The Plum Sea and a new dragon will be born!!!

I am painting, and strangely hoping someone finally fell in love with my creations… and buy them. As I thought on July… the winter will be cold and very long… in fact I do not know how I will survive it?

But well, still trying 😉

Here is my new painting: “The Plum Sea”

the only sea which is visible when Your mind is blowing away, imagination is everything, this what You can see, breath, eat…

The Plum Sea is this piece of You, which is not easy to show to other people, but on fat, we love it!!!

And a new Dragon will be born soon…

So… if You want to have one of my paintings feel welcome to visit my Etsy shop 😉 You will find there paintings and felted demons or baskets 😉 and other strange spooky things, which need a home 😉

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