Another Dimension

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“Another Dimension” – … starts when You feel it is possible. When the veil is up, and all doors open. It may not be visible for everyone, but is for You an opportunity.
This is the moment, when this amazing wave which changes everything comes, and make You be proud of Yourself.
It is a feeling, but also something so obvious!

Because with magic everything is possible!!!

Jeg elsker Bornholm!

Find there Yourself… try to touch the different.

All You can see on this painting is only yours!

Magic included!!! Made on Bornholm.

It is an acrylic painting on a cotton canvas – 60 cm on 50 cm.

(there is always one and only!)

(shipping is for a registered one 500DKK)

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Dimensions 60 × 2 × 50 cm


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