Oh yes… so for our 20th anniversary, we went to Sweden. Why? Because old stuff is there and they have awesome scented candles which we do not have here. So… yeah, we went to see some weird stuff, but mostly dead people, standing stones and moose signs. And wild hogs signs.

Those for the first time.

And it was raining.

At least it was not wobbly on a ferry, so I was semi okay. On drugs but still. My seasickness is much more powerful than everything around positive thinking and fucking lotus flowers on a calm surface of a pond. Sorry, no way, oh no fu… way. I am an adult, I can swear. And yes, ladies and witches do it.

More or less, yes it was raining. In fact we had a very early ferry, so we had to kill some time, and because doing it with a machete or poison is not a good idea, we saw few wet places, few empty, and a lot of rural Sweden which is so forgotten around September. And I have no idea why… Why people so do not like autumn? Why they do not get it anymore, that we and nature need time to stop producing, and rest?


I love autumn.


Even when it rains.

It is just water.

Nothing more, although it can be if you are watching standing stones… somehow it is like a proper baptism. Finally!!!

But when you got to kill some time, you finally can stop in all those places which are on your way, which you wanna just see, touch, just be closer too. A palace, fresh, now used to be a form of offices. Too fresh for me, but still so pretty, lost between fields and a small forest full of mosquitoes. A lot of them. Or a closed church, which like all churches here are so forgotten, with amazing stones.

Just because…

It is raining and you got to kill that time. LOL

PS. More to come.

Looking under…

I see people taking photos.

We have those weird days now, when everyone has a phone and is ready to use every filter to look better, younger, fancier… to take photo of everything, make a movie, or just create something… People take so many photo, that we slowly forget just to look around. Or are so absorbed by phones, that we do not look around, because what for? Everything is in those little, dark boxes.

I see people standing, but rarely bending, lying down or… yeah, looking under. Not the skirts, come on, you know I do not like to take photos of humans!!! So no skirts here! And no dresses!!! Just looking under, behind.

Looking differently.

Come on. Now when we have internet all I see are same photos of same places. Done with same filters. Like perfect copies.


Why you do not want to be special?

Why you need to show your face in front of everything? Why there is such weird need in people to do it? Is it to have a proof, that you have been there? Or maybe there is something more, something what I AGAIN do not get?

Do not understand?


How much in fact is 20 years?

I mean really?

One not such a big tree? Not such a grown up human being.


A home… which needs renovation?

A company who now has a reputation? A shop… which is too old or too young? A rock, which in fact hasn’t changed a lot. Or if it is a granite, maybe not at all.  How much is it in fact? A lot, or not so much?

I mean not such a long time.

Bones which changes into ash, or are still alive, or are still strong? A dress which is still in fashion, or a piece of material, which has so many memories, that it fall apart. Lots of hours, minutes, days and months. Mornings and evenings. Places you saw and those which are still too far… Dreams already done, forgotten, photos, words, memories. A pillow, which should be thrown out, but you just can not.

It is too much.

A bottle of perfumes which lost it.

Changed, because it was so natural. The X-Files. All those weird meals, all those movies, nights, passions.  Not that passions belong to nights, oh no, never!!! LOL Little miracles, bigger ones. Bears. Cards. Books. Homes… looking for, finding. And words, lots of words, touchings, hugs, kisses…

Blushing still.

Still being unsure. Still in crazy love…


One person.


Happy 20th wedding anniversary Masław!!! LOL


Most of people finds word monochrome only when it come to shades of grey, and all this called darkness. Somehow people do not get it, that every color and its shades can be monochrome. Only if… only if you let this color sparkle, change. Only if you just let the light touch it, or avoid it.

Only if…

Light changes everything.

Even when it comes to something so simple, something ordinary like nets. Nowadays also made of nasty plastic. Nasty, but in one of my fav shades ever… Sometimes for me it is enough to feel the whole whiteness of canvas with blue. I could live with it. Just with blue. But somehow… it is not okay for the rest of the world to like only blue. Somehow… Yeah, of course I am metaphorical.

Nasty metaphorical…

Just blue.

And only blue.

Shades, darkness, intensity. Just blue. Why people can not understand other human beings, which know what they want? Why you all wanna change others to be like TV says – when you do not watch TV and do not read newspapers, suddenly life is so much fuller. When you read a lot, especially historical books with a great fear you get it… everything is a circle and we humans do not learn.

We also teach nasty ad lazy.

So… fuck off my blue!!! Call it a sickness.

So much easier to be sick than just dumb.


Between the rocks

“Rocks or trolls still sleeping…
Loving muddy, wet and mossy?
Elves or maybe even witches?
What can it really be?
The Gods Still Sleeping,
those Forgotten Ones…
and thoughts and dreams
still wet from tears, undone.
Fallen trees and fallen souls,
things unnamed, things unknown.
There between the rocks and streams,
where impossible possible is.” Ch. Jones

There are few such places on my Island, truly like taken from J. R. R. Tolkien books. Where everything is still wild. Where everything is natural so much, that only paths are a bit cleaned up, and wobbly footbridges.

Where whispers come from all those crazy spirits, who decided not to run to the stars, but stay here and laugh from those still alive, so scared of death.

So scared of afterlife.

Where all stories, fairy tales are just real.

And when you finally… rest. Finally somehow get everything. Under this amazing roof of still green leaves. Listening to the stream, playing with colors, and butterflies. Just look how cool they are. Here is my movie. 

Here… somehow everything is so simple. So natural, so politically correct, so none can in fact be pissed off. Although recently I found a guy with earphones, so unhappy, that his love took him into the woods. Geee… do not get people like this. Do not get those for whom cutting trees is just cutting. Just wood.


Yeah, I am weird. For me they are Ents. For me they are stories. For me this is a normal environment. Not shops and cities. Not crowded places and loud noises… Oh yes, here is another movie.

I saw The Queen!!!


I saw The Queen.

My Queen HM Margrethe II.

Yup, I am one of those people who do not see the crown as something too old, overrated or spoiled. Thanks to them our castles are still beautiful, they take care of history, archaeology and art – especially my amazing Queen – they keep the memory of the old days, and they are walking billboards of their countries.

But… this was my first time seeing and I wasn’t expecting this feeling.



Something earthy and initial.

Old and so simple.

The same one, which found me around the barrows, standing stones, runes and stone carvings. Something old. But also… not like: you can make yourself a carpet of my body, more like… I do not know how to explain it.

A feeling.

This joy…

Hendes Majestæt Dronningen Margrethe Alexandrine Þórhildur Ingrid is an amazing woman. Strong fighter. Always able to say no, especially when press wants to know too much. She is educated, loves archaeology, but mot of all she is a queen and you feel it. It was like… when I saw the sun eclipse for the first time. That feeling which was giggling somewhere around my  trashy DNA.

Something left by my ancestors.

I took a bow… but I was raised weirdly. LOL


I promised myself lots of sunset this summer and…

… weather/nature of course decided differently. LOL You can never fight with nature, so I took what she gave me… and had lot of amazing warm weather, without this awful heat. Without too much sweating, too much water dripping even from places I would never suspect they can do it.

I mean really…

Still… You know what, I should finally tell you my secret… this is that one very embarrassing. I mean really.

Making me feel little and unworthy…

I hate so called the golden hour.

I just hate it.

Okay, the sky looks amazing yes, but only the sky. This is a special time for clouds, sun setting, and maybe waves reflecting it, but nothing more. And you can get a real tan while trying to get ll those clouds and sun which is getting so red and of course that pink, and violets and blue – in this one and only shade… oh my, but humans and buildings usually look like… too much. Really. So yeah, I am awful, unable to see what everyone else is obsessed with, probably.

But still… why sunsets? Why sunsets are so popular, so romantic – picnic baskets, glasses, wine, champagne, strawberries… rings. Why not sunrises? I mean really? Why? Sunrises bring up hope, you know the birds sang and we will get the light back, so why you all prefer the sets?


Is it because of the too early hour to get the rising sun? Is it?

Or cold?

PS. For now only 2 sunsets. Lots of running to not be late, once I got so cold, that I thought my ass will fall off. Yeah I said ass. What? You were expecting tushy? Oh come on!!! Ass is ass. And min looks like ass! LOL


We have few on this island. Maybe this is a reason some political guys decided to make of us kind of Medjugorie or Santiago de Compostella even… You know how I am not into religion, so imagine my confusion. Here still saint are trees and standing stones, people believe i myths and legends and tiny humanoids… My Island is saint, so why to put Christianity in it. Did I lost something or Denmark is no longer a protestant country? I mean really?

But lets come back to my island.

I will tell you about an amazing place…

… close to the sea and sheep droppings. LOL Wait, I am not joking!!! This one… well it would be a wonderful place to live. To built a home, small, with a glass windows, to look at this uncalm sea, or blue sky, sunny view, rocks and sheep.

Solomons Kapel.

This place is more saint, than everything you ca think about, but in fact not more than the rest of my island. It is calm, if you do not get there while highest season… calm, amazing. Not just ruins from medieval times, but also a well, in fact more like a spring. Little harbor, place to sit, think… step into a poo. Remember it is an island, here animals walk free, so keep your dogs on leaches!!! This is a rule, you can get a nice, huge ticket for not to. And no offense, but our sheep are more important than your animals. So keep them close, keep them on strings. They may be cutest for you, but not for sheep or cows which are used to run around freely. And horses… although those can defend themselves.

When it comes to kapels here, there is nothing churchy or in fact “chapelly” chapel like here. No scary crosses, no loud psalms.

Just nature which is so much more holy than all those mythologies. In fact most of them are only names created for this what people were scared… or spirits, they could not get truly. Could not live with, so decided to add definitions.

I start to hate definitions!!! And yes, while walking I did step into a poo… in fact many droppings and few bigger… well, when you wanna get your photos perfect, you do everything!!! Really. LOL

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Standing on the beach.

Stony beach.

People who created those… my shaky hands trying to add something to this meeting of humanoids and towers, had to be careful and full of visions, passion. Adding something to this village, maybe even a wild tribe, is kind of a privilege. And you never know if they will accept your creation.

Maybe they move when we are not watching?

Maybe they create themselves?

Recreate others?

Maybe in fact there were no humans, only stones which decided to be together. Always. Even when it is windy and stormy and sheep are grazing… How the heck they stay in one wobbly piece with all those sheep and winds? I mean really? Because I can not. I can not be one piece. I am full pf puzzles which move all the time, and sometimes I drop a piece of me… which shouldn’t be lost. Or at least not in this moment. Not now… and I feel this pain. Awful pain…


Do these feel it, when someone destroys them? Do they feel full when created, balancing? Like that heart on the right… can you see it? What if I, what if I destroy it? What if I change it? Because destroying is also a change, recreating, creating. It is so hard to understand it. Too hard sometimes.

My Island

My Island is a perfect woman.

I mean perfect!!!

On Sunday we had lovely, loooong the way I love it; walk a bit around northern corner of my Island. And it was crazy. There is a lighthouse, still bright, white and red, and… See… for a smaller half of the way we had a lovely sunny weather with a calm blue sea and few clouds. It was bright, sunny, not hot, but warm and summery. And the lighthouse was so waiting for us, so vulnerable.

And behind her… well, it was only windy!!!

This is how I know my Island is a woman!

Variable, oh yeah, but also keeping all emotions in her. All in one time!!! Like… always ready to blow, but also, to just hug you and cuddle, just to be this amazing mother, which I know only from movies. You know, everything in one place. Because in fact here is everything. Smaller maybe, but everything.

While walking, I saw so many faces of nature in few hours, on such a tiny amount of place: rocks, soil and sea… She is a living proof, that we can do everything. We can be everyone or just stay in bad and do nothing. Or drink vine, for those who love wine… LOL or eat cookies and ice cream. Because…

We can.

And we can be pissed off, because we are everything.