I am always amazed by Nature. See, from one side it is so every year, it just happens… but colors, lights, darkness and plants, they can amazed me every time again and again and again… Herbs are ready, spells are done…
Imbolc will come and bring some fun.
Lights are dancing, powers on,
come on, come my sweet reborn!

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I do not know why, I mean I can describe what are sunstorms doing with my inside, but I feel sad and so uncalm. I also can feel so much anger around. Everything makes me so sad. I run away in creating, work, writing, reading… usually at night, when the world is so quiet. Of course on my Island quiet is not so hard to be heard 🙂 I live in a smaller end of the world!!! Which finally got some snow!

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What can art do?

“I will not tell You that my paintings and other creations will change Your life.
They will not create miracles,
they will not make things not happen…
but they will touch Your soul, check Your mind,
and show You more inside of Yourself!
They will help You breath,
they will make You smile.
They will remind You of this awesomeness which You have hidden inside!
They will make Your life more colorful, more open to the nature and free!
They will protect Your dreams and learn You sometimes… fly.”

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Sleep? no!

For me night is my time!!! When I go to bed, I always take a pen and paper with me to write a story, or to write when I wake up in the middle of the night from amazing, maybe even scary, dream. Or just wrote down ideas brought by HER.

Lady of Night… Nyks-Nox is such an amazing Goddess! She was able to give birth without man, and in fact most people did not like Her. For me She is a pure creativity! This whisper, who wakes up the best ideas!

Good night!

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Still windy

It is still windy.

There is only air and water around.

So I had to create Her, a special wand for this time. Here She is: Waves of Changes – includes a fresh wood, from a very special wishing tree with burnt waves, milky crystal, green and blue wool, and added amulet with a spiral and Fehu Rune. All should let You work with the storms and waves of changes… understanding that changes are necessary but also painful sometimes. All pieces come from a magical Island. I added dried “Sorbus aucuparia” – Rowan Tree to protect You on this way (350 DKK inc. posting)

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Being a Witch…

Yeah, I am a Witch. And I am proud of it. For a long time I had to pretend someone else… but now I am free.

Being a witch, a simple and raw is a believing in intuition. Finding a path which is not for everybody. Being the one who is strange, maybe crazy, but knows that everything starts and ends in the Nature.

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The End is always a new start!!!

So, we went for a walk, to say Thank You to our Island and to share some wishes… Went to The Watcher, a strange shaped stone and a stone circle almost touching the sea. And when I asked, was waiting for a response, for some hope for 2012; I turn back and found this tiny flower in a frozen green.

So amazing…

It must be good!!!

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