On the sea

When it is not wobbly…

… you can really feel like you were sliding on the surface of the sea.

On this one hiding in its depths mythical pieces and…

Our past.

Hiding very well.

Yeah, this down there is water.

And it is deeeeeeep…

It always surprises me how colors work above the sea.

A bit….

… different.

But inside it still is boring and human included…

But on the other side, if you survive the journey. I mean stomach wise…

You can get some art from Sweden!

Queen approved.

On a ferry

I mean, really…

On a ferry it is like in a plane, only it is bigger.

And toilets are bigger.

And you take your car with you if you want to.

Still… it is weird. A huge room with strangers in… worst, strangers which you know!!!

LOL, really, it is a small island.

And the church always waves you good bye…

Or Gud bye?

You never know.

The sea around my island is very dangerous.

Always underestimated.

The sea, the nature, maybe even a monster for too many…


Sooo… we all sit, and wait. Will it be wobbly?

Will it be?

And then…

It is still night… the ferry awaits.


It will swallow you and suddenly you will be on the sea. On a wobbly, deep sea.

Where krakens and mermaids live.

And maybe some monster of other kind?


But you are in a metal can… on the surface… and you pray to stay there…

Although… behind those huge windows darkness is still interesting.

Still… oh wait, inside this…

Outside… well, easy to choose, though, waves, seasick… nope, I am so not eating! I am praying, why not, to those monsters, unknown.

To this lights…

To The Great Something! What has maybe no name for most of you, still… for me is everything.

Oh my…

Sooo yes…

We are still here.

Yup, I am that boring, but look how the lights change, how they perform.

For you!


Because you are the one who is watching.

Really caring…

Being aware of this other dimension.

Magical, but also so free and available for everyone…

Look at those lines.

And this sea blue.

Sooooo… yummy. LOL

Faces of beauty?

When you move into wilderness, what I have done over 10 years ago, you start to loose yourself in it. Trees do not care how I look. Emptiness… yeah, there are tourists, but you learn how to avoid them…

Being an archaeologist, the way I am, also is not a place for hills or makeup. This is why I created a poll on my Facebook page

And thank you everyone who wrote or clicked!

Because I started my experiment (which made me leave somehow today times, to adapt into past and see symbolism better, different maybe) 10 years ago, I lost a lot of this what is now a norm. Kind of… must even… for woman.

And I had no idea that there are layers of make up which you got to put on!!! Stupid, crazy thing, but nowadays the biggest money.

Oh my!


To go out, you have to have it.

To be called a woman.

They change the face totally…

It is fascinating but also disturbing. Thank you so much for your info!!!

To be honest, there is nothing bad in makeup. It is awesome. It is art! It is fun and cool… of course if you use products which in fact do not harm you. But I have no idea why there got to be so many layers, so I done a research.

And I am shocked.

Not with the amount of products which are available but with… hate.

Hate made by females. Woman for a woman… woman? The worst thing ever. Because this one has a discoloration, the other acne… here is something, do you know why there is only an eye or mouth or other part of my face, not the whole one…


Luckily art do not mind, trees do not care, my work…

Come on, I have 31 earrings but still will be told to… yeah Nixon said it all.

I heard it all.

Especially kids part, oh yeah.

Sooo… why? Why do we – you –  paint our faces to look like someone else? Because of course I am not talking about just cream, something on lips to not dry out, protecting… I am not talking about touches of makeup. I am talking about changing totally? Being unhappy with this who we are…

And we woman are always unhappy… or maybe we are told so?

PS. Makeup. Art or everyday? Or maybe both? Still… what about breathing? I mean really!!! Breathing!!!

And more darkness…

And one more… and more.

Because with passing kilometers more colors come out. We are approaching…

Okay, maybe not the city, but for us it is THE CITY.


Come on, it is a small island LOL we have small cities. Settlements? Villages, nope… cows run around wherever they want. LOL

We are just an island, we do things differently.

We swim naked!

I mean really.

And recently we are so windy, that I am really scared of the whole island traveling north… hopefully not south.

Or west…

Please no.

I mean really.

Still… look at those mysterious silhouettes.

Oh yes.

Yes, it is a bus.

Some on, an artist uses what she has! I am talking about me. My wrists are sore. Truly! Try to wiggle with this camera… it is heavy.

This is why I love it! Why I can not leave it… live without it.

Just not a good night?

Nope… this is not the truth.

The night can be still good…

Even if you do not sleep.

Or maybe because of it, better?


Or maybe we should blame seasick pills for this art.

Because it is still art. There is a tone of people who adores bit minimalistic and always one and only wiggles…

Here we have some red…

Red which loves to wiggle.

To dance.

To get crazy or mathematical.

I mean really.

Look at this one.

But when you are up and travel, you got to find some fun, right?

Because to be honest it is another dimension. Another world.

So often missed because…

You sleep when they are alive.

Traveling by night


I must say it.

I love to travel by night. Because the lights are so alive then. And of course I am a passenger.

Come on!

I need to hold my camera… but not only.

Not only hold but also be careful to… not drop it. LOL

And not to make my cute driver mad.

This is very important.

But when you remember it all, you can see the lights having fun.

Oh yes, this darkness is a perfect canvas for them

To show off.

To have fun.

To be alive!

Fully and truly.

And yes, of course I remove a tone of photos to find those who I wanted as they look like, but do they really?

Because sometimes they can be so surprising even for me.

Because a human eye, tired one, who was waken up at 4 a.m. is tricky… sees not everything or too much sometimes.

Really… t.b.c.

Walk with me 2

Come on, few more stops.

One hill, one valley…

More trees to see, to touch, to meet.

Or maybe even… mushrooms?

Oh look… how lovely.

So… are we flying away from here…

Into something more curly, into the world full of mine and crispy…

Into sweetness with a hint of sour…

Because only sweet and cute is so boring.

I mean really… even with my obsession of colors, somehow I need…


Monochromatic darkness.

Or something crazy…

Like dropped into blueberry sauce.

Or a path, where you can be sure, that at the end is a guy with an axe. For sure. Or even chain saw…

Can you see him?

It can not be she… we ladies do not like mess, right? LOL

Not always. LOL

Sooo… ready to come into the darkness? That guy can be in fact a soft teddybear which just was a bit misunderstood. LOL

Walk with me

Come on, we will go for a walk.

You know, that simple stuff most of us can do. But somehow now it must be called a fashion to forced people to go out and…

Only walk.

And look at trees and touch them.

Look how diverse they are.

How cool, fancy and inspiring.

And in fact…

How our different personalities can see everything different.

Notice different things, pieces, bits and bobs.

Look at this path…

Maybe once upon a time there was a snake…

Who crawled here and left this serpent like path.

For the future.

As a memory… of a happy, long life.

Life which took part before this planet even thought about human?


Maybe before those times were those filled with simple magic and gods walking, being closer and… yeah, we are in the woods. Can you smell them? Can you hear them? Can you really?