Spring Island – Spring Ruins


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“Spring Island – Spring Ruins” – Gudhjem is my fav part of Bornholm. It is the place which is always calling me, where I feel blessed, maybe even happy… where I feel home… where everything is so true, everything can happen and nothing is like strange or not expected… here everything, every story gets a place.

This is my new collection of 8 tiny paintings showing how my Island changes when Spring comes. Ruins start to bloom. Those which you know, which you can touch… always, and those which appear once a year or once a dream. They are unusual and magical, but be careful. If you find a way there… you may never come back.

Magic included!

This what You can see on this painting – is only Yours.
Made on Bornholm!

It is an acrylic painting on a cotton canvas – 10 cm on 10 cm (there is always one and only!)
(shipping is for a registered one, 200DKK.

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Dimensions 10 × 2 × 10 cm