Hellig Kvinde


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The painting on this canvas will be mystic again… there are stones from Bølshavn on it, in fact standing between Bølshavn and Listed – called “Hellig Kvinde“!

There are mountains you can climb and flowers you should smell, but not everybody knows that there are stones, who stand quiet since ages, and screams their stories. Come and listen to a fable that will never end… because She will be standing here and waiting for a man who will never return. She does not feel his body, which is lying by her side, did not notice the funeral…

She will wait and hope, that he will be back one day.

And maybe he will?

This painting is really amazing, and when you pass this stones by, remember to say HI to her! The Holy Woman!
My first painting in 2013!!!

Find there Yourself… try to touch the different.

Magic included!!! Made on Bornholm.

It is an acrylic painting on a cotton canvas – 30 cm on 30 cm.
(there is always one and only! shipping 200DKK)

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Dimensions 30 × 2 × 30 cm


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