Merry Island – The Merry All Tree


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This time of year everything is so “merry”. I know that most of you hate it, but I love it. Like an unwanted child. I find in this time love, happiness, time of waiting for time of waiting, this fragile time of BEFORE…

I do not see grey, I see silver, and amazing shapes, I touch the veil, and loudly whisper, or even scream, sing to the spirits…

I do weird things, which for me are normal. Because my Island let me be who I am, let me do what I feel should be done.

My Island is crazy… and always full of colors. Even under the snow, she is still blooming with tiny cottages, streets, trees, dreams, hopes and all those flowers of imagination, which were not picked up…

So here is “Merry Island” series.

“Merry Island – The Merry All Tree” – people think that Winter is a time of not growing. But there is one tree which never sleeps. If you find it, just take one flower, one leaf and one fruit… for luck!

Magic included!

This what You can see on this painting – is only Yours.
Made on Bornholm!

It is an acrylic painting on a cotton canvas – 10 cm on 10 cm (there is always one and only!)
(shipping is for a registered one, 200DKK)

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Dimensions 10 × 2 × 10 cm