Post boxes and other arts…

Art which you can use, or use for art?

I mean really… art is not only something you bow in front of. Not something you cry, get emotional about and because of, but also something, you just use, and what makes you smile.

Trust me!

Look at it. He is so busy and ready to keep your coat up. And still… so arty.

This piece, found in a window in Fjällbacka is just stunning. For sure something to look at, but also… well, do you also see KFC chicken pieces inside or is it only me? What is wrong with me? LOL

No more laughing, here they are.

Last year I was surprised to find one of them, this year, two more. Just post boxes, still so amazing. Like this, wooden one. How is it to slip a love letter through this? How is it to put a card from far away… So cute!

This one is more popular, painted one.

With all those calm colors… is like everything here during the spring.


Something a bit more cartoon like.

But with… for me, most important nautical themes.

Lighthouses. I love them! So hard to find working ones these days… when we all are so internet included.

So cute.

And this one, my fav ever.

This special redness, so vine like, so deep. Those shadows, light and reflections… It is so me.

Maybe I should paint mine?


Maybe one day?


Imagine the sea.

Cottages and red shades around.

The sea, calm and blue.

In some places emerald like, in some light blue, greenish even… behind you a bunch of rocks, tiny islands, you standing on a bridge/pier like, wooden, wobbly thingy and… she, because somehow I find her feminine…


Really dancing. The show one of a kind. For free!

Moving first, floating.

Breathing even.



And out.

And suddenly flat…

A flower and then again… like a bullet.

And all those hair.

And yes, I am aware those are not hair, but when you see in that sea creature an amazing mythological, fairy-tale like maybe, being, you see it differently. For sure. Or… only me does it?

But look at her.


And our.

Amazing flower.

This cutting around.

Like it was really not from this evil world.

Weird and vulgar, full of hate, guns, violence and ugliness.

She is like an angel bringing a message, which nobody cares about.

She is wearing a ballerina tutu… but nobody has time to see her dancing.

Nobody cares…

And only I am sitting here, scared and amazed in one time. Having a movie for you. By me of course!

Medusa time

Okay, they scare me. Even those harmless see through ones, which we have here. They look like floating boobs, sorry. They scare shit out from me!!! Or even more. They are just… okay, also they are fascinating, because still they are called jellyfish! I mean where the heck is “the fish” part?

Scales and tale?

But still those in Fjällbacka are those burning. And sorry, I did not try how it is to get touched by this being.

Although they are so amazing…

Seeing from the far far far away they are like little spots of color. Especially with those lovely, clean waters, they look like ballerinas.

Beautiful, but still untouchable.

Or maybe more like just selfish and not wanting to mess with us humans? I mean really? Maybe this is all fuzz about?

But who is this little fellow?

Still do not know, but trust me, taking photos of those jelly beings is not easy. Especially when they are still alive.

Swimming, dancing, changing…

Appearing and disappearing.

Sometimes I really think it was only a dream. But a dream which makes me not to jump into that lovely blue water.


Here is an awesome info thingy which you can find close to the waves. Just to know. A little information, some knowledge or maybe something to inspire you? For me they are like medusae with all those “hair”. Dancing, maybe even singing…


Deadly, still but beautiful.

Jellyfish, still like mighty ancient Medusa… they are a secret. Scary one. She was one of the protectors, one of Gorgon sisters. They seem to be like her. Far away from here to Greece, still, I feel stoned! LOL Just looking at them.

Fjällbacka from the sea… 6

Fjällbacka in fact is tiny. Has only around 1000 people living here like all year round, and only 25 kilometers to Norway. It is famous because of its beauty, photos circling around internet, actress Ingrid Bergmann and of course Camilla Läckberg. Oh yes, the one killing residents here.

You know… the writer. LOL They can do it unattended!

During summer it is full of tourist, but if you expect many shops you can be surprised. Really surprised. Because like on my island… it is like this locality does not care about its fame. No way!!! Here nature is important.

Calmness, water, rocks, and all those sea beings.

And colors of course…

And… in fact what makes all those tiny spaces so desirable? For you?

I mean really?

I hate cities. I feel there attacked by tall buildings, windows and doors. I feel unwanted… and all those people… scare me so much!!!

But you?

What are you looking for?

Maybe something you do not have… or are still not aware of?

Or maybe something what is deep under…

… in you?

Fjällbacka from the sea… 5

What if you were someone from far far far away and seeing it for the first time. What would you be surprised by? Would you expect the world behind this rock?

Would you?

Or maybe not?

Maybe this, that bunch of homes could be enough? And boats, clear waters… okay, the church scares me, but it is my personal fear.

Oh yes… them. Okay, I have many fears, but this one will get a separate post.

But still. Imagine seeing it from the sea. Being tired, thirsty, and suddenly all those colors, this calmness…

Cool, right?

Of course there are other beings here. But friendly. Or not caring at all about us…

And boats in the most trendy mustardy shade which I do not get. I mean on a boat it is lovely and perfect, but still, as a shirt? Oh no.

No way!!!

Imagine it as a harbor you were waiting for.

A place to live forever? A place which can ave you…

Imagine it as your story, legend and myth?

How is it?

Hopeful? Or maybe not enough? Because this modern world somehow needs so much. Make us all so not vulnerable and grateful but in fact so needy.

Bored all the time if there are no sparkle and blowups?

Are you someone for whom peace and quiet is enough?

Fjällbacka from the sea… 4

Water parking.

I mean really, it looks like it, right? Cottages, homes or sheds with those boat safely tied to the harbor, pole, or whatever.

Ready for you if you forgot butter or a lemon, or…

To look for something more.

Something what needs to be listen to, or described even?

Something blue for luck…

… or people. If you need them. Because this place during summer can be really crowded.

But also still peaceful if you can find such spots.

More weird.

More uncertain.

Or maybe just more… more like walking on the sea.

Watching the shapes which wake up your imagination and…

… all those colors.

Fjällbacka from the sea… 3

It is like an inside sea. An amazing part of the Mighty Sea which is somewhere there, beyond. Around. Not so important in this land of The Rock and tiny islands who someone somehow dropped around.

Because why not…

You can park your boat by the wooden bridge like thingy. Or by the concrete part of the harbor or… use this. Wooden pole.

Because why not.

Because it is magical… mirror in reflections which in fact is a gate to another dimension, but people living there do not like boats, so maybe better nope?

But no worries. Here, by this town, your boat will be safe.

Calm and taking a nap.

Looking at this amazing view. Architecture, the sky, and funny humans too.

Or maybe… something else?

Something more?

Or just look down?

Because the waters are clear and you can watch this underworld, but only this part which is available to be watched.

Or look up.

Or maybe… yes, I know those clouds look photoshopped, but the truth is it was one and only weather, light and etc.

I mean really.

Fjällbacka from the sea… 2

Okay. Reflections. Amazing, mix of amber and wine. Or maybe some blood? Or maybe… some artist under there just spit out some paint?

Who knows…

With this blue sky playing with soft waves it is just a piece of art. Ready to watch, take, or just feel inspired.

But the sea around the small town hugging the rock is full of surprises.

Full of mysterious things and smells amazing.

I mean really. No fishy stinky smell. No way!

Only those tiny waves and me lying on a small pier. Watching those blue, orange, red… and green?

Oh my, where is that green from?

Are there aliens under there? Or wait, aliens are grey, right? LOL

But under this surface is something… I can hear it breathing. I can feel it dreaming… dreaming about the past.

Mysterious past which still is covered with rocks and sand.

And people too busy to just sit and look at the waves.

And when you are done with the waves, or just hungry… go there for the best fish and chips! I mean ever!!! Matilde has it!!! LOL Look at my Instagram photo. Yummy thing. And the view from this porch, awesome!!!

Fjällbacka from the sea… 1

Yeah… 1. Yeah, there will be more. LOL Because even with the drought, which also touched this part of Sweden, it is amazing. So much different than mine, so much more scary, so much… more…



And it is so arty!!!

Or is it only me. Me who sees it? Me who notices it? I mean really? Why people look only one way not in all of them…

Because with this light, which was in fact sun before the rain, so totally perfect…

… I could spend all given time just watching the waves.

Tiny waves. And of course architecture.

Because this is why they are here. All those homes, cottages, apartments, roofs, windows and doors.

And reflections.

I could jump into them, but…

… yeah, there will be another post about it. That it is not like around my Island. Not so safe.

Still, I want to. I somehow do not care.

I found another inspiration and I wanna touch it. Although it is so not safe. So not good for me.

Fjällbacka from The Rock

I do not feel here like the master of the world. I do not feel tired, although there is a lot of steps to cross and some slippery rocks.

But still. I do not feel here like the owner.

Like a god.

I feel squeezed. Really. I feel squeezed between the rock – which suddenly rises, blows, grows, and the sky.

I feel like I was not here. Not important, but also forced to worship.

Worship the nature.

And think when the heck this rock drops? And will it destroy all those amazing roofs? All those white homes?

For sure not this one!

Imagine living there. From one side, okay, cool place, finally less humans, but no trees, no way… of course I am aware all that power lines, but imagine that they do not exist, for a moment. Imagine a hut on the rock.

If no… we can come back here. And climb… climb more and more…

And even more.

I look at them and think… that I would be scared living here, so close to this Rock God.

The coastline seems so much better.

And I need green.


Just sit down on the top, feel squeezed or nope, just be here, a part of perfect nature and people excepting it how it is, not fighting all the time. Worshiping The Rock. The Sea. The Sky. And maybe food?