Blooming fruit trees.

The most amazing part of spring. I mean really. Smell them, lie down under them and let those tiny petals fall on your face. On your body, your hair.

Cover you, change you into a sleeping beauty.

Be a part of the soil waking up and jump high when ants come. I mean really high!!! Sorry, this is how it works. But still, in that moment I so wanted to stay there forever. To be a part of this amazing petal rain. Of those surroundings.

Okay, tiny trespassing, but trust me, there was nobody. And I did not touch the house. Tiny cottage hidden behind this fairy tale entrance.

But I just had to.

See, this place is somehow calling me. Calling me during snowy winters, blooming springs, green summers and colorful autumns. Everything here is just soooo perfect. So connected together. So calm, not mentioning the road which is stick to this… Somehow, even during busy season, here everything is so calm, so different.

So touching…

I wanted to stay there, under those trees, snowing me all around and on me with all those smelling petals. I wanted them to cover me, bury under the huge pile. Wanted to breath them inside of me, and never let them go.


I wanted, but… it is not my land. Not my forever place. Not mine. Not mine trees, although, somehow… well, nope, but still, needing my attention? Making them sure, that they are welcomed, hugged, amazing, like they forgot. Forgot that they are so important for this planet. Like someone told them: we do not need you anymore.


Why people treat trees so badly?

Try it, stay under them. Do not try to fly them over, jump over, think over. Just be a part of the world we all are in. Try it. This is the best time.


Is it still most fancy of colors?

Mustardy one?

You know, a bit diarrhea like… I watched few vlogs to be fancy and cool, and suddenly heard that. So, I am still not fancy, but laughing a lot.

I mean really?

That kind of color? For me it suits only nature. And appears really rarely. And guess what?! I was in a perfect time and moment to got it on photos. This softness, velvety kindness. Weird sweetness… like melted fudge!

So candy like, cake like… pound cake. Oh yes!!!

In fact the sea had all those lines lovely melting one into another. Perfectly combined, although when you look at it, and a human… well, you still wanna add more black. Or is it only me? Can a human being look good in such colors?

Would you choose such painting?

Paint such walls of your room?

Still, this amazing mixture of perfectly smooth sand, seaweeds and some pollen created together and amazing picture. Perfect for a background, and perfect just how it was. In a windy, but semi warm day.

Sunny, still not hot.

And all those cute swirls created by waves and sand… I could just sit and watch, and of course got wet, because I always get wet.


Because somehow the sea always touches me. Always finds a way. Somehow. Even if I try really step back, and step back again… the sea comes to me. To tickle, to cover me, to make me a piece of itself.


Am I saying NO? NOPE. LOL Because there is so much beauty in nature and the sea makes a huge part of it!!!

Enormous even.

Blue light again

I know two kinds of blue light… okay, in fact even tree if we count the winter one, but… the summer one is very hard to catch. It is a bit deeper than this spring one and darker. And of court you got it only between rains.

Before thunders come…

I got it last year and oh my, it was stunning. But the spring one is so amazingly fragile. You want to cuddle it, touch it, pat it, even maybe adopt? Like a lonely puppy? Comes around 16.00 maybe even later, depends on the are you are… but worth of checking, forth of fining. Worth of diving in it with your camera… and nose.

Because this kind of light is perfect for blooming trees.

Just perfect!!!

Imagine this light, shadows, all this… time full of questions and answers. But also this amazing smell. All I wanted to do was… to stay there forever, under those trees, washed by this setting light. To just lie down and in fact wait until those white petals will over me like a saint Snow White! Just to be between this changing trees trying to be quick enough, to be on time with this longer winter, still confused…

That was an amazing moment…

Spring woods


Time to wake up, get green, flowery and happy… I think? It does not work on me, sorry. Somehow winter is much less depressing for me than spring. With spring I feel this weird anxiety, that I have to be happy, I have to be all joyful and boring like Instagram photos of feet on beaches…

But still… the woods, rocks still covered with green, fluffy, soft moss are just purely fairy tale like. I mean really. Like from Tolkien stories or maybe even legends, giants fighting with gods, only because they got bored with humans… and all those new ponds which are calling for offerings…

Anyone has a spare virgin? LOL

Oh my, I can see all those woodland beings. Tiny creatures, but also wild animals. Oh yes, few minutes after taking this photo few deer babies came to say “halo”, and scared the shit out of me!!! LOL

The trees.

Those so fluffy, those so bent, they all loo like dancers who were somehow frozen in time. Look at this amazing leading role, oh those roots, those smooth branches, and girly ladies looking at him, like at some holy picture, some saint being… or worst, huge sign SALE in their favorite shop! LOL

And finally… colors.

Blue sky, dead branches creating deep, brown, smooth feeling and those fresh, so green, so vibrant…

Spring woods create amazing spaces. And in fact not only flowers are important. This light, those tiny pieces which in your mind sing a perfect song, wake up an amazing story or maybe, just give you giggles?

Woods are amazing.

For me they are so much. Amazing cure for so much, place for exercises, for inspiration. A mighty place to hide… a moment of turning off everything in my head. I mean really everything. Of course humans here can be something disturbing, but still, maybe today I will meet nobody?


Best before?

Dreams have the most weird “best before”.

I mean really.

Just think…

Imagine this, your dreams and crazy obsession now being true, not those you have now in your head, but those when you were a kid, maybe a few year old wanting wings, or big boobs. Yes, you are looking at your boobs now, and suddenly you get all read because bigger mean a nightmare.

Just… imagine this.

Nightmare, right?

Dreams have best before dates. Some of them we have to forget even. And some of them, those about running away from everything, come so often. Come and then disappear, to come back again. Why we so create our lives, that all we want is being somebody else? D you have it sometimes? Because… I do not. Not anymore. Maybe I had it ages ago, maybe I do not remember, I forgot. And when I wanna run away from somewhere, I do it. Yup, it can look rude, weird, or even strange, but I do it. I do not wanna be trapped in a situation i can not breath. Of course I got to deal with “musts” but… and if I do not want to open the doors to my home, I do it also. If I wanna hide under the table… yup, you can find me there, but in fact you will not see me there, because I am home.

In my safe place.

Old enough to know, that wasting time is never a good choice. Eating ice cream outside is awesome when no one is criticizing you how much you weight etc… People hurt, so you can prefer them ancient and dissolved… You can dream about ancient burials and in fact not caring about so called now… because this will pass.

Everything will.

And dreaming is a must to do thing, but reality can kill it very easily. Still, you can easily kill the reality, but do not tell it to her! She can be nasty.

Spring maidens…

I call them spring maidens, because for me this is who they are… those fragile, but also strong and certain of their desires and dreams… dressed in white and bright green, beautiful, similar, but never the same.

Spring maidens.

When in groups they seem to like each other, but in fact, one tries to outstand another. Do not even bow, when winds make them, the same. Spreading this whiteness around, but also… trying to look better than those on the right and left, and behind them… There are also those lonely ones, which prefer to stand up tall and straight on paths, under trees and hidden under fallen branches.

Who prefer to just be alone, with themselves, but most of them create amazing carpets. White and wavy. Beautiful.

Looking at them is such a huge inspiration. For weird stories, fantasy stories, for those about convents and those about running brides. About gods and goddesses which never forgot their servants… but also about farms of perfect feminines. About this weird, ideal womankind which has everything what definitions say.

Just look at them.

Anemones… windflowers… This year they appeared here late, but we had late winter, so no surprise. and I could spend hours just lying down on the wet moss and take photos of them. Because there is something calming and in the same time energizing in them. Something so magical. So wintery too…

Another old mill

It used to be so simple. Two buildings, one for a small mill another for fishing… amazing stonework, thatch, woodland…

Beach so close, the river quietly singing.

Or after heavy rains bit louder…


But the wheel is now silent. It only can whisper stories about heavy duties and fun… about birds, tiny rainbows created by splashing waters… if you are ready to hear them, if you open your heart for the past.

… about people waiting, kids swimming, trolls and home dwarfs being so busy… ladies in long skirts and headscarfs. With faces smiling to the sun and blue sky, looking for first touches of spring. Like me now.

But also about renovations, songs, lullabies, stories, gossips…

People meeting here old friends, chatting and picking up pieces of bread, some dried or smoked fish… and something to drink. Waiting for some flower. So called simple life which in fact made everything so arty. Somehow ladies had time to cover their homes in flowers or create pieces from yarn which are still so hard to be done…

Simple life…

So why we made it harder now? Not that I wish to come back to times when toilets where wooden, outside… but still, why such rush?


How much they saw?

How many monsters, how many mermaids? How many stories they know, how many people touched them?

In fact look… at all those colorful surfaces. So worn out a bit, or ready for a next color. What will it be this year? Red? Blue, or maybe something crazy?

Neon yellow?

For now they are still resting. Napping a bit.

The foggy havgus still keeps them on the land.

And here they are. Bellies up, resting, taking an early spring rest. Taking few more days off. Just because the time is still not here. Because they can.

They look like calm beetles but in fact they are the bravest creatures on the world. Small, mostly still wooden, so full of joy… so jumpy on the waves, maybe even now, dreaming about all that sea thing.

Salty, wavy, wobbly even… with weird humans on.

For me they are like from this other world. From a great unknown which is familiar with underwater live. Which is o open for new. Always ready to swim, but also always wanting a safe back home. For those in them. Because when you are on the sea, you put your whole trust into them. They are your land, home, bed often…


Just boats.

Bye bye snow!!!

Winter is coming… I hope. Yeah, of course I got to survive spring and summer, but still, I do hope it is coming, and will again be snowy. Like this one. Which in fact here started with the end of February and ended…

Well, we still have few patches of snow. Tiny, but we do. And leaves are still not on the trees, no blooming branches, and flowers… well, not so many as last year. Like the whole Island was still waiting for something? Really? It is suppose to be 15 degrees this week, so why not? Have you lost faith, nature?

In yourself?

Oh well, we will see how it will come up, wake up. We will see or not, depends. But still, snow… yup, my obsession. With it everything is so much calmer, so much fluffier, softer, maybe wet and cold too, but I somehow do not feel it this way.


For me it is just a beauty.

And for me beauty is everywhere. Around us. In nature. Is it only me, who do not find all those modern and high life labeled pieces… beautiful? But can melt over trees, rocks, boulders, paths and woodlands? Streams and lakes? Waves on an angry sea? Who gathers stones only because thy are stunning? And in fact weirdly unseen by others? I can not be that special! No way!!!

But when it comes to snow, those colors, this amazing blueness, those shapes, little rainbows, this light, cold which I love… maybe I am?

How is it, that people talk so much about beauty of diversity, being special and OOAK, but still… they do not buy jewellery from artists? From those who in fact create only OOAK pieces? Because the rest will not guess the label? Because the labels shows how much it costed and only this counts? Because it is easily recognizable? But… okay, those bags from LV or Chanel and others – sorry, not knowing all fancy names – they are so ugly. Yes, it is my opinion and yes, I took some time to do research. Those huge brooches. So… soulless. So common…

Maybe in fact common means safe?

Maybe safe is better, but I love snow, and every petal here is OOAK. I must be brave to love something so hated, so diverse, right? Oh my! LOL

The New

I hate changes. Especially those big ones which destroy trees, rocks… nature in fact. I do get people with money can everything, but…


Here is me.

Because when there is something working, cute and with a lot of toilets, why to change it? We had a lovely center in front of the mighty ruins. It was old-fashioned, cute. With a lovely restaurant. But someone decided changes must come and…

Okay, I get that Jørn Utzon the architect – not of this castle LOL, is now on the mighty top, and dead, but still… Yes, his project is really amazing. Like, we have few on my island (in Svaneke and Listed) already, so a next one is nothing surprising. But when everyone looks at the Sydney Opera House, his most famous work… I look a the hole in the woodland. The empty space.

Sad one.

I loved the old buildings. The small museum, all that stuff. A shop, everything close, in fact so well looking together. Now they are gone and we have this.

Okay, now it is all fancy, but in fact empty. Cool pictures inside and the movie… watch it here if you want to. I added the sound because of people. Sooo… it is all in glass, but also have a very weird parking where you can break your leg, and the roof which is so slippery and will be even more… It does not have pipes, so water is dripping on those down there… It seems to be so undone.

I think I hate it.

I see its beauty as a creation, love the pictures, the idea, but hate it. Miss the trees. Earlier you could just climb here and stand between the trees in the wilderness. See those cuddly cows, sheep and wild animals…

Now it is fancy. With a restaurant… which in fact do not have people in.

Will I use to it? Probably. But miss the old already.

As an archaeologist, who also worked in a museum, I can say it could be done better inside. It still looks so undone, and with all those people, so dirty. And so easy to be destroyed, and people nowadays do it so easily… do not care.

They come and sit, and do not move. Kids run wherever they want, it is so loud… Yeah, I so get you Leonora!

So get you.

So yes. It is art. Amazing architecture. But not needed. In fact that huge, enormous amount of money could be spent better.

Like for some roads, protecting the whole place… such a pearl. Like for some more trees which you remove so without a doubt and then are surprised that the soil is sliding down. That everything wobbles.

One and only place… and the view?

It was always here. But you could hug some trees too. Now… it is just a loud place. Killing the mood. Just wait until some weirdos will sit on this roof for a photo on Instagram, and fall down… we will have another tragedy.