You erased me

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“You erased me” my newest piece, all about selfishness and those to proud to say: it is my fault, all about those who just use life, not give anything back, about forgetting what is important, and what is nothing…

All about passing, changes… Now all you can see are paths, all you can touch are shadows and frozen in stones shapes… and you are sad, but to proud to say: I am sorry… Because it is nobody’s fault, is it? But you pretend, still act, that you care…

Yes, nature still exist. Still is amazing, still blue, green, powerful… still…

Jeg elsker Bornholm!

Find there Yourself… try to touch the different.

All You can see on this painting is only yours!

Magic included!!! Made on Bornholm.

It is an acrylic painting on a cotton canvas – 50 cm on 70 cm on 4 cm (fat/wide canvas).
(there is always one and only!)
shipping is for a registered one 500DKK

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Dimensions 50 × 4 × 70 cm


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