Stenskib Urliksberg, in fact Stenhed, Östra Herrestad, Simrishamns kommun… yeah, you got to love Google – sarcasm… is in fat no berg at all. Flat field with a ship shaped standing stones. Small stones, so if you are looking for Stonehenge size…

You may be disappointed.

I was not. Although it was windy and cold.

And amazing.

For sure it is much visible without wet ground and grass…


Still stunning.

Yes, this piece is hidden, still, if you know where it is, you will find it. It is about 52/50 on 14 meters and orientated northwest-southeast.

Its about 30 stones…

Probably Bronze or Iron Age, still… not investigated…

And even as an archaeologist… I sometimes think maybe it is better?

Because people do not care at all.

And should they? Yes… this is a past they are also walking, but somehow nobody gets it. Was it really also used as an astronomical calendar? 

Or maybe something totally different.


I hate leaving my Island even for a one fun adventure.

I really do.

I miss her already and she looks so cute even with those salty ferry windows parting us,

I mean divine.

And this sky…

Oh my!

I know people live in different places, surroundings… but it hits me so often, how they reall hate them. Those homes, apartments, cities, villages… But still, they are to lazy to even think, that maybe there is a place waiting for them.

I know it is not easy.

I know it can be scary,,,

I know it.

Done this, been there although… nope, I was not scared. I was scared that I will have to stay in this big city. Of course a lot of things was easier there, but still… it was not my place. Or maybe was only for a moment of my life?

A rather long one…

Now… this is my home.

… salty one.

It is not easy to live here, although the views are fairy-tale like. Stunning. Amazing. Breathtaking. And the sounds, wilderness… but it is not a paradise. It is a normal living, with better views and feeling, that this is home.

And this feeling is precious.

Ystad in spring

I do not like cities.

Somehow they scare me, still… there are three – not on my island – which are weirdly friendly to me, and if so…

I would run away there…

Of course by boat, I mean ferry. Come one, still can not walk on water. LOL

One of them is Ystad. A small, cute, old place in Sweden. Southern Sweden. The one with a huge harbor.

Yeah… this one.

Especially it rocks around… well, all year round. I mean really.

Because still, it is a normal place where people live. And of course many ferries and boats come so…

That weird normality strikes strongly, but also… it is a perfect city for tourists to just sink in. Into the old city, and new buildings which are almost perfectly melted together. With those glassy pieces, colors…

And all those tiny details.

Really tiny.

Okay, those flowers really got me, but I am not talking about Ystad for a first time, right… nope for sure.

And I so wanna come back there… maybe now? Come on! All Gods of cash!!! Let me into your arms! Or pockets? LOL


Okay, yes, I have it on my island, all those tiny homes, colors, architecture… and maybe this is why I so like Ystad?


Or maybe because of that fountain, and architecture, and something sea like in the air. And this nature so close and the train painted in Milka colors!!! Really! I mean like a chocolate sliding on a platform!!!

You wanna unwrap those carriages.

Or even… lick them. LOL

Watch sand with me…

Come on, watch sand with me.

Okay, not clearly only sand, more like amber spilling everywhere.

More like magic being born.

More like…

Yes, sunsets can do magic with the sky but why people so not often watch the sand?

And waves.


This everything.

Okay, it changes. Changes into something between sand and water, between light and darkness. Between wet and softly dry…

It sparkles, it moves, it rocks!

And then… when the show ends it goes bloody. So bloody that all the vampires get salivating. I mean really…

Saw few… LOL

And all those bubbles.

All those creations which will disappear in a moment.

But here they will stay forever.

And all because of this.

The light ball. The redness. The mythical passing.

The other side…

I hate sunbathing, I do not get it, it is boring to me, even if I get a good book I prefer colder places, but swimming is me! Oh my…

And swimming in those colors is so special. Scary too…

The Fire

I mean…

I love fire.

I always need a candle burning, need this flame close…

And a bonfire… Oh my, especially when it is cold or when it is warm or… yeah, I love fire always.

But this one. This is a story of mythical creatures fighting for a last piece of my Grandmother’s cheesecake.

For sure.

That cheesecake, all her cakes were to die for. Simple, but…

Oh come on!

If you tried you would say so!


But look… Look at this anger. That hunger!

I mean…

Those open mouths of so many heads!

Or one wolf head?

Maybe the one who swollen the sun…

Maybe the one who were planning to do so?

Or maybe the one who just decided… he will pass.

The fire.

I am not a fan of Sct. Hans, but the fire…

How it changes, how it lives.

It is just hypnotizing.

Until the time… when waters win…

And the blue strikes back.

And everything ends.

Light light light

Okay, my island has those light nights now… it is not like in Finland, but still…

Sooooo bright!!!

And I need my darkness!!!

But… here it is.


YAY, right?

I miss winter. Always.

Poor sad me.

Sorry, this is how I work. LOL


But… light means colors, colors mean fun, inspiration and… ducks.

I am still so into ducks.

If I could only dip my brush in them…

If only…

Oh come on, do not look at me like that!!!

You know you are amazing!

Yes, you too!!!

Look at this one feather in my special shade… awwww…

Happy summer everyone! If you love it, use it! Have fun!!!

How to be an artist?


Welcome to a post where I will not tell you how to be an artists.

Yup, this is how weird I am. Or how I learned how to use a click-bait… there is such thing, right? Especially on those YouTube videos.

You know.

Those where they just do their make up.

Sooo… here I will not tell you how to be an artists. PS. This daffodil, both of them, all of them truly are!

But this is nature.

Here everything is arty farty.

But when it comes to humans… if we create, we are artists. Somehow. But for me it is a HUGE word. One of those like LOVE and FRIEND which I do not treat lightly. Which should not be treated like this.

Living in a city where almost everyone is one… paints, sculptures, takes photos, writes… it is for sure something boring. I mean really. If everyone is so interesting, you plain are the one who pops!

Trust me…

Still… how do we see an artist of the old days?

Usually dressed weirdly. Hats and scarfs were a must. Nowadays labels are one. For sure with painted hands, I mean paint is not dirt, it is art and pigment in the old days was tough. I mean so strong… and brushes, and canvases… always watching and not in fact seeing this what the rest of the world saw…

That how it was.

Artists used to be interesting, mostly hurt, people. With ideas. Usually, okay almost always, poor. Yup. Nowadays it is different. An artists is a rich Instagramer… and am I mad at it? Yes. You know why? Because for me they are categories, not the units. And most of them is “inspired” by others… paid by huge companies.

Do I wanna be one of them.

Hell ya, why not. Being a poor artist – although I do not like to call myself this way. I just see the world differently, I just am, and am not… sucks.


Yes, you have art and fun with yourself, but… you need food, pay taxes, you need a roof and clean undies!

I need new undies!

Not only sitting on this bench and trying to catch the light, that bird, the sea…

Or watching others doings and dreaming… writing.

Yup, I need undies.

Okay, enough about undies. LOL There is “donate” button. Just FYI…

I think there is a difference between being an artist, feeling like one and looking like one. There is so much in this definition. Not only someone who creates paintings, sculptures, drawings etc.  as a hobby or maybe a profession…  I also found that it is: “a person who habitually practices a specified reprehensible activity”… well, by Merriam Webster: one who professes and practices an imaginative art, a person skilled in one of the fine arts, a skilled performer especially, one who is adept at something con artist strikeout artist, obsolete: one skilled or versed in learned arts…

Sooo… how to be an artist? Well, it is always about looking around and looking inside of yourself. Especially this second part is crucial.

Why not naked?

I mean really?

Okay, here on Bornholm you can swim with no clothes on. Of course not in places where a lot of people baths or kids are…

But still, you can. You can lie down with your naked butt and red those chicks.


It changes.

But still, I swim in what I want, because nope, I am not a naked person. Although it makes me so normal to see an elderly coupe just normally stepping into waves.

Yes, it is normal.

You know why? Because when you are completely naked there is nothing sexual in it. And of course you really do not have to look.

No one is waving at you…

… okay yes, those guys happen in every city for sure, but here… Nobody acts weird under a blanket or towel to change…

I do not even change.

Just put pants on my wet pants and done.

But nakedness… why the heck we are so scared of it? Yes I know, you do not go to shop or work naked. Okay, yes, it depends what kind of job you have LOL but still. Some occasions desire big dresses and suits…

But the beach?

Especially those beaches here?

Why we can not just be naked like those flowers under a blue sky?

Why I am so embarrassed?

Because I am.


I do not go commando. No way! Not happening. My boobs would work as those air balloons and there would be no swimming.

No way!!!


Even on those days when I feel good with my body, I am not before crimson tide or ate something puffing me… even when I work out, 5 days a week… I still can not. I have my reasons. As a kid I was this flower… forced to run around naked, because that was a thing. A kid could do it. But my brain developed too early, and wrong branches touched me… so even if someone saw this flower, I was not it anymore.

Innocent flower.

Perfection, still inside rotten already. Even when it is hot I wear black top and long pants. And big boots. Only this way I feel safe but on the beach, on this beach when we are in fact usually alone, I swim. Still dressed, but I swim. Scared, but I do it. Even when I am alone, I do not wanna be naked. Scared of my body. Maybe in fact this is a reason that some of us just don’t… swim naked.

Maybe when I see with a corner of my eye those elderly, naked people, I in fact see those flowers. Not old, but fresh, free, happy! Under the blue sky. In amazing, salty water. So free. So normal. Maybe I am jealous? Or more like not. I am me. And even rotten and broken, I like me. I do have problems with my body, but still…

I can’t live without me.

Even if I am not this flower…

Because to be honest, we need bodies to have fun. And this is all! They are not fucking temples. Temples got to many corners to clean up and feet which crush them. We can use our bodies and just… live…

PS. This tree blooms when it is still winter. Great metaphor. Remember I still have art for sale! Check my FB Page.

I am calm…

Oh I hate it, but still…

I am calm…

I am a fucking lotus flower – what the heck, have I ever saw one even? No! I googled “lotus flower” and got bunch of tattoos and some spiritual shit.

So I am that stupid spiritual flower, with bugs for sure. Itching! Buzzing. Is it like a waterlily? I mean… okay, I am calming down. Breath in…

Breath out.

Okay… a flower on a calm pond… fuu… it is so windy and I am so bloated. Glad to be a woman, right. Crimson tides…

What I was about? Oh yes, lotus flower on a calm pond. Why the heck it has to be a pond? I have a seasick. I mean really strong one.

Calm… flower, pond, trees…


Nope, I am not mad. Okay, I am, but not pissed off… I am just…

Waiting for something…

47 days to… LOL

Fuck that lotus, give me ice cream!!!

Aren’t you enough?

Aren’t you really enough of internet, social media etc… you know, all that stuff you should not even be aware of? This stuff which stops you from taking care of you and your family? And environment around you…

Because somehow it is not fancy, but polar bears are dying.

I love polar bears and yes, I am aware of global warming. Still… climate changed so many times that for me, a scientist, it is a boring news. I hate those who litter, who all the time buy stuff… yeah, probably because they do not buy my stuff, right? Only that shit Made in China, because somehow…

… they need money.

And what the fuck am I suppose to eat?

And polar bears… you do not care about them. You care about new stuff. Not about stones on a beach, cleaning – unless it is for an Instagram account.

Or climate.

Come on…

I do not believe you.

But I am sure that most of you so take care of other people, so called celebrities… asked: did you like her dress, what do you think about their lives… rich people. New gods. Come on!!! Why? Okay, I know people like to peek… they love to take under deep considiration others. Not themselves.


Come on! Wake up…

The truth is we all are doomed, so you can stop. Asia will flood us with kids and unnecessary stuff, more plastic and plastic and fucking plastic…

Do you know that I had 2 phones in my life. And I am old! Now I hate them, have none, no TV, microwave, washing plates thingy… I do not have so much.

So so much!!!

Maybe I need it to understand this world?


But come on, I have no place. And I hate it!!!

All those dramas that someone wore a dress twice! OMMI. How frustrated are people to even notice it? Do they have nothing to do?

We are doomed.

Surprise, we all will die.

Yup. Zuckerberg will not save you with his money. Nope, no way. So why are you so interested about him, his life etc? And weird box, unnecessary, but for sure you will buy it when it will be available for sale… Why? What makes you so salivating when big brands, logos appear? Kill each other for a pair of ugly shoes.

I mean really… ugly shoes!!!

I have no idea what I am talking about but… I do not know Twitter, although I am there! You click one button here and it posts stuff there. Do I care? Nope. I have Facebook, but how to show your art any other way? I have an Instagram for a BearfromBornholm1. Because I love polar bears…

Will I change climate? Nope… still, I do not fly, I dry my laundry outside… it went stale, need to wash it again because humidity is so fucked up, that nothing dries except my lovely plants. And me…

Stop it.

I am done.

Who wants some tea? LOL