Every painting is a story.

This is about a very young Dragon-Fairy… inspired by Wonderful World of Forrestfairy. Anna who make these wonderful creations is an amazing person. Just look at her work… It is very easy to feel inspired. My story is about begining. A moment when a dragon is not even a thought, he is a fair, so tiny, that can sleep in a tiny drop of water. In fact a half of it. Look how peaceful is he, and how big is a pillow 🙂 And the Moon is violet because the magic is just taking a first breath.

Pris: 600 DKK – it is a fat canvas, heavy, but looks amazing on a wall.

as You can see a fairy moon powder is present 😉

The big one is a story about the day when the first 3 dragons were born or created. Every one has still a choice, until they open eyes they can choose who they want to be. So they are surrounded by dreams. Dreams about water, fire, winter and summer.

Adopt them, and wake them up 😉 Canvas normal thin and 80 cm x 60 cm.

“3 dragons in a nest of the moon mist”

It took me over a month, but You know something – I think I like it 😉 and I do not do it/feel it often 🙂

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