Different blue and familiar red…

Oh yes…

Merry Samhain everyone! How are you? Are you feeling it?

I am.

Just bought the Jul tree. LOL

Nope, not kidding. Not at all. But you know, it is a tree with roots, soo…

It can dance all year round.

Because myself does not care about “timing”.


Oh yes, but I am talking about blue… blue carpet and rainbows, and light, and shadows…

A carpet, which looks like one of my paintings…

Which I am so fascinated about.

Obsessed even…

But when it comes to blue, this is how I am. Crazy about it.

And red…

… oh you know I am scared of red and orange a bot.

Weirdly scared.

But also fascinated when it comes to reflections.

So strongly obsessed…

How much inspiration is in the sea.

Oh, I could sink in it!

Hidden treasure 2

And I walked and walked…

And if not those other humans I could really feel like in another dimension.

Much better. Calmer.


Where magic is something normal and used by anyone.

Where nature decided, that it can not be only bricks and stones…

Where everything looks so cute, that you start to believe…

In yourself…

Where maybe is even one or two princesses hidden in their tower?


Who knows?

I could do for a princess in a tower! I do not fancy the world and humans, a dragon could be my whole life! LOL

But there… oh no, I see it… the different light.

I look back, but everything started to disappear.

And nowadays came and hit my face.

Almost literally.

So I looked up, and got it… I can be back..

I can, or maybe…

I can just choose another entry.

PS. Yes, of course you can easily Google this amazing street. But what for? Let your imagination fly, blow out, bloom, or whatever! Create your own vision! Because why not? Why to stick with this what is already written?

Write, paint, create…

Or just walk. It also works this way. LOL

Hidden treasure

And suddenly…

We found this street.

Between the buildings, inside of them, covered with them… guarded.

With all those old fashioned pieces, sculpted, painted.

Clean, little treasure.

Another world.

I mean look at this redness. Like… it was a huge shop or mall or…

One of those streets from Harry Potter world.

And suddenly, here is the light.


Blue sky, and windows, reflecting and watching…

And people living here or just working, because…

Somehow, down here is life, and pubs and different spots, so how can you live in such closed place?


Yes, it is stunning but to be honest… TBC

More Malmö 3

I mean…

I never have enough time here to have fun.

Okay, parking is tricky, but it happens in every city, right?

And nope, I still do not walk on water or bike on it, so need a car, and my Husband in it.

So yeah… sometimes you have only an hour of parking, and you got to run like a crazy hamster in its wheel…

But even then…

I discover something new.

Or maybe I look differently?

Or get braver?

Or maybe…

Because in my life there is no thing like a coincidence…

It’s all fate?


Or maybe not.


I used to be this person with many notebooks, pens and pencils… and now I am the one loosing ideas.

And you know what?

I am okay with it.

Suddenly… people would say it is JUST depression, and I do agree, but it is not only that.


I used to be so unsure, so crazy scared when ideas just were disappearing.

When I was forgetting them even if written down.

And now…

Maybe because I moved and lost a lot… maybe because of this… On the side note, why I did not buy this mug? Oh, I know, no cash!

Or… maybe I do not know, maybe it is that season of life when I finally learn how to fuck it all?

And it is not good.

Not caring. About myself. About things even, life… oh my, this is so sad, so here is an amazing moose shape. One of my fav ever!

He is so cute and chubby!!!

I mean… souvenirs… Do you buy them? If so, what kind? Do you prefer something really authentic, or you like me, send cards and get crazy about magnets and in fact… okay moose and bears. Oh come on… reindeer too…

… yeah, boring me.

Or colorful facades?

Look at this one. Small place surrounded by amazing building. Yes, we are still in Sweden, just because… am I caring? For myself?

Nope… oh shit. I am again in a dark hole. Deepest one ever.

No worries, next post will be more arty, I will pretend as always, that I am happier than I am… because. Just because.

More Malmö 2

There is something in rediscovering places…

You know how it is.

You go somewhere for a day, week, few… and think you know this place.

Saw everything.

You do not have to come back.


In some places you feel better, so you come back for this feeling.

Or… maybe it is different. Maybe sometimes we give one more chance to a place which… from one side did not look so interesting.

And then you had spare time and suddenly… you look differently.

More up, more down.

Better weather maybe?

Or again you had to pee and you know that toilet is exactly next to a parking for bikes. LOL Oh come on! How many places you have discovered because you were looking for a toilet? Come on!

Especially if you are a female.


And after… you know, you find that toilet you start to notice all this architecture.

Not that you did not see it before, only now… you feel lighter. And a bit more not ubsorbed by your own body. LOL

More Malmö

There is something between old and new here in Europe.

Architecture is always… surprising.

Some try to preserve what old and amazing, what of course takes a lot of money and some tries to…

… well, compose.

Like musicians!

Or painters!

Or creators of salads. Because, if you were unaware of it, composing a salad is a true art.

Or those who want to have both… Like this old bench and fancy, modern glass wall.

Old and new.

Very new, clean lines, and old, colorful… Oh my, both they look so amazing. You can have both!!!

You can see it differently.




I am not good in it. I hate flying, to be honest I just do not do it. My own reasons. But I live on an island, small one, sooo…

I can be spotted on a ferryboat.



Wobbly, small ferry. Why oh why they changed them?!!! Why!!! And yes, this is a photo of a sea seeing by a lens from a ferry. Because it is a quick one. Try to stay outside… feel that biting wind… I do not dare you.

It is not safe.

But after over an hour and half you can be in a different country, which in fact is closer than “continental” Danmark, to be honest. Yes, Bornholm is an island which almost touches Sweden. This is how it is…

And they are so arty!!!

Oh my, look at those stamps!

But first… Malmö.

Yes, again, sorry.

But some time ago someone asked me what I think about graffiti… and was really surprised, because in fact… I love wall art. But wall art not someone writing: I love my ass. You know. Amazing art. Making dull buildings into those blooming flowers. All those walls which show you something, what in fact…

… disappears when you come too close.

Oh, I saw many in my life which in fact make me breathless.

So many… One was next to H. Ch. Andersen Museum. OMMI!!! His head, in fact profile, black and white, who remembers it?

But this… well, at least colors pop. LOL

But recently I discovered amazing, I mean awesome, I mean those lines, colors, shapes, shadows, this light!!!

I mean stairs…

Sorry, but they did not let me take proper photos.

One – it was busy!!!

Two – slippery…

And Three… we were late already, so I hope! Next time!!! I mean really, to be honest, I want to see them, want to make a session here.

They are a bride of all stairs!!! This virgin one!

I hate traveling, but recently I have this need, tiny one… to do more…

Walk with me 3

And rain came back again, and stopped, and then…

See, it changed something in me. It was so clearing, so amazing purifying…  

And then the heat came back and those yellow waterlilies.

Saw them for the first time.

Somehow… it was just amazing.

Sooo freeing with this rain and nobody else except us.

So freeing.

So perfect.

And all those drops…

All this yellowness… so truly making be gasp.

I mean really. Such a sunny, bright yellowness was so perfect.

And those leaves…

Maybe we will stay here in the rain?

Why not?

The world can roll without us. And we will be in not so wilderness between the flowers which are still wild…

Walk with me 2

And it was raining, pouring, and…

I mean really for a moment it was so not from this world.

Although, ho knows in fact all sides of this world? Maybe in fact it was only something new… something cooler but…

So amazing.

So like never before…


And then suddenly the sun came out.

And rain did not stop.

And light started to play with my lens…

And I wet my butt.

Of course I slipped, come on, and you laughed, because it is okay when someone gets a wet butt but no other harm…

And it was rainy so easy to explain.

And pink appeared…

And started to dance.

And then… oh yes, the yellow…

This was my first time. TBC LOL