There is a time when we can just breath!

Sometimes I feel like… I can only breath. Life is hard. Sometimes it is even harder than we thought could be… but there are moments when we should breath.

Just breath.

In such moments I try to create. And decided to make a small pendant. Have so many small crystals and other stones, and have so much driftwood, in amazing shapes… It would be a sin LOL not trying!

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The power of mighty Inspiration!

When it happens, I feel possessed and it is like watching my body from a distance…

Why I paint in such a madness sometimes? Just can not stop until the painting is just done. Then I try not to scream when I am taking the brush from my fingers, try to wash them, and do not look at all this blood. But It is such an amazing feeling to have the sea inside of me, and waves dancing in my body.

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Something new and still wet!

Well, in fact I never know what will happen when I take a brush. Just have this feeling, and let my hands to be free… Of course will not let them go away without me, but they can paint what the Island tells them to paint. So it was this time. I created 3 pieces, this one is called: “Frozen seaweeds” – sometimes strange things happen with the Sea. The Mighty Forest, who is under the surface let us catch some magic. People say that seaweeds bring love, and happiness, but also help with luck and cash. So when they come out from the Sea, it is important to catch them, and dry. Make a circle, through You can see what will be.

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Bad days…

It is how it is… Bad Days happen for everyone, I think. Or maybe You do have only good days?

Mine sucks! Post did not work well, package is probably lost, and people are not nice at all, and my beloved Nisse was killed… He was protecting my home, and now is a part of The World of Trash!

I blame the Spring. This strange spirit of melting, also melting human brains.

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I will miss Winter

I am one of those strange people, who will miss Winter. This amazing blue darkness, snow falling and covering everything… all those amazing colors of this pure whiteness in the sun. I will miss cold, and Master Frost creating the most expressing pieces of art.

I will miss You Lady Winter, very much!

And will miss amazing, but strange shapes on my pure white, fresh snow… HI DADDY! Yeah, some of us have strange and DARK Parents!

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How does Your happiness smell like?

My happiness smells like: fresh bread, leafs, green tea, new books and bears, jasmine, violet, and snow… my smile smells with the waves, salty sea and… well paint, brushes and fresh, white, innocent canvas.


Have 2 small new one! I think this will be only Bornholm on them. Nothing more nothing less is necessary.

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People often ask: Why do You paint? How did it start?

It is time for some answers…

I started to paint, because I fell in love. Fell in love with an Island – Bornholm. I was depressed, could not understand why I was born in a wrong place of the world. And then, suddenly I met Her. An Island. My Goddess. My Mother and Creator. Finally here I found out, that I can be who I really am. I do not have to be ashamed. I can believe in this what I believe. I can wear what I like to wear… and I can feel so much more than ever… than I ever could.

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YAY! Monsters attack!!! :)

Galleri Kobaltowa Wrona kindly wish to inform, that was attacked by a cute cute cute monster… Please all meet Leaf-Jefferson 🙂 from Monsters Etc

He is such an amazing fellow! Can not stop touching him. Well, it was freaking cold, but he survived! Now is sitting in a jar with cookies. You can only hear him!!! ♥

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SNESTORM means snow skin!

I love snestorms.

On my Island, Bornholm, this is how people call a snow storm. The different is that snow and wind comes from the sea. And in fact everything is like in a snow globe! Beautiful, but also milky. It is so quiet when the snow is dancing in fact up side down, and not coming from the sky but horizontal. There is strange “no fear” feeling in the air. Like someone whispering, that everything will be all right!

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