The Moon of my Fantasy

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“The Moon of my Fantasy” – My Moon is not white.
My Moon is dark, blue, green and red, and complicated. And this is how I love it. I am not shiny and happy. I always see things in many aspects. I always think too much… But this is me.

I painted it leading by one of my visions. Just tried to show everyone that The Moon is inside of us. And everyone carries a different one. If You feel bad with a full bright Moon… look inside and find Yours!

When can You be sure, that Your feet are still touching The Great Mother Earth? Maybe You are flying already?

What can You see on this painting is Yours 🙂

Magic included, made on Bornholm!

It is an acrylic painting on a cotton canvas – 38 cm on 46 cm (there is always one and only!)
(shipping is for a registered one, 300DKK)

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Dimensions 38 × 2 × 46 cm


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