Autumn is my obsession. I love winter, I live for snow and cold, but still, when it comes to autumn, I could be outside all the time. And looking for colors. For leaves finally being themselves.

Because yes, they are not normally green.


Still, this autumn was weird. Full of green and burnt leaves but still it was special… full of lines which were like tiny borders.

Full of warmth and weird, unknown aromas.

Full of new, which I am not a fan. Not always…

But still…

Those shapes, those shades, those colors.

Simple leaves, but so many inspirations.

That edges do not have to be smooth. That leaves can be crunchy.

That bigger ones can give you more… but not always. Maybe size matter, but also not always. Nope.

And those waters… Oh yes, those lines, almost oily… almost soft, heavy even, and those leaves.

So much everything around.

Come on! Go!

Go for a walk with me! Come on… I am maybe weird and sometimes I walk to quick and sometimes I stop for an hour to take millions of photos of one piece, to delete more than 80% later… life is hard.

But for flowers it is worth it.

And for leaves…

And for colors.

And… it is nature, so it can not be bad. Okay, sometimes it bites, but come one. Not so often. Like, not always. LOL

This was early autumn last year. Trees were more burnt than jing the colorful side, still, I was looking for colors.

I need them, even if myself wears black only.

Because here, in this very open and strong light…

… everything is so different.

And it lasts only for a moment.

A short one.

You sometimes got to catch it if you need it, if you feel that deep desire… for shapes, shades, colors.

For nature.


Your own space should be… yours. YAY! Here it is. The discovery of the century, because somehow nowadays everyone is like… someone should do it for me. It should be like that celebrity’s place…

Like those gold and mostly with artificial plants and copper colors. Rose copper and… WTF!!!

The truth is… I am still waiting for my true home, but my space, our cottage is in fact created fully by us. Inspired by us…

It does not mean you can not watch others ideas, but truly…


Are people so undecided? Really?

Oh well, here are some spaces where you can truly see people knew what they were doing. And what they wanted.

And yes, I love this window. Probably not designed to be rusty, chipped, but time made it so special, that making it back into something new and white would be a sin!!!

A sin!!!

And how they used space.

And colors.

And even more colors.

Proud of someone who lives here… so simple, still so you!


I love it!

It is a true inspiration. Really!!! It is not mine, still I can love it.

Even that bike, which probably is here by accident and the bin which is here because it got to be here, they are perfect.


Imagine a street with tiny homes, and in fact no human in an eyesight.

Imagine calm sea, that fresh smell…

Sunny day.

Windows watching you.

Autumn coming.

Shadows dancing, or writing something important on those blue doors… in their own language, so I have no idea what it means.

Maybe it is better, that I do not know this language… or maybe I do, but it is better to stay silent?


And this amazing orangey shade…

So warm, even when the days are gloomy and cold.

And this leaf… such a walker. I mean, traveler maybe…

It was a weird day.

I had a huge fewer, so do not mind my blabing now…

Massage anyone?

Someone touching me is one of my biggest fears, but if you do not have this problem, please do.

Run away

Okay, in fact that was not a good time, we were both really sick, and everything was so dry and problematic, still…

I decided to just run away from it all. Even with my sinuses bringing up some weird music, like tones of drums, bumping sounds…

I saw this blue…

I saw it and it made me feel better. Maybe not well, maybe not healed but still, somehow… you know I love this kind of ultramarine/cobalt blue.

And on my Island people love to paint doors with it.

For luck…

And also make their windows small displays.

Like… we have no curtains. Everything is so see through.

So transparent.


Do not stare too much. LOL

Still, how can you not peek… just a little.

When art is watching you… even sneezing, snotty, full of pain and weird thoughts, you.

Maybe it has some answers?

Maybe… in fact it helps? Colors do for sure!

And colors are art.

PS. Here is something about blue…

Will of life

Some pieces want to live.

Some creatures just will do everything to survive.

And some live knowing, that they can kill themselves, end it, everyday.

Some just wake up and decide, one more day.


Scary thought?

Or maybe just a choice? Maybe just being certain of what they want? Maybe just being sure or…

Grown up?

Or just having brain and using it?

Knowing what you want and what is spare… unnecessary.

Sheep know!


Sometimes I think being one could be fun…

And then they look at me, and I change my mind.

Yeah, I know, this one is like: really, what can you know pity human! LOL

A Crow story…

Since I remember, they were here… around me. There, around me. And in the all mighty between…

As a kid I was not a fan.

I was scared a bit, or maybe like overwhelmed…

I did not want them to eat from my bird feeder because I was worried about little birds and…

And now, I know they are always somewhere watching me.

The funniest thing? They know it too!!! LOL

I remember one day, I was waiting for my husband sitting on a wooden bench, maybe a bit hidden – come on, I am short – and one of them started to yell at me.


I had no idea what she was on about.

She was approaching and making all those sounds, but not like someone angry, more like: Hey stupid, look there… I did not look.

Then, suddenly my Husband appeared. Not from a bus station, nope. You know why? Because when he came he could not see me, so went home – luckily not so far away, and did not find me there, so came back here.

And that crow was telling me to look back.

Then was only lauching at both of us.

Oh my, how she was laughing.

That was few years ago… now I am the one watching them, feeding them, and taking photos. Like those, on my village beach.

Calm and…


One and only place to swim and to just sit down.

And dream… and listen to birds, and feel them…

Them watching me.

A moment?

Sometimes it is only a moment. A part of time so easy to loose… to not notice. And sometimes it is so much more…

Whole hour or longer until the sun switches its rays, until everything…


Go away.

But until this moment I have those invisible brushes and so much paint which in fact is called water.

But is not water.

Can not be, right?

And having in fact no boundaries… because the sea is huge canvas…

… everything here just is.

Different in every corner, changing with a gentle breeze or switching suddenly when the sun hides behind the clouds.

A show…


Always stunning, always…


So much.

And then, you thought nothing else will happen, it happened and…

I mean really.

Okay, I was frozen in one place, but this show was for free!!!

Come on!


Just for me.

Or I was telling it to myself, because why not?

Maybe someone is listening, but if the answers look like this, I love them.

Very much.

Very very very much.

The mighty red again

I mean… I somehow can not run away from it.

It is everywhere!

The red.


The color which is always here, always close, always…

And I feel so not comfortable in front of it, still… it hypnotizes me.

It suits everything, is vibrant, still has so many shades.

And this blue and white…

And some gold.


Somehow it seems so evil to me… but maybe it is only me.

The one who is scared of red and orange and violet sometimes…

But look at those colors playing with each other.

So not caring what color they are, or maybe… they do care?

Do they?


Watching the colors not melting, always being themselves reminds me of so many humans… who were one and only.

So many who nowadays are called weird.

Walking again

Yes, I am boring.

I love walking.

Love feeling pain in my ass and legs, love to be sweaty and… oh, I forgot to mention that I do not like to just walk slow? Sorry… I prefer quick walks, long walks, full of passion, amazing views and squads…

Because I take millions of photos.

If I can not take photos, I am so not going!

Oh come on… this is my way of living.

What is wrong in it? LOL Even if so… you do not have to do it. You can just walk or run, nobody is forcing you to be me. In fact, please do not even try to be me. It is a very dangerous job. LOL

Especially when it is windy.

And dirty job too…

But for such paintings… I am into it. I do not care about the surface I am suppose to lie down on to capture them.

I want them.

For a moment they are only mine!

Really mine.

But… when you are close to the ground you can also calmly find those little ones. In fact there are places where they are like… Hi, we are watching you, you weirdo. LOL Where are your wings?

Well, they are hidden. Well hidden.

For later.

They always make me smile.

This is why a bird feeder and a small bird bath is a must in our garden.

And sorry, no cats allowed.

Because… I wanna look at them.

Okay, would love to hug them, but I am aware they having their own space, wilderness is so much more important than me wanting to hold a sweet, fluffy, warm birdy.


Okay, you are a cutie!

You know it, I know it, we know it… oh just stop it, I can not handle more!!!

Okay, maybe one more photo?

But when you walk, you can suddenly find something alive and in fact being just a window… simple, watching you… full of all those reflections but also with such a strong personality. Amazing, big, to learn from.

This redness and then only a piece of glass…

Or maybe…

A veil, road to another world?

For sure this tiny breaking is here for something.

For sure.