Norsk Folkemuseum 7

Yes, I do feel like touching somebody else past. Like an intruder, because there is something personal in a home. Not a building, but home… in fact that little sanctuary which so many of us is dreaming about.

Or maybe only me?

But… it is a museum. All those building were moved here to keep the history.

To remember.

To keep it for others.

Keep it and always have inspiration.

Feel the spirit maybe?


Something else?

But still, it is just walking into someones past.

Into simple life.

Or maybe even being able to touch that life.

Not so much different.

Not easier at all.

Or maybe much closer to the nature? Everyone could have a tent, or teepee… and now.

Nowadays homes are a bit sad. We do not worship them enough. We do not find freedom in them.

We do not feel safe…

And they can be so…



Still… homes.

Norsk Folkemuseum 6

I haven’t thought it would be so spiritual… I mean really. I do not react good in front of churches, truly I start to puff smoke, well, you know, witches right? LOL But the truth is the old ones, those which stand on a sacred land which had always been so… are different, and some of them…

Some of them are different.

Some of them have many souls inside which…

Which are more primal than we can imagine.

This one is not only art. Not only architecture.

Not only…

I had this privilege to stay there alone, Sit on a dusty floor.

Just be.

Watching, listening.

Being somewhere between the light and darkness. So deep…

Touching something unknown.

Not new, but so old, that I forgot it existed.

It was something one and only.

Worth the ticket.

Worth all this walking.

To see…

To touch… mentally…

To remember and be inspired.

Just to never forget.


To keep, to dream about it, to somehow change myself, to never forget what is me and what is not. And to be… one and only.

Simple, wooden church…

… and not so simple.

Norsk Folkemuseum 5

Now time for The Stave Church from Gol

Amazing and glorious.

I mean really.

Admiring it from a side was something, but entering, and then… because people get bored quickly, just sitting on a dusty, wooden floor…

For sure dirty…

Was just precious.

Just to mention, that amazing building from previous post was Storehouse from Sondre Berdal Just to mention. LOL

“The runes on a pillar in the nave can be read as “Kiss me,because I am so sad”, and may refer to a saint’s picture once hung on the pillar.”

Wait, where are they…

Oh well, now the inside.

Although it is so lovely here… to be close, to be on this magical edge.

Just be…

But it is time… My time to cross the portal.


Just masterpiece.

And this light.

So special… so minimal.

So showing only what it wants to show…

Or maybe…

Hiding so much?

Or maybe so rich…

And suddenly… suddenly other visitors left…

And I could be here alone.

Alone with the past. t.b.c.

Norsk Folkemuseum 4

If you ever be in Poland, go to Wang. Go there to see this, but smaller. Go to see mountains, not so high, eat some cheese and other yummy foods and also, to buy funny souvenirs…

But most of all see the mighty wooden church.

Okay, that one in Poland was in fact transported there in XIX century because of… rich people. Built between XII and XIII century finally became too small for people there, people of Vang, by Vangsmjøsa lake. This stavkirke is just stunning. But this one here is… different and bigger I think and…

You will see it full next time, first this lovely piece of woodwork next to it.

Just stunning.

Amazing and…

Oh come on, church later, just look at it.

This beauty.



I mean… something, what grows in your eyes when you look longer.

Gives inspirations…

… and even ideas…

… for internal design?

Who would like walls like this?

This structure and colors…

This perfection.


I mean really…

Okay, maybe it is only me. Maybe only I am so obsessed about stone and wood. About basics. About love which made people create such beautiful buildings… and those who decided to protect them.

And create this museum…

Or maybe I am that old…

Still, would I like to live in something like this? Again nope. Why? Because nowadays we do not only sleep or hide in homes, we also work here, create and get crazy. I need more glass and white shades…

Because it is me. t.b.c.

Norsk Folkemuseum 3

And going, walking, watching… Not minding the weather. Or sometimes just staying inside. Or just not carrying…

Or maybe?

I mean really… look at this piece, it is just sooo cute!!! So lovely and adorable.

So out of this world.


Maybe bit spartan, maybe even… too clean, too simple?

But what else do you need?

Especially, when you are a teacher?

Imagine yourself listening to a young student about the world being so big, somewhere there behind the sea, monsters and all that jazz? LOL

Or maybe, like me, you would be one reading a book under my table and from time to time looking through the window… If this school was standing in some lovely sea surroundings, how could you just sit…

Stiil, this cool redness.

So yummy.

Another building, probably a school or a place of preaching.

Bit modern.

Oh my, there is something yummy there, but for now…

Some lovely pieces…

Something bit intriguing.

Something just for a nap, just to hide…

Something reminding us that not so far time ago people needed homes only for it. For sleep. And maybe keeping fire under the roof. To hide from rain or cold, or maybe just to hide from those who wanted to hurt you…

Not to live in it.

Cook, okay, but not often. If the weather was bearable it was so much better to be outside. So much more natural. Take a nap under the tree, take care of cattle, just taking a bath in a river…

How cool was that time when people were not scared of the nature…

Because now they seem to be scared…

Well… the world is so the same and so different now.

Okay… now for something more mythological.

Maybe… t.b.c.

Norsk Folkemuseum 2

Sooo… here we go.

It is rainy and wet, or more like it was, because that was end of August.

Still, I love architecture, so I am full of expectations.

And not only colors.

I want it all.

I want it!

It is really like walking in some wonderful, charming and magical village. Where you do not care about time…

… where you have it all.

Where you can choose the time you wanna live in.

Here is an older piece… still just a copy.

Imagine living here.

And I mean really.

Feel it!!!

For sure food was really in those days…

Very real.

And everything smelled like food, so if you had something tasty, everyone knew!


And when it comes to fashion… new Gucci style.


Lovely place.

Maybe not my style, still for sure my height and that design! Beauty!!! And that usefulness and warmth!!!


… and yummy. LOL

Norsk Folkemuseum

Okay… so now some architecture. But the truth is it so much art in it, that it may really shock you. Not only because of the stonework. Woodwork or carvings. Not only because of the colors and all this structure but…

… mostly because of this huge amount of work which people gave into creating this space.

Because it is the space.

Huge space.

Garden of homes.

A lot of walking, so start early and choose a better weather than we had.

Welcome to the Norsk Folkemuseum.

It may shock you.

Not only because all this cute pieces.

Lovely paths…

Awesome gift-shop.

Oh come on, who doesn’t love them?

You don’t?

So if you do not, you can already go outside.

Unfortunately some of the buildings were having some reconstruction, still…

The rest was just colorful.

And full of lovely pieces.

Because when you come to a museum which is in fact a huge adventure into Norsk architecture, into Sami world, into this…

Okay, pieces are mostly from XVIth century up, but…

There are also… few much older.

And I prefer older, you know it!!! LOL


Vikings 4

The Gokstad Ship… the one more simple, you would maybe say more boring, not interesting… but in fact it is the one so touching, so stunning so bringing up thoughts. So touching.

And it is not only because of this dark wood…

Not only because of this movie, which you can see here.

Not only.

But mostly because of this chamber.

This past. This view into the mythology of death. Because, no offense, but most of you will imagine viking burials only by those with arrows, fire and burning boats on clean waters of the past seas.


And the truth is… the truth is as usual in the mighty between.

Still, when I look at this past, those perfectly constructed pieces, I think about people. Those who cared or maybe were only scared.

Scared of the dark side of the after-light.

Sailing there had to be important. But was it only a custom, or maybe they really loved that man?

Was he important so much, or maybe “only” loved?

How to get it today?

Or maybe we should not get it?

Maybe we should look for it around…

Around ourselves, especially around this time of Yule.

Especially now…


Vikings 3

Not only boats. Not only. Also this feeling of the past when things were important differently. So important, that you were creating them by hand, repairing them and of course decorating them.

But also…

You could easily replace them.

But what about humans? Are there still their relatives? Maybe one of them is looking at bodies of your own grandparents?

Not just boats, told ya so.

Also something much more everyday. Although maybe not so everyday, you know. Still, for them death was every day…

But those, amazing sculptures, are just mesmerizing.

Stunning and…

Full of myths and stories.

So cool.

And all those bits and bobs.

I mean here everything is just full of people.

People watching those pieces, people using them, those from the past suddenly meeting those from now.

So metaphorical.

Oh… and we had some snow… do I need them?

Nope, because nowadays we do not have that amount of snow. Sadly.

But art…

Art we need always.

And I do not mean all those loud pieces, I mean art which we do use every day. Beautifully painted mugs or plates. Or ceramic created by your friend. Bought on Etsy. Or maybe just a card or… the truth is we all are still the past. Fallen in love with everyday pieces. Needing beauty and charm in our lives.

To make the world more… this is why we need art.

Vikings 2

Okay, so here we come in!

Here we go… We enter this huge hall and already I am stunned… Not only because I managed to somehow run away from few Chinese groups… They are different than other humans, I mean really different.

But to be true. Here you can see in fact 3 different ships. The Oseberg Viking Ship which is really richly decorated… found in a very lavish grave, I mean all those gifts, oh my! Like a Porsche, you know, everything Apple like or…

… sorry I know nothing about brands in fact LOL

The other one is The Gokstad one. Oh my, this one is huge…

But somehow the most touching for me is The Tune Viking Ship. No idea why, but this one speaks to me the most, and on its back is a movie, which surrounds it and makes it amazing… but when it comes to photos.


Bear with me.


Because this what I was fascinated the most was…

… the wood.

And all those colors. And all those shapes. That work.

Imagine creating it. Imagine the vision…

Waves hitting them.

And then the weird silence of the grave.

How cruel was it. Like killing the pegasus!!! Or taking his wings!!!

And then those bodies…

So many stories.

Archaeology so often, especially here in the North, forgets about humans. About oleo behind those tools, gold… looking only for loud findings.

For sparkly things.

I hate it! It is not archaeology.

Archaeology is a slow process, it is understanding, it is touching something what was important for our ancestors. It is so much more… oh my, this is why my project is so slow, because I try to use all the tools. I try to use everything. To look at the symbols from all sides. To use ethnography, psychology, sociology, history, anthropology… even modern look of all this stuff which I have no idea of. But the most important is always a human. That regular one. Working, dreaming, pooping like we all do…

… sneezing… LOL t.b.c.