3 framed pieces “The Ancient Wisdom”

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“The Ancient Wisdom” – is a project which was born after my moving to Gudhjem/Melsted. The place I fall in love from the first touch, view, smell… and finally I am here! And I am meeting this place again, and again and again!

There is fire, earth, water and air… there is everything.

Painting is in fact 3 pieces, in silver frames, of “The Ancient Wisdom”… featuring stones standing in one of my soul places, near Gudhjem. Amazing, watching the sea and the Island. Talking to me, helping, amazingly brightening my life!

Whispering, if you are ready to listen!

These are one and only! All you can see/feel here, is only yours!

Post – registered shipping is 500DKK

size 35cm x 35 cm, 23cm x 23 cm, 45cm x 45cm (frames included, ready to hang).


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