Norsk Folkemuseum 11

I must admit, I almost fainted seeing this. As a kid raised in Middle Europe, for me Donald Duck was a part of bubble gum tiny comics which were brought by people traveling to other spaces. Sorry I was really tiny, simple toddler with huge imaginations, soo… for me it was magic.

Seeing this shop here, was like touching my such early childhood again. My dreams and things I wanted so much.

I just… okay, I love Peanuts more, still Donald is still awesome.

Do any of you still have such shops near? Owned by someone, whose grandparents created it. Old and bit too personal sometimes?

Do you?

Or maybe you do not even know something like it? Experiencing only supermarkets.

We are loosing humans…

And for me, it is not THAT bad. See, we scared people just act like this. I remember the fear of walking into such shop… too personal, too pushy.

Oh my…

Okay, here we go, last few houses.

Last few peeks.

Something everyday like.

Something cute.

And reflections… reflecting the past and the present time.

And also just saying goodbye.

This place is really amazing, but choosing a better weather is recommended.


Bye! Thanks for having us. Yeah, of course we payed for it, still, I am nice.

I liked that…

What now?

Where to go? What next?

Norsk Folkemuseum 10

In fact… it is like walking around here or in other cities of Europe. I mean really. A bit old, and looking to lean, too good, still quite normal.

This type of buildings are still renovated, kept in big cities and smaller villages. Still we all them old. We call them monumental even.

… but for me it only shows of how people who knew that darkness and grey days are too often knew how to keep colors around.


Here are shops and people ready to make your ceramic or jewellery or sew you something.

People ready to make your life easier.

People… unusual, or only their spirits.

People ready to sell you everything. I bet they were hiding something much more unusual under the table.

I bet!

But this redness, green and bricks.

So lovely.

And everything is here.

I mean everything.

Even reflections seem to be older…

Even windows look at us differently.

And we still are in a museum!


Unless you wanna drink something…

Sorry! Closed!!!

Oh well…

OMB No way!!! t.b.c.

Norsk Folkemuseum 9

Do you remember all those fairy tales?

Stories about lonely women living in the woods, woodlands, somewhere where humans were less common than animals and trees? Somewhere between rivers, by the seas or even on the muddy, slimy swamps and wetlands?


You never heard about Baba Yaga?

Amazing person. I will be one when I grow up! Still…

We are here. Between wood and stone.

But somehow also between one myth and another legend.

Between a story whispered by the fire and…

… something untold.

Wood, green grass, stone.

Everything combined and ready to move. Joking!

But look at those flowers.

And those doors!

And this entrance. Don’t you just want to put here more flowers, to plant them, to hang pots, to maybe even color this cottage?

Although… it is so perfect how it is.

You know it is hiding something, but…

But we are walking towards the future!

Ready for more? t.b.c.

Norsk Folkemuseum 8

You and animals under one roof… can you imagine now?

I mean really?

Try it!

Because not so long ago it was still… normal.

It was effective, ecological, you could say.

It was the only way to survive by sharing warmth.



Okay, they look weird, by…

Turn on your imagination.

Turn off your nose!

Oh, come on, everything in the past smelled…


Very differently.

I always laugh when people say that they would like to live in Middle Ages. LOL

Do you know, that when you open that part of the soil, digging there and looking for answers, well… it smells.


But the architecture…

Still awesome.

Bit weirdly mysterious. Bit from fairy tales…

Evil witch, good witch?

Or maybe just an older lady with a black cat?

Oh well, who cares… still few streets to visit. t.b.c.

Norsk Folkemuseum 7

Yes, I do feel like touching somebody else past. Like an intruder, because there is something personal in a home. Not a building, but home… in fact that little sanctuary which so many of us is dreaming about.

Or maybe only me?

But… it is a museum. All those building were moved here to keep the history.

To remember.

To keep it for others.

Keep it and always have inspiration.

Feel the spirit maybe?


Something else?

But still, it is just walking into someones past.

Into simple life.

Or maybe even being able to touch that life.

Not so much different.

Not easier at all.

Or maybe much closer to the nature? Everyone could have a tent, or teepee… and now.

Nowadays homes are a bit sad. We do not worship them enough. We do not find freedom in them.

We do not feel safe…

And they can be so…



Still… homes.

Norsk Folkemuseum 6

I haven’t thought it would be so spiritual… I mean really. I do not react good in front of churches, truly I start to puff smoke, well, you know, witches right? LOL But the truth is the old ones, those which stand on a sacred land which had always been so… are different, and some of them…

Some of them are different.

Some of them have many souls inside which…

Which are more primal than we can imagine.

This one is not only art. Not only architecture.

Not only…

I had this privilege to stay there alone, Sit on a dusty floor.

Just be.

Watching, listening.

Being somewhere between the light and darkness. So deep…

Touching something unknown.

Not new, but so old, that I forgot it existed.

It was something one and only.

Worth the ticket.

Worth all this walking.

To see…

To touch… mentally…

To remember and be inspired.

Just to never forget.


To keep, to dream about it, to somehow change myself, to never forget what is me and what is not. And to be… one and only.

Simple, wooden church…

… and not so simple.

Norsk Folkemuseum 5

Now time for The Stave Church from Gol

Amazing and glorious.

I mean really.

Admiring it from a side was something, but entering, and then… because people get bored quickly, just sitting on a dusty, wooden floor…

For sure dirty…

Was just precious.

Just to mention, that amazing building from previous post was Storehouse from Sondre Berdal Just to mention. LOL

“The runes on a pillar in the nave can be read as “Kiss me,because I am so sad”, and may refer to a saint’s picture once hung on the pillar.”

Wait, where are they…

Oh well, now the inside.

Although it is so lovely here… to be close, to be on this magical edge.

Just be…

But it is time… My time to cross the portal.


Just masterpiece.

And this light.

So special… so minimal.

So showing only what it wants to show…

Or maybe…

Hiding so much?

Or maybe so rich…

And suddenly… suddenly other visitors left…

And I could be here alone.

Alone with the past. t.b.c.

Norsk Folkemuseum 4

If you ever be in Poland, go to Wang. Go there to see this, but smaller. Go to see mountains, not so high, eat some cheese and other yummy foods and also, to buy funny souvenirs…

But most of all see the mighty wooden church.

Okay, that one in Poland was in fact transported there in XIX century because of… rich people. Built between XII and XIII century finally became too small for people there, people of Vang, by Vangsmjøsa lake. This stavkirke is just stunning. But this one here is… different and bigger I think and…

You will see it full next time, first this lovely piece of woodwork next to it.

Just stunning.

Amazing and…

Oh come on, church later, just look at it.

This beauty.



I mean… something, what grows in your eyes when you look longer.

Gives inspirations…

… and even ideas…

… for internal design?

Who would like walls like this?

This structure and colors…

This perfection.


I mean really…

Okay, maybe it is only me. Maybe only I am so obsessed about stone and wood. About basics. About love which made people create such beautiful buildings… and those who decided to protect them.

And create this museum…

Or maybe I am that old…

Still, would I like to live in something like this? Again nope. Why? Because nowadays we do not only sleep or hide in homes, we also work here, create and get crazy. I need more glass and white shades…

Because it is me. t.b.c.

Norsk Folkemuseum 3

And going, walking, watching… Not minding the weather. Or sometimes just staying inside. Or just not carrying…

Or maybe?

I mean really… look at this piece, it is just sooo cute!!! So lovely and adorable.

So out of this world.


Maybe bit spartan, maybe even… too clean, too simple?

But what else do you need?

Especially, when you are a teacher?

Imagine yourself listening to a young student about the world being so big, somewhere there behind the sea, monsters and all that jazz? LOL

Or maybe, like me, you would be one reading a book under my table and from time to time looking through the window… If this school was standing in some lovely sea surroundings, how could you just sit…

Stiil, this cool redness.

So yummy.

Another building, probably a school or a place of preaching.

Bit modern.

Oh my, there is something yummy there, but for now…

Some lovely pieces…

Something bit intriguing.

Something just for a nap, just to hide…

Something reminding us that not so far time ago people needed homes only for it. For sleep. And maybe keeping fire under the roof. To hide from rain or cold, or maybe just to hide from those who wanted to hurt you…

Not to live in it.

Cook, okay, but not often. If the weather was bearable it was so much better to be outside. So much more natural. Take a nap under the tree, take care of cattle, just taking a bath in a river…

How cool was that time when people were not scared of the nature…

Because now they seem to be scared…

Well… the world is so the same and so different now.

Okay… now for something more mythological.

Maybe… t.b.c.

Norsk Folkemuseum 2

Sooo… here we go.

It is rainy and wet, or more like it was, because that was end of August.

Still, I love architecture, so I am full of expectations.

And not only colors.

I want it all.

I want it!

It is really like walking in some wonderful, charming and magical village. Where you do not care about time…

… where you have it all.

Where you can choose the time you wanna live in.

Here is an older piece… still just a copy.

Imagine living here.

And I mean really.

Feel it!!!

For sure food was really in those days…

Very real.

And everything smelled like food, so if you had something tasty, everyone knew!


And when it comes to fashion… new Gucci style.


Lovely place.

Maybe not my style, still for sure my height and that design! Beauty!!! And that usefulness and warmth!!!


… and yummy. LOL