Snow, March and VHS…

There was such movie, right? I was thinking about the title for this blog, and it came to me… wait, moment for googling… LOL Oh yes “Sex, Lies and Videotape”. I do not think I ever watched it, but still good for the title. Weird title for my blog, because there will be nothing about VHSes.

But there will be snow…

Because once in my life I am trending…


Yeah! All those people being frighten, panicking because of a few centimeters of snow… Really, you all remind me of me? Me being a kid walking to school through the woods in a blizzard, when it was minus 20C.

Try it!

In thin pants.

And this warm feeling which was finally coming. And weird moment, when you were coming back from school, you have still a mile but you are so tired, and you just sit on a side of the road, tired, and get so sleepy…

So sleepy. Warm. So good.

I remember that moment. Do not remember how I got up and came back home. Nobody cared, so… now, my lovely, amazing Island – the one with mild climate which gets snow every few years, is again snowed. Was it my magic? Who knows? If i was, tell nobody! I wanna live for now.

Amazing now.

Of course it is snowing since Friday, and mostly it is white and grey, but the truth is, because of this wonderful light it is never dark…

We have no rough edges, we have only softness, amazing shapes, icicles and white roads… yeah, you can easily see how everything collapses here. How so rich Scandinavia is slowly turning into something not taken for, but… here is snow, it can help me stop thinking about it.

Funny thing? For Danmark first of March is a first day of spring… LOL


PS. Yes, this is my garden, or more like a lawn. Place for birds, herbs and trees. And a windmill, and a blizzard on the field. Such a fairy-tale. My own. I can let all the mythical creatures here, all those from fairy-tales, all those from my head, which are so weird… even those from legends are a bit confused…

And yes, the hedge is green. There is also green grass under the snow.

Such climate!

Only me?

I really sometimes think I am the only one who loves snow so obsessively. And is so happy because police officially grounded us at homes.

Yup… my Island got snow.

It is not something normal because of mile climate and all that stuff. Last such snow was in 2010!!! I remember those days. Helicopters which were helping elderly people. It is an island. Some people live deep in the fields and nobody will snow off their roads. Sooo… it was hard, but they got help. Truth is, it was only few days but for a place which in fact almost never gets snow, it was something.

For me… beautiful

And now we are snowed… totally. Those photos were taken 2 days ago, since then it is snowing… and snowing and snowing. There was that moment of sun, like only a moment, but imagine it… blue and white.

White and blue. Basics, right? But so breathtaking… Used usually at school, still not always considered fashionable, but in fact everyone of us had such set on. Trust me. Even as a kid. Nothing so cute, like white blouse and blue dress or pants. LOL

Sooo… basics.


Or maybe breathtaking only for me? Very possible. And you know what? It is so okay. I love being the only one me. Different, totally not like all the world. Maybe it is not easy to not be a copy of somebody else, but I am loving it!!!


When it comes to art… I love blue, I am obsessed with blue and I am blue, so not in a position to judge. I just can not live without it! LOL

PS. Outside still snowing… I was diving in a huge pile of snow yesterday, so today some work. I mean I should work… but will I? Birds came and it is like best TV ever! How can I work when I have so many different birds in my bird-feeder? How? LOL

Just walking…

Just walking.

Sucking inspiration in.

Just being one with nature. Maybe it is windy and you look at the pile of branches as a place you wanna crawl in, but it is okay. It is normal, because it is still winter… time to rest. But we… so fucking modern, do not rest anymore, do we? We got Mr. Google who takes me adverts for: I do not know what I have done. But the truth is, I “earned” for it 600DKK in 8 years on 4 blogs, so… fuck you very much Google. I never wanted to have adverts jumping into readers eyes, just those on a side, right side… now nothing, no hope. Does it mean I can sell this space to someone?

Sell myself?

Poor people got to start to think. Not only be happy in the woods, because suddenly you come out from them and want roof over your head, books and food, so… you need those fucking money.

I mean really… so you go out and it is sunny, amazing, winter came back to my Island and everything is white… okay, maybe not everything, you still got to look for snow, but it is a progress!!! You find it, you swim in it, it is bright…

And then… suddenly this happens.

Big petals, but also something looking like a soft hail! Very soft, so cute, like an army of small snowmen hitting you. So maybe it was not so sweet, but I loved it! Maybe I am also 666 shades of Witch, but still, I loved it!

So fucking loved it!!!

And mild version… on a movie.

Just click!!!

See this green. Oh my, it smelled fantastic!!! So normal and natural.

And then, after few minutes… or maybe some more time, maybe in fact wonderful eternity, the sun came back and blue sky appeared and everything was so impossible, so like: this could not happen…

And then, when we were in our car… again snowstorm!!!

Do not breath!!!


Do not breath. Try to be something made of glass, fragile like them…

And do not breath.

This is the only way to let them be, alive…

The only way.

And even if you slowly pass down, you know, they are still here. For a moment maybe, but you are not the one who destroyed them. LOL

For me winter is the most precious time of year.

Creation made by this season are so complicated, so natural, so… like photos of spring, summer and autumn all together. And recently winter is such a time, which is not given me. Like I was the only one not worth it.

Well… such climate.

I know – an island, right?

But recently weather went below zero, so… I have hopes and great expectations and wuthering heights even. LOL Pride and prejudice too!!!

And even more… boobs!!! LOL

Okay, boobs.

I am so over people obsessed with them. Suddenly nipples are such an abomination. And those are only boobs.

Boring boobs!!!

Looking at photos of African ladies just feeding kids and making dinner… almost totally naked – oh come one, it is hot there! – and then reading about “saint ladies” of some christian church which are gathering BRAS for them! I am done. I thought I was done when the internet started to put those blurry pixels on nipples. Only female ones of course – guys, you should protest, it means your nipples are worst. Oh my, because they are so sinful… wait, will look at mine and check, nope, no Satan stick to them, nope. So I do not think they do have him there. But a kid, for sure. And you wanna put bras on them? Why? To make Africa saint? Or what? Or maybe you feel something… something you do not wanna even think about, that you wish to just unzip, unpin, open yourself and swim with boobs naked… come on ladies…

Just boobs, just nipples…

Nothing more…

… parts which can feed babies. Which in fact are so… oh my, painful sometimes, and suck sometimes. Which I dreamed to cut off as a kid, because of others touching me and myself developing too fast, so fast…

Then there was that lady painting with boobs, and I though it is all I can deal with… of course jealous I did not try it, could sell more paintings… I bet! Oh my, why I did not think about it? LOL Maybe because even with my big boobs, I could not just do it. I mean squeeze them, and cover in paint, no way!!!

But why boobs? Because recently I just totally do not get it. What is wrong with nipples? Why they are so sexual? It is just some skin, darker… in fact nasty. Yuck! Okay, I was not breastfed so maybe it is me, weird kid talking, but really… why they are pixeled everywhere? Those are only boobs.

Fat, and weird stuff inside, milk… Geee!!!

So… have my boring, brush painted paintings. LOL No boobs included. Although I paint lying down, so maybe, who knows…

“In flowers” – … memories of that smell, petals, softness, buzzing, colors, just memories brighten up grey days, memories…


“Flowery” – … even I get sometimes in this weird mood, you know, funky and colorful… even I…

Oh my, what is going on with me? LOL

“Flowery 2”

“Flowery 3”

Some new paintings…

Painting dreams, visions, or so called everyday… this is me. I am never sue what will appear on canvas. Trust me! Never. Just hoping it will be something I love, something what speaks to me, or just make me smile…


These piece are small, calm, smiley, they are waiting, maybe for you…

“Waiting” – … there comes this time, when people are over winter. There comes this time – not for me – when people miss flowers, colors and warm weather. There comes this time, especially vibrating in February, when you are waiting… maybe?

Magic included!

“Waiting 3” – … there comes this time, when people are over winter. There comes this time – not for me – when people miss flowers, colors and warm weather. There comes this time, especially vibrating in February, when you are waiting… maybe? You are waiting, but everything is still covered with snow… sparkling in the sun.

Are you still waiting?

Having hope?

“Waiting 2” – … there comes this time, especially vibrating in February, when you are waiting for changes… maybe? You are waiting, but everything is still covered with snow and mist… Depression can hit you, but suddenly the sky brightens up…

Are you still waiting?

Having hope?

“Bornholm” – … sometimes it is all what I see. Really. Only those colors. Especially when I am leaving my Island, like she was into making me feel guilty because I am leaving her. Even if for few hours, even if for few days.

Yup, she can do it.

A wish which came true…

Sooo… My Husband had a week off, and it was awesome to have him home, to have all days for walking, cuddling and all that stuff. Yes, we old marriages do it too. It sounds nasty for many younger, but still… WE DO IT!



So, when his holidays ended, I got more sad, and thought on Monday that: oh, it would be s cool to have him for next week. BUT I ADDED: NOT SICK, not in pain, not in this kind. And guess what?


He got flu on Wednesday. And I got my Husband for almost another week. Yup. Not snotty, but tired, feverish a bit and in pain. Really? Did not I mention NOT SICK!!! What is wrong with you all listening to me? Oh the world!

Oh the magic!!!


Am I okay? Of course not, fever, and all that stuff, but still, I am a crazy psycho, so… if I am i bed, it means I am close to dying. Always!!!

Working when you have someone in pain by your side, and you can do nothing, because only his body can heal himself is awful, but still, this is marriage. Right? Yeah, it is, not killing him after 4 days of coughing and dazzling me with this: I am sick, I can be miserable… I love him, so he is still alive? LOL

Okay… the truth is I am always so scared when he is sick, that it is beyond imagination. We are only two on this world, so… it is always frightening. Sooo, no new paintings this week, but few more will be added to my shop today, promise!!! If you want them, buy them, or let me know if you want more, the price will be much lower!!! We need more paracetamol and something for coughing! <3

Painted news

Whole Danmark is grief-stricken after death of Hans Kongelige Højhed Prins Henrik…. who was a husband of our amazing Queen… sooo… there is some darkness in the air. Even if it was someone who you never knew, still… I saw Her. Weird thing, I love Her, and She is my Queen…

Luckily he could die in his home, with family…

But life goes on, right? This is the truth. For someone life ends, for others starts… I will just pop links to my newest works, because… I need to eat.

Sadly… like a human being.

But He loved life, so… here they are. Small, not expensive, for everyone, even for a tiny apartment! Ready to brighten up you day, to dream on. To breath in, to breath out, or just to be a colorful spot…

Colors: “Colors” – … it just happened. I mean… it was a frosty evening, and the sky went crazy. I mean really, then the sky changed into the sea… but this you can see on other, smaller, paintings. LOL

Psycho: “Psycho” – … it just happened. Flower. I had to be sick and have fever or something… or maybe it is my hidden inside feeling of missing simple meadows?

Of course you can turn this piece as you want it, and put it on your shelf or frame it. Or stick it to something!

Now pieces which come with easels. And are just sweethearts!

Moments 5: “Moments 5” – … this is a time of magic. Not for everyone, only for those who still can watch the nature, who still can… feel it!!!

Sea 2018: “Sea 2018” – … with every year it changes. The coastline changes, waves got different hairdos, and colors… they can be so weird!

Sea 2018a “Sea 2018a” – … with every year it changes. The coastline changes, waves got different hairdos, and colors… they can be so weird!

Magic included, made on Bornholm!

The shore: “The shore” – … to see them, to reach them. To just be on them. To run away from a wobbly sea. Or maybe… just to be a part of them.

The shore 2: “The shore 2” – … to see them, to reach them. To just be on them, the part of this greenery, rocks and trees. To run away from a wobbly sea. To be grounded. A bit more totally. LOL

The shore 3: “The shore 3” – … sometimes it is only expectations. Only what you can dream about, but can not touch. Sometimes… it is only a vision.

Seaweeds again: “Seaweeds again” – … they are my tiny obsession. They let me to see more, to experience more. And they always make me wet. Okay, get me wet. LOL

PS. You can put this painting as you want it, up side down, on the right side, maybe left… as you want it!!!

Seaweeds again 2: “Seaweeds again 2” – … they are my tiny obsession. They let me to see more, to experience more. And they always make me wet. Okay, get me wet. LOL And sometimes they even stick to me… like almost forever!

PS. You can put this painting as you want it, up side down, on the right side, maybe left… as you want it!!!

Splash: “Splash” – … a moment of total freedom. A memory, when dressed perfectly, as a kid, you decided to jump into a pond or just a fresh puddle. That feeling!!! SOLD

Seaweeds again 3: “Seaweeds again 3” – … they can be smelly, but also, they can be breathtaking. Mix of colors you could not believe, ever, existed.


PS. You can put this painting as you want it, up side down, on the right side, maybe left… as you want it!!!

Misty time: “Misty time” – … that was an amazing, one and only moment. Late winter, huge amount of snow and that mist, and those trees, watching me… it was so precious…


PS. You can put this painting as you want it, up side down, on the right side, maybe left… as you want it!!!

Sooo… here they are. If you want them, buy or just let me know on Facebook. You got links, you got pictures… you can have them all. Okay, almost all because one of them is already packed, waiting to be posted. LOL

And how go and hug your loved ones. Just because…

Cage or home?

I have noticed, that some people see their homes as cages. As places which are in fact not theirs. They are unable to create their spaces, need to ask for help – what I totally do not get. How can you just not know what you like?

How can you not obsessively love your home, or want to have the home? How can you live without this space which is safe and only yours? How can you be not… like me? Yeah, right, and here is the answer. Not everyone is me. Not everyone eve had a true home. True place which was safe and forever. With parents and all that stuff. With order, and some rules, with books and dreams…

I think if you are me, you are dreaming abut your own home and the woods. Yeah, I know. But I really want to have my own woods, woodland, the forest with Pooh and all that stuff maybe? Have you watched that movie? New one about how Pooh was born? I cried so much for almost a whole movie! Sooo…



For me it is the place where I must feel safe, must feel clean and can in fact hide. And of course where I can work, exercise and play. Do everything. Home must be my own world, where I can do everything – but not to annoyed my neighbors. Okay, I am the quiet one, so no worries. I am still dreaming about one… buying one, maybe not perfect, but I will make it perfect. Not that I do not love our cottage, but we have many problems with it like The Kingdom of Ants under the floor, which me The Mighty Evil tries to kill every year… and mold… but the most important thing is – we are renting it. It is not mine. And somehow it is so painful that I can not have my own. So weird. Every human being should have its own place. Home is a big word.

It is important…

Home, having it, it is my obsession. Is it a good one? No idea, but as a human with HUGE anxiety and introvert, I need it. Is it my cage? I bet extroverts will see it this way. But you should see how people can be shocked by all those colors on our walls and all that books! I remember once someone entering my home said: you should read more books, and then he hit the wall of them… yeah. People are better ancient and dead. YAY! Being an archaeologist is awesome!!! You can do research at home… and your objects talk differently than those living ones! LOL

But this that people do not know what they want and need other people to tell them how to live… I so do not get it!!!

3 suns

The legends says… two wolves are hunting the sun, if they catch it… the other one is a legend, a memory of a battle field in England. Battle of Mortimer’s Cross. I bet you do not remember that. LOL Who does?! Two roses…

“Three glorious suns, each one a perfect sun;
Not separated with the racking clouds,
But sever’d in a pale clear-shining sky.
See, see! they join, embrace, and seem to kiss,
As if they vow’d some league inviolable:
Now are they but one lamp, one light, one sun.
In this the heaven figures some event.”  William Shakespeare

Sun dogs, mock suns, phantom suns… in fact simple parhelia/parhelion, but not here. Not on my photos of course. There was no halo, only my camera which decided to make everything differently.


But to tell me what? So I started to paint… with gold… somehow, I needed gold.

But still, those suns… In fact? Meaning what? Because my weird brain sees premonitions in everything. Callings or just short infos. But now, here… what?