Oh yes, you saw it right, cows. ow can they be inspiring? Well… here where they run freely and poop wherever they want, so we do not have to worry for fertilizing the woods, wild meadows and all that stuff, and mushrooms grow amazingly… they are present sometimes all year. Why? Well, because they are not cows like most of you know. Only black or black ad white or brown with short hear and big…

… thingies…


I am scared of cows. See those European can be really huge white and black patches or black and white… those horns and, tits. Maybe in fact I am scared of tits, am I? Nooo… or maybe? I have so many weird anxiety pieces in me, that one can be scared of tits. But to the main subject.


Here on my Island there are those totally white. Like almost albino white. Oh my these are like ghosts. And those hairy which are outside for a whole year, so you can meet them while walking. Or just their poops. Choose wisely what you prefer!!! LOL Okay… So I was taking photos and suddenly they appeared. See I knew they are there, but they were busy eating and all that stuff, but suddenly they approached me…


They are like cute furry creatures from the past just looking and sometimes… See the problem is, I am used to dogs deciding to follow me not their people, and sheep doing sometimes the same, but cows? Okay they were not huge, and look at those big ears, so koala like, so cute!!! That fur, those curls!!!

But still… I am scared of cows! And gees and ducks and swans and chickens… few things had happened when I was a kid, so I am… But still, I was so brave trying to take quick photos, and then going faster and faster and faster… I really was. It was not like I did not know they were there. Remember last post and icicles? I knew they were there, but them approaching so close, this one trying to sniff r BITE my butt… a bit too much. Oh come on, I need my personal space a big bigger!!!

But still… you can learn from them so much. Much about cuteness. Much about freedom. About being able to survive, and being an amazing models!!! Look at those legs, curls, oh my, they got to have a hairdresser, right? So much about how light plays with their colors and hair? So much.

And they are just and only cows?

But I am only a short human, so… no difference. Although their hair are so much better than mine! Still… I prefer mine only on my head LOL. It was scary but also so interesting. They grey one looked like it wanted to be pet but I was too scared. Maybe next time? I am so much better with sheep already!

See… I do not eat meat but I am not a vegetarian, just do not like it, yes there are on this world people like me. I hate those huge closed farms which YouTube shows me from USA with cows, pigs and chickens. Here they run freely, the breeds are old, some fro Viking Age even, and eating someone so happy is for me nothing wrong. They can not breed and breed, and not be eaten, because this Island is small, and the food chain is simple. And castration? Are you mental? They should have a right to have sex, so do not take it away from them… We can learn, cuddle and eat each other… Look at this one, she really waned to eat my butt… I bet grass was not enough. LOL But for me it was a lesson of how hair can lie, how light can sparkle, how everything comes together…

Scary lesson but awesome too.


I know some people are over that whole winter thing, but me… I am still waiting. Still waiting for snow, colors, lights, whiteness, icicles, frost and frozen waves. I am still waiting for all that stuff, but also… I am aware that my Island rarely gets snow.


So whenever night frost hits, I am looking… looking for those diamonds. Amazing pieces. Which really make you crazy, because during taking photos not only you lie down in a cold stream but also… can not breath too much. Suddenly you are TOO HOT. I could get it as a compliment, but not now.

Because I want them.

Want them all!!!

Those sparkles.

Those shapes… so often so naughty!!! LOL

That light, drippings, and the sound which is still here even if it is only a photography. Just listen Just try to be there!!!

And I have only minutes, sometime seconds to get them. But it is wroth everything. Even wet but!!! This low light, stream running to the sea, round rocks so close, green grass, cows, sheep poop… it does not matter.



If you love it, you will do it and nothing can stop you. Although sheep can sometimes be too curious or those dog size cows… oh yes, that was an adventure, keep in tough. Will be in my next blog!!! LOL

PS. Remember all my photos from all my blogs and Facebook pages, Instagram are for sale!!! (paypal, 150DKK, mail and you print it a you want it!!!)

White, black or grey…

I do not make black and white photos. Why? Because I am still in this amazing colorful phase. Somehow I need them, although myself needs only black and blue. Somehow… but I photography nature, so…

… nature decides what to give me.

And sometimes it makes the world a bit monochromatic. Metallic even. Impossible, but still so inspiring. Even hypnotizing. Even… looking so unreal. So fake… or maybe we are fake in fact, trying t be so much different than nature. So much better, so much bigger, so much… everything. We kill what we want, we destroy and think it is okay and nothing can happen to us humans… or maybe to you humans? Because I am so not sure if I am one of you trashy, smoking, nasty people.

Do I consider myself better than you all? Oh holy shit nope, never!!! I am that one and only stupid which does not suit to the picture… picture of a destroyed woodland, which I loved. Loved so much.

And to that photo… nope, it is not black and white… it is nature. Bit gloomy. If you look deeper you can see the green, almost emerald like. And metallic sea. And that tip… top of that world. Ad maybe few stories under, maybe few legends?

In training…

It is not my New Year’s resolution.

In fact I hate those. If you wanna do something start now, not when the whole world tells you you should… in fact I started it months ago, and still going. Or more like… still alive. Sorry me. See… I decided to go into bed in fat at exactly hour and up very early. So I get only about 6 hours of sleep for 5 days a week, an weekends when I can sleep as much as the light lets me.

It is useful for my depression and anxiety, it is another order in this messy world, but… I a tired. Sick and out of powers. Still, I have so many ideas and stories in my heads… but no power to make them alive. So how is it? Can I have only one of those things? Ideas or paintings? Stories or written books? Thesis or created PhD? How to sort if out? How to make it okay?

I do not know.

All I know is… the light outside is finally properly wintery, cold and frosty. We still have no snow what makes me so sad, but still… Another thing to ruin my calmness. But maybe I should not be calm? Maybe I should put my anger out. Create a golem from it and let it scream, yell, and kick somebody’s ass? Because why not? I am so too old to be a nice girl! Forget it! Fuck it!

Training… yup, I am so in and on!!! I will fuck up as always, but I got to keep trying, right? Everyone should. Or stop if you really do not want it. Because the truth is we all are different. Totally. And some of us eat apples whole, some with no skin on, some leave only that tiny part, some eat them all… let us all be the kind we wanna be. It may be safer for you, because if you squeeze us, we will finally blow out!

The Blue Hour

Of course I can see the beauty of a setting sun and rising one. I can sped hours kneeling, lying down, squatting, crouching and taking photos. Swimming in this golden light, just melting into it, changing, absorbing…

The light is so amazing. Maybe for me not perfect to take photos of people, but the sky, reflections, the sand. These look amazing. Still… my favorite is my own, invented by my crazy self, The Blue Hour.

It happens between rains, rainy clouds, sometimes around the foggy day, when everything clears up but still is not bright. Just happens with expectations. With all those cloud coming, but still the sun being somewhere there.

Blue Hour.

Much more often during winter… of course because of the sun shining so low, being so cold, so still here, but not in fact. Maybe even the sun is blue now?

Perfect when the snow comes and the evenings change into white, sparkly around light. So perfect. Because the snow is the master of absorbing colors, sucking off the light, just perfectly cleaning up everything.

I love this time. I really do. It is so special, so perfect, so clean and innocent, does not wanna impress anyone… so me.

Maybe it is me?

Fine Art America

As you know I lost my normally payed job in a publishing house – because I love books, what is sooo too clear, so… all I have to earn from now is my Fine At America account and my shop on this page, which you are not interested about because really, finding there anything and the way of paying for it is just hard… I get it. Sooo… if you wanna help me, just go there and look on my art, and if you see something you are interested in, just PM me on Facebook. Price is not carved in stone, never!!!

Only the shipping.

But, because Fine Art also lets me sell original paintings, I will soon delete my blog shop and will only use that platform. This is why I got something to say. Number one: do not be scared that it is called AMERICA LOL In fact pieces will be send to you from EU, America, or whatever planet you live on like Vistaprint, so no problem. They are really well made and now cushions are also in cotton what is just so cozy!!!

But… remember, you can customize everything.

What is really important… because not every photo looks okay in the first way the page shows it to you. So just click on it and move your mouse, finger, or whatever you have… if you are octopus, use all eight feelers or antennas if you really come from another planet. Trust me!

Number two you can choose not only prints in few ways, but also canvas, pillows, cards and phone cases. But… yeah, when it comes to it, in fact again you can always adjust a photo to every piece as you want it. You can have it up side down, more green, more blue. As you like it!!!

Like here… see, the crocus is lower, and it looks totally different.

Just click in the middle of the photo and again… just move it. Choose vertical or horizontal on the right and of course model of your phone. And NUMBER THREE… now you have one and only cover. Not like rest of the world only flamingos and palm leaves. Same with photos, kinds of frames, cards… everything.


Of course for all this time you can buy my photos for 150DKK, and via email get a full size photo and print it as you want it. As you like it. Just PM me, again. Photos are on my Facebook pages and blogs: IBornholm,, Miś Śnież – wolność dla pluszaków, and Kobaltowa Wrona, and

Soon, I will be adding more photos on Fine Art, so keep watching! And check my Instagram and YouTube for nature and laughter.


January? Right? Is it really your name?

Nodding in response.

One of twelve months?

Nodding again.

Are you going to be cold and snowy?

Weird look.

Better say yes, just better lie, because if not…?

Nodding, head falls down and rolls down to the doors of a small chamber when that interrogation was taking place.

Better be. I am not in a mood.

Sad face of a head and weirdly sad looking body… head jumps and comes back on the corpse.

Do not try to make me laugh. I need snow. Give me some numbers.

Corpse with a head looking at fingers, then sad face again.

… so no promises, right… too scared of saying me: it will be warm and misty?

No answer. Not even a cringe or flinch.

You do know I am not happy…

Head comes up, hand with a lot of diamonds towards me…

Fuck that coal! I want snow!!!

Pissed off woman kills January and now we have only eleven months and empty 31 days… because there are moments in women lives, when they just have to!


And darker…

Darkness came quick today. Like it really does not care about all this food, music, people maybe wanting to have fun. But do they care? No way! Fun when it is dark outside is much better. My blanket, one cookie, tea and books!!!

Oh my…


Such a party…


I can hate this day, but the truth is that it is one of those magical. Magical by people, so I stepped into few sacred places, by a Holy Woman, the one always waiting, my own vision of Pieta and of course Luisenlund.

Yeah, it was raining. Still no snow. No cold also!!! I could say it is really warm… to warm for me, saw even a BUG!!! And my bones, veins and my everything need cold so much. Frost and snow. All that wintery stuff, you know how it works.

Some of you have it.

Some do not care… and others went for winter holidays to so called warm countries. Whatever rides your goat. LOL My personal me really needs snow!!! Icicles. And all that stuff. That sound snow makes, that sparkle, that playing in this adorable, colorful whiteness. Yes, I know how it sounds. But for me snow is full of colors. Same with ice. It just works because of light.

PS. Yea, I am aware why people make sounds on 31st and feast, that it is pagan stuff, or more like Roman thingy… but I hate fireworks and all that stuff making loud sound. I cry like a dog and jump up hitting my head. I prefer peace and quiet. But yes, sometimes I love to sing in the wilderness LOL Trees appreciate it because I breath… probably birds too, but they are my family… animals?

Never asked, but no worries, I am not loud.


Sooo… it is dark, and around me can be really dark, I mean really… only somewhere far far far away on the sea I can see a light. Maybe a forgotten ship? Or just someone who does not care and prefers to be alone. Alone is not bad. Especially if you can make you smile. LOL I mean really!!! Maybe darkness suits him too?

The end?!

I mean really!


Really… can someone explain me why people are stuck in this unbelievable conviction, in this believe, that end of a year, in fact such a fake thing… really makes a difference (except numbers)? I mean, how can you be sure, being in fact in a huge pile of shit, that it will gently disappear only because it is 00:00?



What am I not getting again.

On my painting they all would be a mass of twisted bodies in red and green flames, looking with hope on a clock… in a corner you could sea a little blond girl in a sparkly silver dress, which is holding a bomb and a match… burning. Just waiting for this 00:01 to destroy it all. Because when something ends something starts… What about the chaos theory? I mean really? Do you see the difference when champagne pours? When people scream 3… 2… 1…? Do you?

Did you maybe noticed that seasons do not change in fact on the day it is marked on your calendar? I mean really! Work on your life, imagine how you wanna it to be and work, change, sweat! No offense, yup miracles happen and if you were born in a healthy wealthy family, it will be  much easier for you that is why I am still waiting for my father – who I do not know who he is – to appear as a wealthy Hilton, Rothschild… or something like that. Sorry, in fact have no idea who is the richest now?

Richie Rich? LOL He is a grown up already, right? Old enough? LOL

Start things when the time is right, end them, when they should be ended! Just take everything in your hands, unless you can not do your make up or cook, or have no green thumb and a huge garden, then just use those who can. LOL Or grow it wild. Because wild is good. Listening to yourself is important!!!

And new year?

As a person hating clocks, calendars and all that stuff, for the worst day, for me, I claim The New Year’s Eve!

I hate it.

Hate it!!!


For everything in fact.

For being pushed into unwanted fun and of course for loud noises, and drunken people and people at all… and… did I mentioned people? 


I love living on my Smaller End of The World, where nobody cares what I am wearing. I hope… because today morning was crazy. I was chopping onions and potatoes for simple creamy soup, when I noticed it… A SUNRISE!!! A nice one, maybe even first such since long long long time!!!

So I had to.

And had no time to wash myself, put on bra and all that stuff, and… yeah, just in my baggy pants and hoodie with huge holes, I picked up my camera and run. Almost forgot about keys, did not forget about making “fire” under my soup to be smaller… but the rest was not important. Oh my I blew it, because I THOUGHT my spare batteries were in my bag but forgot I took them out to check if they are loaded…


I saw a heart on the sky, all those lights, colors… everything.

Still… my battery died just in a middle of everything, what pissed me off, but still, I saw it. For the first time since ever. Okay, long long long time. I made it. Had golden ad blue, shady and bright only form myself. Of course that was cold when I was lying on wet stones, but still… I made it! I got it.

It is all mine!!!

It was…

Oh yes, I started from hate, ended with love. Not bad, right… still hating New Year’s Eve. Do I really hate fun? I think so. Fun in that weird definition of loud noises, drunken morons driving in the walls behind which a little girl was sleeping… She managed to crawl out from the ruins of the house. On this Island we called it Jul Miracle. Sooo… I hate this kind of fun. For me fun must involve nature or bed.


PS. Hate fireworks and balloons too… I am scared of them!!! Like a dog.