago – hope to win a contest 🙂 They are one, and two in fact, one feeling, one life, two souls on a blue, the one who gives life and takes it away…
I think the whole swan history is amazing (ugly duckling, self-confidence, beauty, forever), and in fact they were always somewhere near me.
Now I live next to Svaneke – swan city. I do not believe in a coincidence.
This is fate, and a strange feeling…

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A Story about Three Sisters, new wands and canvas

“Once upon the time the Mighty Queen gave birth to 3 amazing daughters.

They were so beautiful, and growing up very quickly. Smart, amazing, had just one problem. They looked the same. All with light hair, and blue eyes, so everyone treated them the same, like one. None noticed that one was like fire, quick and creative. The second loved nature and everything connected with it. The third was spiritual. Could walk between spirits and learn from their wisdom.

Finally they noticed, that living like one person is impossible for them, so they went to a Witch. And she changed them into 3 butterflies. Still were one, but looked different.”

I was dreaming about it… and when I wake up, a wand was born. In fact 3 of them were born.

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