Bear says: RELAX


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“Bear says: RELAX” – We live in those crazy times, when relaxing in fact is only for those rich and important. We little people just work. Always. Even when we call it vacation!!! I never had real vacation. Really free time…

… but it only depends… well it is only me in fact. I need to give myself permission to let it go. To flow, fly and let anyone else take the steering wheel!!!

So… what am I waiting for? Or maybe for someone?

Magic included!

This what You can see on this painting – is only Yours.

Made on Bornholm!

It is an acrylic painting on a cotton canvas – 30 cm on 40 cm (there is always one and only!), impossible to make another the same!
(shipping is for a registered one 300DKK
PS. of course you can always change how it is hanged!)

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Dimensions 30 × 2 × 40 cm