Because why not.

Because you should even MUST make others happy, not bring your sadness to them. Do not show off your feelings which are…

Well, not smiley.


Because girls look so much better with a smile.

Because… And nope, I am done. I am enough. I am not smiling. I smile when I feel sooo… or when I lie. So if you need me so not true, I will smile, and for now, come on and watch with me this cool table.

No idea what it was for, probably some hard work table, but all those drops of paint were so cool, amazing, creating abstracts just because… they could. They were gathering their strength for years. Were choosing, were deciding or maybe… from time to time prooving, that coincidence exists?


And truly…

Not smiling.

Being themselves.

Playing with your and my mind.

Being true.

Being true is not always easy, fun etc. It is sometimes very hard and may not let you be the friendly person. So what? Should I lie because of you, or should I be allowed to be not a happy person?

Pills for happiness.

How many of you take them?

Finding inspirations…

You know what? To be honest…

They are usually very close to the ground, surface you walk on.

Trust me and look down.

On this hard, painfully sharp surface and sweet, soft berries.

It was winter, but the weather was sunny…

Nothing looked as usual.


Even the light. Not so wintery at all.

Even more, crazy.

Even more, unusual.

Even more.

But days after it became really weird.


How are you all doing?

Dirty window

Yes, it is my dirty window, or more like…

… this was a very special art, recently cruelty removed by my husband, who needed some exercise.

You know, running away from homework.

LOL truly.

Because here we are also closed and working from home.

Like everywhere.

Just a window on an island, salty window after so many rainy days.

Okay, months, come on. Do not judge me LOL

Not than I care. It is better to survive the winds than to have clean windows.

And those smudges are really amazing in a setting sun…

Maybe not romantic… but…

Remember… windows can be much fun. Cleaned one too! LOL

On Chepcher Jones  you will find my photos. On clothes, mugs etc. There will be some sentences which are only mine and created by me, so stay tuned.

On Bear from Bornholm will be fun.


Okay, so I decided to create some merch, as kids say now… You know, that weird thing. And because of a bit of craziness created in fact two shops.

Because why not. Right.

Sooo… first one is my main one, soooo things are still working slowly, no idea why, but the rest, I think I will be for sure the only person buying it, but if you need something, please jump in here.

On Chepcher Jones  you will find my photos. On clothes, mugs etc. There will be some sentences which are only mine and created by me, so stay tuned.

On Bear from Bornholm will be fun.

Especially if you see the leggins with a huge sign FEED ME! LOL

I am aware that selling/buying files is not so easy, for most of you because… come on humans are lazy, no offense, if you are given too many options you somehow stop, this has been proven. LOL And many of you still do not get how it works: choose a photo from all I have, write me a message, say which one, then paypal… donations are also welcomed LOL need a sponsor!!! And then you will get a full size file, usually with something for free, on you email. Done. Then you take it and print how you want it using a place which is close to you.

Postage from Danmark would be over a price of printed piece, trust me!!!

But if not… here is something extra.

A shop on Teespring with, for now, only few prints. More coming. If I think it is worth it. And now… some confession. I hate it. I hate to be a seller. I am an artist, I suck in it. This is why it is harder with every day for me to breath, live, create.

I need help…

I can not live with my reach soul, my art. Hate when someone tells me that I have such rich soul… yeah, try to eat it or pay your bills with it. Artists are dying slowly. Art is disappearing. Huge consortiums are winning. They are stealing our job and sell it to you. And we get nothing… kick in ass from their lawyers do not count! You are very often buying something what was created by one human…

And then that human was erased because the huge company had better lawyers. They always do…

Serial killer?

I had that dream again…

You know, blood, an axe… wait, not totally the same, in fact a bit different. Because I think it was not me, or maybe it was me, you know how it is with dreams. Though… I was in that plane, which crashed, or not, still, I am there, there are bloody stains on clothes and an axe. Which I am suppose to hide…

Although… post came suddenly and I had no idea what to do.


Because, how the heck postman found me here, and envelope is red, for sure checked by authorities etc. and now I am here with the proof, all proofs which could shut me in a deepest dungeons of Danish castes… still…

Somehow I do not care. I just… clean up. He can wait, I have to lean up… I think it was the moment I started to laugh in that dream because even when it comes for a dream it was so irrational, that… to be honest guess who woke me up. Yeah, postman. LOL Because why not! Luckily we got those times for no touching so he is leaving stuff under my doors and runs away…

Runs away, truly.

I mean… maybe he knows?

Because… I have an axe. With a bloody painted blade. I do… You think he knows? Shit. For those who do not know, when we moved here, there was a huge, human sized freezer in a yellow shed, sooo…

Well… LOL

The line

The line, border…

Part one, part two, and another…

The line.

Place between places. Sometimes fresh and totally visible and sometimes more like words hanging in the air.

We create them, nature creates them and in fact they create themselves, just because, why not… life by lines…

And especially here on a parking lot… yeah, we got them with a view, LOL, so magnetic. On a black surface, straight, white lines.


But maybe not… maybe truth or dare?

Maybe more?

And that bird who in fact decided to make his own decisions. Which lines to obey and which to poop on.

And this line between the sky, waves and stones… and then… sunset.


And then suddenly…

More lines, curly lines, like some kind of amazing hairdo…


Not thinking…

Not thinking, running away from everything…

It can happen.

Really can…

But you got to work hard.

Very hard and think about the past, or future.

Or dream about something in a parallel universe.

Or stand with me here, on a top of my world.

And look at those cute lakes/ponds, remains of a quarry and  listen to the wind, birds and the sea…

Nothing more.

But also nothing less.

Because everything in you is now looking at you and asking: are you finally using my idea, or mine? Are we doing this we wanted for ages?

Or maybe we will listen to the wind… it brings funny stories. And the sea full of ancient spirits… and… or fuck it all, just stand and breath.

And think, how it was ages ago.

Can you hear those hammers, explosions… can you hear someone screaming: I found a dragon!

Can you?

Don’t go… wait, it is here.

It is all here! In you.

Art again!!!

Did you missed it?

Come on.

Take your coat and come with me to Allinge, to see some art. Simple art… maybe some shocking art.

Art by those who live here, art by those who just saw the island.


Though… I feel weird.

A bit. I am here on a veranda and I feel boobs are watching me.

I mean, why the heck there is now boobs and fucking monstera leaves watching me. And huge golden pineapples. For few last years they are in every shop. Boobs, leaves and pineapples. I mean…


Are those shapes free of charge?

Where are penises? Honest question?!!! LOL

No obligations, no need to pay extra for a design?



If I hear about that shitty positivity one more time, I will open my head and take those brainy leftovers from it.


I hear it from every you tuber, from Instagram, etc. Like being scared and not happy was a bad thing. Are you all shitters getting in fact paid for saying this lort about positivity, happiness, meditation…

You know what my dream was about…

Well… I dreamed I was in a car, and was attacked by 4 younger men. And I jumped out, started to call for help, police, in few languages… and people only looked at me. Nobody cared. They just looked. And I got mad. I got not like frustrated, I got totally pissed off and jumped out from a car into which 3 of them already jumped in and took a head of forth one and smashed it. Breaking that head in pieces was sooooo satisfying. Then another one, because they were so surprised, I torn his arms off… then third one… and suddenly huge, heavy metal pan appeared in my hand and…

Yeah, police came and male one asked if I am done.

I said not yet.

Female one said: just take your time. Will you need us? And I said: of course!!! Someone got to clean up!!!

Okay… do not call the doctors, these days it matters to none. But I woke up when I finished. And I still feel this rage!

Soooo… fuck you with your positivity! I wanna be grumpy. Then maybe I will have a nice surpise, though I hate surprises, mostly. Okay, not always. But when it comes to people who KNOW how I should live, breath, eat, fart etc.


Get lazy

Get lazy!

If you want to.

It may work magic for you.

Stop looking at all those possibilities. Finally sleep it over, everything. Eat… what you have, to be clear some of us do not have choice, sooo…

Try being lazy.

It will kill you finally, and as a new one you will rise and… maybe will not be a reborn but may be a new being.

Should I feel weird that for me not much has changed except my husband is working from his office, not going to “the city”… we still wake up early, go to bed at 11pm.

I mean… geeez, I am so boring!!!

We worked in the garden on the weekends. That was a hard work… huge bushes, tiny saw. Very tiny…

And now what?

Everything is killing me. Every part of my body. And some people write that they are bored? You have internet, you can learn a new language, read… gather knowledge…

You can take photos from the inside, play with camera at home.

You can do so much… but maybe you will get it after laziness will start to bother you. Or are you one of those who say it will never happen?

I mean really?

People are different.

But suddenly only me has fun with myself.