The mighty between…

The mighty between is between the land and air, trees and grass, water and air…

The mighty between is just a precious unseen.

The world where things and beings live and dance and drink blueberry vine…

Or maybe just jasmine one?

Is there one?

The world between the leaves and ground which will one day be theirs. Which one day they meet and… for now they just look each other.

Only look.

Sometimes the winds bring notes from leaves to the soil and back… and sometimes you can hear all those poems…

And sometimes… You just lie down, and are one with this everything.


Or just look at this different world, different and so breathtaking.

Perfectly made.

Or water and a fallen tree which still thrives, but prefers to…

Just be.

Or light, or colors…

Or tiny birches.

Or the past, future and present time meeting together and having a cup of tea. Tea with a hint of mint. 

The ancestors

Let us all forget about archeology for a moment…

Only for a moment, because I can not live without archeology…

You know. The old stuff.


Okay, I am old too.

But imagine older. About Bronze age… imagine them here mourning. Little mushroom keeping them safe. The last protector… small, but to be honest, can you be sure anything here? That something exists…

And other stuff is only a mist in your head?

Between those tall pines, here is the offering for the Forgotten Ones. For Those Who Whisper… for those… who for me are still present.

Okay, and those who had such sense of humor to create such… bit inappropriate mushroom. I mean okay, it is nature, I mean… but he looks like… Oh my, you do know how it looks like!!!


OMMI so funny… because, the past had to be funny too.

Somehow we, who live now try to make them sad and so adult like.

And… oh yes, this part of Almindingen is amazing, still…

People like to destroy it.

Too much, too often.

And cut… it always makes me cry… always.

And yes, I am aware that people need the wood, but to be honest… really, from here, where one person fought for them so much. We can not cut… we need to plant more, of course not in a crazy way, with brains on.

Everything with thinking.

Let us those who grow grow… and add different types, learn from nature, it is helpful, it is for you… and the whispers, the Ancestors, are here too.

Ready for your questions.

Autumnal surprise

Oh my, yes, it was an amazing surprise.

Not only those magical mushrooms… not only red head peeking from the grassy, mossy underworld…

But also, the rest.

Somehow I again was able to come back to this place.

One of the oldest spots, of course known, where still are they…

The ancestors.

And trees.

Okay, maybe the toadstools were a bit overdone but still worked!

Trust me…

I was flying!!!

So high.

Nope, still alive.

Come on… not like them… although, when I think about them, about those whispers and plants, trees so tall… maybe they are alive and I…

I just am.

Here though truly am…

Walking, breathing, finally being one with myself and universe… or whatever it is called. Or however it is defined.

And then… t.b.c.

New year?

New Year…

As I hate New Year’s Eve… do not know why… maybe because I do not party. Part for me is walking, working and creating new thesis, theories, overthinking…

Yup, I am that boring person.

But also I hate fireworks.


See… we have soldiers here often with those huge boats, cars and noises… noises which I know too well.

Which make my anxiety run above the spheres…

Sooo… well… Do I have some resolutions. Expectations? Nope. It in fact does not matter for me that it is 2020.

Not at all.

It is only a number in a calendar which sucks totally.

I mean no offense, but there are mistakes, major ones!!! But still, people are so obsessed with it.


Why does it matter to you all? Like you all were suddenly pagan, believing in magic, and forcing this new time, new date to change your life.

Just do it by yourself.

Kick your own butt!!!

Or ask someone to do it… I bet there are cool Dominas which will gladly kick you… although they are expensive. Come to me, I will not do it for free, no way, but cheaper for sure. I mean really!!! Even will prepare my boots!

And no fun for you, no way.

Only pain. LOL

Still.. Happy 2020, maybe this year will make as all smarter? Who knows? Who the heck am I kidding, right. LOL

Up there… is it…

Is it a bird, is it a plane…

Nope, those are just leaves.

Or more like needles… or leaves or…

Oh come on, I am an archeologist. I just love trees. And this one is so special.

I mean how can you be so tall and stylish too.

Have awesome bark and those slim branches.

I mean really, come on girl!

You are just showing off aren’t you?

Geez… pushy one.

Still love you, hugs?

Awww… you so soft. Me only human.


Such a princess between all those peasants.




Yes you, you know who I am talking about, do not play such blond, come on!!! LOL

Fall in love

I do it…

No idea why… I do not only hug the trees.

I do not only talk to them and am easily amazed by them, but…

I fall in love in them.

Too easily.

Oh yes.

This one is my old and new love.


Somehow we abandoned each other, and now… we are connected… again.

… because it called me.

Called me loudly.

And look… bloomed.

I mean, of course I thought those were regular leaves, but I do not fall in love with “regular”, “normal” etc.

I fall in love with those special ones.

Truly special.

We do not have to know our names, but we know we are connected. Somehow. Maybe weirdly, but no sex involved… although his “leaves” are so soft!!!

And that amazing bark has so many shades, colors and structure…

It is an amazing tree.

A place

Do you have one?

A place, where you can hide and somehow power up your batteries?

Which is a bit mythical, mystical, has something…

… more.

I mean, you just feel it.

This is mine. Or more like one of those most powerful. Where, when I am really low… I can somehow breath again.

With trees not in fact belonging here… all borrowed from other pieces of the world…

With those bleeding branches and green, yellow, red…

And that portal… Oh yes, those three stones are just amazing.

Like 3 wise men too busy to notice you, so you can overhear everything they talk about and learn… or women. I do not care.

And all those shapes under my feet…

And aromas…


I could stay here forever, somehow I am sure of it, but… it is a public place.

Sadly… I can not take those stones home with me.

But promise, one day I will have 3 like these in my garden!

I will!!! Because somehow I know, I need them to live.

Purple mushroom?

I mean…

There is so much in this world what I have not seen.

There are things which i really do not care about, and do not mind not knowing them, like tall buildings, fast cars, smelly chimneys…

But then…

Nature. Oh yes, here are hidden pieces which really can blow you away.


Like those… to be honest, depending on light this one is reddish purple or violet purple… like it was not ready to decide.

But the fly on it…

Did it care? And was it only for a visit, or lives here?

And does anyone care that I am on those wet leaves with my ass up watching mushrooms and a fly?

Oh well, mind your own business, I am meeting something new.

Something new for me of course.

Because autumn this year was not on its highs.


Wind came, took still green leaves, the sun was a rare visitor…

I miss strong, warm, full of light and colors autumn…

I miss… the weather I knew.

Fluesvamp 2

And I saw many of them…

So many.

I mean it everything was like in all those stories… stories about deep woods and beings dancing there.

About magic and witches which were so free…

Truly free.

Because finally they could be themselves.

And just be… not have.


I mean, I am aware that for some people they can be something normal, something everyautumn… but here they were absent for many years.


For me they are so symbolic.

So true.


Rød fluesvamp… muchomor. 

Toadstool… flybane?

So many names, famous photo of a fox eating one…

The past telling me that you can always eat mushrooms which were eaten by bugs or animals, and suddenly this one.

The one, maybe not the most deadly, still… well, deadly.

But also… I mean really, there is something in fungi what is so fascinating.

Like… they were asking you: will you fly with me? LOL

Come on… try me.

You can die only once.

But still, they are so beautiful. Such little, or bigger, red spaceships in the woods.

For years they were so rare here…

But this year really showed their beauty.

And trust me, they were huge.

Amazingly huge and juicy.

Yummy… looking, only!!!

Some with spots some without them, creating those magical circles or just being one and only by the road… you know, those introverts. LOL