SNESTORM means snow skin!

I love snestorms.

On my Island, Bornholm, this is how people call a snow storm. The different is that snow and wind comes from the sea. And in fact everything is like in a snow globe! Beautiful, but also milky. It is so quiet when the snow is dancing in fact up side down, and not coming from the sky but horizontal. There is strange “no fear” feeling in the air. Like someone whispering, that everything will be all right!

There is so much peace, and in fact all what You can do is stay at home and watch when the snow stucks to the doors and windows… and it is like someone covers You with a big blanket and hugs. When the snestorm comes nothing else is important except having a bed and someone to hug and a book and a big cup with tea… and a dancing flame on a candle. OK – I am out of candles!!!

I just love this peace feeling.

And this huge amount of snow – of course – in which I can jump, when the Sun comes out and wind is lighter! 🙂

And when the storm stops and Sun makes changes the snow into millions o rainbows… I feel awesome.

But the best I feel when I can dance in a snestorm. When the snow changes into my second skin! I did it this time. With no pants on! And it was like a pure magic touching my crazy personality!

YAY! You know that I am a Crow. In fact a Cobalt-blue Crow. So, a friend painted me. Look, I am so awesome! If You love such art, please look at his page. He is really talented, and crazy too… barefoot artist and writer!

Here is His FB page! Give Him a chance. Maybe You need a portrait of Your totem animal, or just a nice picture for someone You love, or for a kid! He can do it. Lives and works in Poland, but You will not have problems with “talking”!

And here is one more… This is my bear Miś Śnież/Snebamse/Snowy Teddy who talks too much, and always incorrectly if it is about bears, food, and food… and crows, and food, and bears!

He always TALKS!

And finally… I was waiting long, OK not sooo long, but I am not good in being patient! But here he is. My amazing Raven, or as I call him, my Spirit Crow! Of course from Spirit of Old!

Amazing piece. Just a touch of a human in a magic already existing! More info here. Read it, and enjoy.

I wish to have a few more pieces like this one! and an owl amulet… and moon raven! Touching this wood makes me wiser! Well, it is rather old, isn’t it!

All I can do is to recommend Spirit of Old page! Because trees are amazing. And they can find the truth soul of their magic.

And this amazing smell!!!

So much inspiration in one piece!

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