The Witch Moon and LukMun

I am a witch.
A simple one… dreaming about nice broom and a safe cottage.
A witch who is asking for strength The Island, The Sea, The Stones and Fires, The Trees and desires…
Always listening to the birds: black and white.
Scared when she can her an owl, because she is sure… someone will die.
I am the one who has vision, and the one who is never sure. The one who is scared, that the cauldron will scream, when she mix something very strange.
I am cursed and I can make them fly. Am I mean – do not thinks so, but do not ask, do not make me try…
I am a witch.
And who are You?

I am praying for help, for a sign,
for an answer on my calling.
Asking the powers, who are older than me,
asking the past, the present and the future…
Calling… and listening to the silence.

Yay – Full Moon always makes me crazy!

But spells like Full, I prefer dark side 😉 Yesterday a postman brought my new friend – from KnittingDreams 😉 Her shop on Etsy It is always like Christmas, when a small box comes, and a bear is inside 😉 He’s name is LukMun – what is funny, because it means close mouth 😉 But I love this words, they sound so funny 😉

This is how it looks before 😉

And here are Gumigurusie, a family of very… well strong-minded bears, loving sugar, candies and cookies 🙂

And I have my PUMPKIN 😉 LOL – a very nice shape indeed!!!

PS. And I am trying to finish to last paintings – dragons are very hard to wake them up on canvas when it is so cold!! 🙂 But there will be more dragons this week!!! And a few magic wands 🙂 Yeah…

All naturell 😉 The first wand… well, it will be a wand, but it is already clear what kind of 🙂 A Wand of Fertility 🙂 of course fertility of art, imagination, creation… reach, plenty, a bit of a man in lady hands 😉

What should I add? 😉

This stone could be perfect, natural magic, beauty and strength. I found it in my Soul Place. A Place full of singing stones…

A Silent Grandmother Crow Wand – connected of two pieces of driftwood 🙂 I am thinking about adding a few rocks from my favourite beach – my Only Soul place, and some crystals.

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