End of the world 4

I can hear nothing.

I mean really. Only those waves. And maybe something… something so secret, that I am not ready to uncover it?

So unknown, that is used to this and wants not to be known…

Yeah, I feel here weird, very weird. See that little, narrow gap between the rocks on the left? There is the big sea there. So close… too close maybe?

And now, time for hoots. Or sheds, however you wanna call them. For sure people live here not only put snorkeling stuff, boat stuff and fishing… stuff. I can smell it. There is so much more. But you step here on your own risk?

Ready for a next step?

Oh my… this boat so lonely and so here.

This redness…

Steps… I could take a dip, really, but maybe not now.

Because those rocks seem to watch me. Too closely. If you wanna take a tour behind the hoots, you got to touch the rock. No other way.

You got to always feel them.


And between the red buildings, wooden, precious hideaways, you see the rest. But even when hidden. You see they are to cautious to show off their secrets.

They know it is not safe.

Oh my… look at this view… few steps and the sea. And only smooth rocks, and the waves, monsters, legends, myths.

The blue abyss.

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End of the world 3

Scary, but still… how beautiful this place is. How different from this what you see everyday around you?

There is nobody, still I feel someones presence. There are those boats. Still bit new, not so used, but somehow…

I am sure that there is someone behind those windows, doors and pots with flowers, colors, and amazing cleanness.

It is loud and quiet in one time. Maybe people hide here or maybe they just prefer to live here even when it is stormy…

Or maybe it is the edge…

Where you decided if you wanna be on the rock or on the waves. Just a tiny, narrow road and you are on the deep sea.

Another world.

Here you can hide…

And somehow there too.

And all those reflections.

So much different here. So much more softer and deeper and old too. Why I am so scared of this place?

They? Nope, they are not the reason.

All those cute redness, yes this is scary… and the waves. And sounds.


End of the world 3

Scary, but still… how beautiful this place is. How different from this what you see everyday around you?

And all those reflections.

Because those poles and rocks, because of the setting sun, so differently than in other places, it is…

… amazing.


I wanna run away from this place but…

I need to wait.

A moment.

Few moments.

I can do it. I must!!!

Because what if this everything is only between two blinks of my eye?

What if this will disappear if I breath stronger? Maybe I want it, in fact, because it shares me so much, but also… what amazingly strange feelings fill up my head…

End of the world 2

It is said, that artists like it. Quietness, loneliness and there is something in it, I can confirm. But… is it more because I am so crazy and mental, or artistic? Still, I am also a scientist, so, how to balance it?

Does craziness help?

Or maybe not?

Could I create here?

Oh hell no… I took those photos and run away!!! As quickly as possible. Never felt so scared by the place… or wait, felt it once, oh my, bad memories. Because some places are not for everyone.

This one did not like me. At all.

Hamburgö… part of Hamburgsund, does not like me. Maybe because I called it the end of the world? Or maybe… what in fact is the end of the world? The edge? Place where you feel everything ends but also everything can start? Or maybe something else? Something more unspoken?

But still how to call it? A place with boats and red sheds and a lot of sea.

A tiny, narrow path to the big sea.

Pieces so quiet and loud in the same time.

Whispers and songs…

I bet evil mermaids live here. Or just those, like me, not suiting this world? Maybe…

Maybe even now… lie down on those rocks catching the setting sun?

But it is so windy.

So windy…

And so gold. And copper…

End of the world

Yup. I saw it.

Been there.

Felt like, probably, in a place from some kind of Swedish Chain Massacre movie, or any other horror movie… but also, like in the end of the world. Amazing and calm. True and so solemnly perfect. Just few rocks, end of a small island, the sea and… If you need end of the world, try it. Loneliness, being one with rocks and the sea. Just being the water. Watching, painting, writing…

Yes, the sea…

… those boats hitting the wooden poles.

That sound, so weird, but first I got to get there.

First a tiny ferry, with a church on a top.

Such amazing loneliness here already. Like in fact all those homes were here only as a decoration.

And waters everywhere.

I bet when it is windy, this place changes into a weird well full of sounds.

And no trees.

Yes, after a ferry you take a narrow, swirly road to get there… dangerous for sure when it is icy, cold and windy, but does anyone use it? We met nobody. With every step less trees, no fields, only rocks, and finally..

Only few cottages/sheds… all red. And those smooth rocks looking like female bodies full of powers.

And this redness…

And rocks…

And of course reflections.

Golden reflections, and… to be continued! LOL

Peter Engberg and Galleri Grön


… if you are here often, so you may know, that a year ago, in May, I noticed an amazing, small gallery in Fjällbacka. Which caught my heart. Of course it was closed, because here in Scandinavia things, places, pieces are available only during the season. The same is with my island, so I am aware of it. When I change into a tourist, well I may not be happy about it, still, I get it.

Was walking down my precious Gudhjem yesterday and saw 3 people! I mean really three humans, more birds here now than humans. LOL And I AM LOVING IT!!! This is why I live here. Because of the seasons. Changes… which I in fact hate, so, why in this way they are perfect for me?

But… I saw those amazing pieces, I fall in love and promised myself to meet once Peter Engberg – the author/painter of those pieces – in person. And I managed it this summer!!! Here is his page.

To be honest, this tiny gallery in fact has not only this one painter, which I was looking for, on display but also very interesting, and so much different… I mean really different: Oscar Nordblom, who you can find on Facebook. Check it! For sure he paints in colors which are closest to my heart.

But I came for him. Peter Engberg. Whose art just made me lost my breath. Or even stop my heart for a moment. Because it is so much something what I could never paint, draw or create. I could be inspired and write about it, but not put on white, precious, innocent canvas. Nope, never.

This is the reason… Because he is so much different from this what I paint, but still so me when I see the world and write about it.

For those fairy-tale like pieces… for names of those islands-rocks “cartooned”, bit kids stories, bit too naughty, bit too symbolic, too… oh my, I always think too much, right? Always!

Described as amazing drawings.

PS. Photos of the gallery are not the best, sorry, I would prefer that different, maybe setting light running through the windows, but here it is, but still…

Here they are.

Pieces funny or just making you think too much.

Or just…

Maybe sinking into another world.

Maybe finally letting yourself be who you really are, and not only how others call you?


Yes, of course I bought something. You know I always do it! But next time I am coming back for those books!!! Because there got to be a next time, right? Please? Pretty please!!! I feel there so like on… my island.

So home too!

Buying? This is me.

I meet an artists, I buy something, because this is what you do in such galleries. Home galleries. Much more personal than huge museums. Special. Maybe as a poor scientist/artists not too big, you know, weird me… maybe it is why I do it, or maybe because I was raised by artists? No idea. Still, worth mention, prices were really okay, so I have one framed already! And also got some cards!!! Oh my, I will frame all those babies! And also sent a bunch to few friends/countries… hoping this artist will be noticed there too. Because he deserves it! Yes, his style is recently very popular especially in all those sea galleries, still it is something more. It is like digging deeper all those rocks which you can see around the city.

More is fun!

PS Peter also has an Instagram account, so go and check him!

Because I am one of those people.

Galleri Grön is small and precious, worth of calm visit and rethinking… life, surroundings, the world in general. A place with a view, where you stop, and then come out, and see all those tiny island surrounding this place differently. Suddenly houses are dancing, walls are smiling more, windows are reflecting other words.

Everything… changes.

PS. What I bought? Oh come on… you know me… But I would love also the one bigger pieces with that toilet… two pictures up, you know, it is me! Always looking for a toilet. Or a place to pee while in the wilderness. TMI?


You do not pee? LOL


Imagine this. On every house we have a card, a kind of calendar. Like an ID and diary in one. It is possible here, in Fjällbacka.

Or more like, was. Nowadays privacy is everything.


So weird that now we feel so unreal. Much more real in the internet than walking on the ground, swimming, running or just sitting and watching the world.

But still…

Imagine this.

Every building has a name and a tab. A history visible for everyone passing by. With all the names of those who were born here, lived here and… died here.

Maybe also some details if there was anything interesting…

If so…

Imagine those stories which would make all those buildings so much more… human like. So much more than just walls and roofs, windows and tiny gardens.

Think, how it would be if… ages later your kids and grand kids could walk around and find family members mentioned on this lovely, blue wall. Or yellow one, white, red, green… wooden, made of stone or bricks.

Why people treat homes so unhuman nowadays? Or is it only me, because I am still dreaming about one? Always have been… maybe in fact most of you do not need this safe space, only mine, one and only?


Although, those little infos on the walls of lovely cottages in Fjällbacka are amazing. So gentle. So just: to let you know. And I love Scandinavian names! And last names, they are just so family friendly! So fairy like…

Although here, they seem to treat them differently. And read books still… it is so calming. Such a relieving view. A simple book.

Old-fashioned one.

Living on this huge rock, or more like around it, must be fascinating.

Post boxes and other arts…

Art which you can use, or use for art?

I mean really… art is not only something you bow in front of. Not something you cry, get emotional about and because of, but also something, you just use, and what makes you smile.

Trust me!

Look at it. He is so busy and ready to keep your coat up. And still… so arty.

This piece, found in a window in Fjällbacka is just stunning. For sure something to look at, but also… well, do you also see KFC chicken pieces inside or is it only me? What is wrong with me? LOL

No more laughing, here they are.

Last year I was surprised to find one of them, this year, two more. Just post boxes, still so amazing. Like this, wooden one. How is it to slip a love letter through this? How is it to put a card from far away… So cute!

This one is more popular, painted one.

With all those calm colors… is like everything here during the spring.


Something a bit more cartoon like.

But with… for me, most important nautical themes.

Lighthouses. I love them! So hard to find working ones these days… when we all are so internet included.

So cute.

And this one, my fav ever.

This special redness, so vine like, so deep. Those shadows, light and reflections… It is so me.

Maybe I should paint mine?


Maybe one day?


Imagine the sea.

Cottages and red shades around.

The sea, calm and blue.

In some places emerald like, in some light blue, greenish even… behind you a bunch of rocks, tiny islands, you standing on a bridge/pier like, wooden, wobbly thingy and… she, because somehow I find her feminine…


Really dancing. The show one of a kind. For free!

Moving first, floating.

Breathing even.



And out.

And suddenly flat…

A flower and then again… like a bullet.

And all those hair.

And yes, I am aware those are not hair, but when you see in that sea creature an amazing mythological, fairy-tale like maybe, being, you see it differently. For sure. Or… only me does it?

But look at her.


And our.

Amazing flower.

This cutting around.

Like it was really not from this evil world.

Weird and vulgar, full of hate, guns, violence and ugliness.

She is like an angel bringing a message, which nobody cares about.

She is wearing a ballerina tutu… but nobody has time to see her dancing.

Nobody cares…

And only I am sitting here, scared and amazed in one time. Having a movie for you. By me of course!

Medusa time

Okay, they scare me. Even those harmless see through ones, which we have here. They look like floating boobs, sorry. They scare shit out from me!!! Or even more. They are just… okay, also they are fascinating, because still they are called jellyfish! I mean where the heck is “the fish” part?

Scales and tale?

But still those in Fjällbacka are those burning. And sorry, I did not try how it is to get touched by this being.

Although they are so amazing…

Seeing from the far far far away they are like little spots of color. Especially with those lovely, clean waters, they look like ballerinas.

Beautiful, but still untouchable.

Or maybe more like just selfish and not wanting to mess with us humans? I mean really? Maybe this is all fuzz about?

But who is this little fellow?

Still do not know, but trust me, taking photos of those jelly beings is not easy. Especially when they are still alive.

Swimming, dancing, changing…

Appearing and disappearing.

Sometimes I really think it was only a dream. But a dream which makes me not to jump into that lovely blue water.


Here is an awesome info thingy which you can find close to the waves. Just to know. A little information, some knowledge or maybe something to inspire you? For me they are like medusae with all those “hair”. Dancing, maybe even singing…


Deadly, still but beautiful.

Jellyfish, still like mighty ancient Medusa… they are a secret. Scary one. She was one of the protectors, one of Gorgon sisters. They seem to be like her. Far away from here to Greece, still, I feel stoned! LOL Just looking at them.