And in the woods…

And in the woods…

Whispers, stories and songs…

Legends take a longer rest and poems here are born…

And dreams.

Them too.

Letters which we could decipher when we were kids…

Sounds which we understood and now scare us… a bit…

A lot?



Of the past.

The past which is now.

Crow tarot

I did not want to touch any oracle before I will create my own but when I was in the process, I somehow desired to have one… to see how others done it when mine will be almost done, finished, to just have in my oracle only my inspiration only…


And when I was done… okay, it is not printed with those prices I do not think it will happen soon, but I was lucky enough to get myself this one Crow Tarot and Crow Oracle… because you know, I am a crow, in a bigger half. LOL And yes, I BOUGHT IT MYSELF… #notsponsored

It somehow found me on Etsy.

Somehow… okay, shipping was a painful process but when they came, I could not, somehow, I just did not start to “play” with them for months. There was that feeling which stopped me, maybe the stress of waiting for them… Maybe? The timing… I did not open the box truly… only checked if they are okay… the quality is lovely, I do prefer the oracle but both pieces by MJ Cullinane are just breathtaking. It is so wild, so true, soo… I mean it is me. That crow part of me. After few months we finally can talk, we can exchange views, dreams and ideas… somehow…

They enrich me.

I used to be a person using regular cars, then I stopped… I think there is timing for everything and now it is me… escaping but also reaching.

“Paying homage to the mystical energy of crows and ravens, Crow Tarot invites us to fly through the veil and connect with our intuitive powers. This artfully created 78-card deck is infused with the familiar symbolism of the traditional Rider-Waite® Tarot, making it ideal for both beginners and professional readers. The 88-page guidebook presents upright and reversed meanings and includes a custom Crow Tarot Spread.” MJ Cullinane

Remember, tools always find us not vice versa… and now I am enriched with those pieces of art and knowledge of my own crows which enrich it fully. I am now seeing bits of my world bit better and… well, I love them. I kind of ask the questions, be nice, naughty, be myself also thanks to them. I opened them in a special place on a special day. Opened them truly… The Urban Crow Oracle was already whispering to me…

“The Urban Crow Oracle:

Crows bond, mourn, understand justice (too well for some), and display a sense of humor at times. In many ways, they are like us. The Urban Crow Oracle offers you a tool to connect and learn from these amazing creatures.

The Urban Crow Oracle draws our focus to our shadow and the emotions that surface during our day. It is with the help of these mystical and ever-so-clever crows that we find clarity and new sources of inspiration. Includes a detailed guidebook for using your oracle deck.”

Now I am also oracle/tarot witch…

PS. Of course you got the fully description on Etsy page but I will say they are maybe not so thick but also not too thick for some of us. Boxes are sturdy and beautifully made. Oracle in USA tarot in China. The little books are open and truly intriguing, especially when it comes to the oracle… it truly helps to sort out yourself when the mess of too many and too much is overwhelming… too overwhelming.

Remember that.

Those are tools… you are the one seeing the path.

And yes this is my first true tarot…

My first tarot and second oracle and I think you do know why… come on, me, half crow half polar bear with antlers… perfection. Perfect match but… oh my, the problems with communication and post made it somehow just only being with me, absorbing my energy, learning myself… maybe it even made it all more special.

Thinking now… after all those months of us being together.

The woods

Why the heck I feel so better, so much in place when I am in the woods?

Woods, woodland, anything with trees, maybe also some tiny meadows and…

And of course creeks and rivers, streams, maybe some magical ponds.

An nettles… and moss…



Or in another nature…

… where you know, wild things are.

Wild things are born, unwild become wild again…


Where nature speaks to you or leaves… runes…

Where the past is still present…


I love to come back to this museum…

Year by year.

To look how it changes…

I was the one seeing it in a full glory and…

Then closed.

We all know why.

Oh yes…

They have a shop.

And I am loving it!

But after seeing it – it is free entry, just FYI… I need the woods…

But still, with the prehistoric theme.

Because in the past people knew where the best spots were… with most of magic, power beaming from the rocks and branches…

Oh my, this one is a pearl in the crown of such beauties. Spirituality is here not only present, it just is… an air.

The dream

I have a dream…

… about a small cottage close to rocks, some trees, boulders, sea…

I have a dream…

… and I will make it true. I have a dream, so it is somehow a must…

… but not pushing, it may change.

Because we change all the time.

Dreams from the past could already be recycled…

Forgotten and rebirth into another.

Yes, this is how I see dreams.

Never fully dead, gone, erased…

More like rebirth.

Dreaming is a must if you want to live fully… have those ideas which can change with you, you finding new stuff, falling in love with unknown until now. Reading, discovering, touching the past, and… to be honest, still being the same, you, but somehow changed. Grown up? No way, never…

Grownups are boring.

I am not!



“Mabon, mabon

first harvest

second reborn.

Still sunny but

that chill in the air

finally brings us

more hygge care!!!

Here is the candle


few leaves

freshly gathered herbs

bubbling dreams in a cauldron

sparkling visions

vibrant beings.

Here is finally

time to rest

lye down calmly

heat is not there.

Finally fire is not just light

it is a being which came to life.

Came to life again

to be your friend

watching candle burning

you know…

where a candle twinkle is home

it is here and there.” Ch. J.

The place

It is true…

It is my biggest discovery ever!!!

I mean really.

That you can love more than one place.


Okay, they are very similar… very…

Islands, sea…

Rocks and boats.

Seaside and trees.

Seasons of people and lack of them.

Charming emptiness.

When you can think of yourself as a fucking queen of everything! I mean everything is mine, all mine, only mine!!!

No other people allowed!



I have those autumnal thoughts… and perfect protection spells…

You know, those thoughts: cozy and full of candles and fire.

Warm soups and everything blanket like.


More books! Give me more books…


And of course me waiting for winter.

So much waiting for winter.

Nope, it is not a toilet… though looks like.


And listening and watching the sea changing.

Oh my, I love this time!!!

To dream

To dream

“This is your time to dream

there may be no other

if you change your mind

the dreams can hit you harder

eager so of your desire

eager so of your thoughts

attention bitches for sure

dreams are not forgiving

not anymore they aren’t

they waited for too long

now they want to happen…

So dream but also make


do not wait…

Because dreams also

have an expiration date.” Ch. J.

Every bit…

I mean…

It is like a true nonsense but I have to admit to it that when I go somewhere, I wanna find every bot about this place…

I wanna know, see, touch.

I just can not only lick the surface, I got to dig.

Dig deep… but sometimes something stops me.

Makes me wonder… why the heck you do it, leave it.

Hands of!

And I am like: you are rude!

And that voice in me is like: I am tired!!!

And then a moment of: I do not give a fuck appears… I like when it comes. All in white walks in, you know the vibe…

And I am confused.

But I stop.

And breath.

Stop writing, taking pictures, gathering information, run around like that headless chicken… Have you ever seen that chicken in person? Or another one? You know, dead but still running…

I did.

And I will be doing more of it… not the chicken thing, just turning of Facebook, posting less. Working but not posting it… because why the heck do I struggle with that not working world? The whole internet if I can not sell myself?