From tiny ripples to huge waves, which are able to make you… tiny.

Really tiny.

And tsunamis.

Yeah, the sea, ocean… that amount of water when calm is somehow so innocent and truly calming but when stormy…

To be honest. It is so intimidating!

Because somehow it is not the sea I know…

Even after all those storms…

It still makes me feel soo… natural.

Simple and connected to this all.


Like those birds, which do not care, only feed.

On all those waves.

Feed on tiny creatures, fishy leftovers… and all this power.

Amazing power. Joyful, beautiful, funny. Amazing, stunning, beautiful. Breathtaking and… so calling me.

And all those birds…

Birds 2

Remember this water is not in fact dirty, those are only seaweeds crashed because we have rocks everywhere. I think this is why we do not have amber here… or have only crushed, tiny pieces in sand…

But this water full of food is the best restaurant for them.

For sure.

Watching them… oh my… so free, so…

In their happy place.

Playing, fighting, being…

It is amazing.

So full of movement, so full of splashes and whiteness and… silver waves and brownish ones. And…

Even golden ones!

Look at those, it is amazing. It is so stunning!!! And yes, you can buy this photo, and all others too.

A moment of calmness…

And then again!

I bet crashed seaweeds are yummy. Or got also tiny beings between… yes, this sea still can feed you. Even with all those II WW leftovers deep down.

Even with this fear that it will one day… be gone.



Smart, clever, brave even, or still only natural?

May be descendants of the dinos but still, sometimes, when I look at them all I see is passion and power.

Will of living.

Taking care of family.

Young groups playing…

Or them hiding somewhere… waiting. Watching us?

Maybe even laughing?

I swear they sometimes laugh at me!

And all I can do is to watch them. How peaceful and patient they can be…

How ready…

How weirdly unimpressed by surroundings they are or maybe… in fact they are admiring it now? Maybe?

They are different than we are in every piece.

And this is awesome!

But sometimes, with those silverish waves…

I am like glued to the lens…

Because they are amazing, awesome, and in such amount you get what Hitchcock meant. You know how scary it would be if they attack you…

All in one group.

You would be… dead.

No offense, but this is the truth.

One small or medium bird is a problem, poop… but a bunch of them, oh yes, amazing power! Or… an amazing, fearless weapon!

But still… all I see is beauty…

If not anger so what?

Well, still storm.

I mean, it is so overwhelming.

So really.

Everything moving. Everything being a sound, wetness, saltiness and…

.. and something more. Not anger. Something playful what my human soul can not describe.


Perfectly natural.

What we forget we had.

Some myths, some fairy tales, some…

Disturbing thoughts.

And birds.

Birds which are having the craziest lunch ever!!! Or breakfast? No idea how it is in the birdy slang.

And something monumental. Because when you stop it on photographs it is like cathedrals rising from the sea. Monsters standing up for not even a second. Monsters, or just beings. And creatures and forgotten memories and…

So much more.



Or just a movement which our human minds prefer to describe somehow… define…

I mean, okay, taking those photos was a very dangerous thing. No fucking adventure! It was cold, wind was doing with me whatever it wanted and only heavy backpack and heavy camera – this is why my wrists are dead – kept me…


I mean not flying.

The salt and sand are still in me! Like… I was now the part of it, that… anger?

Was it really anger? And yes, this is a place, I mean that deep under water, is the one i step often to take stormy photos…

Storm, thunders, is it anger or beauty? It scares us, but the truth is beautiful things can be nasty or even nastier, trust me!

And this was beautiful.

Scary and freaking me out, but still…


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Anger… why the heck we can not show it? Why it is always: calm down! Do not do it. You are a girl, you should not… WTF! I am angry, I show it. Deal with it. Of course we should not put anger on other people but digging deep in soil, smashing few mugs – I have few special, waiting ICE – telling honestly your spouse that this is what I feel now, maybe hormonal, but I just got to be alone and mow the lawn.

Or just remove all the weeds or…

Transform anger into energy less harmful. Because this is what I fee. Anger. Maybe sometimes weird one, maybe even pointless, invalid, but I feel it. And I do not want to smash you, because you are not the reason, sooo… still, if you are, I am informing you that there is nothing civilized in being a fucking lotus flower on a fucking calm pond of a fucking clear water!!!

No fucking way. LOL

Sooo… because for me a stormy sea is such a female form… Let her wave! Strongly!!! Because it is beautiful!!! It truly is. Just another emotion. Just a part of nature. Just… a feeling. Something what tells us things are wrong, or just want us to do something with this energy…

PS. Loud music and exercises help too. LOL

And sometimes…

And sometimes I think this water is here only for the sky to check how it looks like?

To see all this stunning blueness.

Amazing, being so far far far away, that you almost think it does not exists.

But it does.

And this way it can be closer to you.

To all of us!!!

Just to let us admire it… and believe…

… that there is some sky in everyone.

Especially when you find such Goddess in the woods close to the beach…

Amazing, stunning, so real.


Okay, I see that huge branch pointing up, but… it is still the Goddess!!!


Looking at the sky, maybe a bit jealous? Or maybe wanting to borrow one of those mirrors?

Some vanity… why not?

Beach… 3

And sometimes it is only sand…

And wind.

And waves…

But all you see is the sand and all those shapes. This amazing art, so fragile, changing with every step which nature takes, with her every breath.


And some love…

And a small accident.

Very small. And organic! Just seeds!

Come on, they look cute!

And… some human spine?

Or maybe it was a giant monster, sea one, or flying one, which just had to drop on his weird back? Or… you know, human monster?

Who knows for sure?

Let the magic enter your life, and fairies and all that stuff.

And imagine…

Imagine a story about tiny sand stones, crystal ones, which are dancing all the time, can not stop, because if they would… they could grow.

And they do not want it!

They love this crowd and amazing place they live in/on.

And seaweeds… I love seaweeds.

Maybe sometimes they are smelly, but who isn’t, right? Who isn’t? LOL Can first throw the stone!!! Ouch! Who done it? LOL

Beach… 2

And with every step it is somehow more special.

Even when it is windy and you can not stop spitting up sandy balls from your mouth.

I mean really.

This sand here is so soft. So warm, always, even when it’s winter and you are cold, totally cold.

And all those sculptures…

It really looks like some kind of performance, I mean really!

Like they were showing off.


Proud of being themselves, so if you need some self-confidence, go there.

And dive into those, crazy sometimes, shapes.

Into those waves…

And all this blue.

Blue around.

Waves and mirrors.

Reflections and stories.

And angels…

I mean really? Again? LOL

Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and happy free time for the rest! Go out, have fun, eat, or just stay home with a book and think, imagine, create…


For many of you most wanted ever!

Part of dreams about a little home on a sandy one, with small waves, clear air… for sure seagulls not included, right?

LOL Come on, we all know beach can be smelly.

Very smelly, especially around this time of nesting.

And seaweeds smelly…

Just nature.

But for me beach means art.

Amazing art.

Temporary art… still changing, constructing, still… being created.

Still… alive.


I could just lie down and watch the sands moving, seaweeds dancing, waves sparkling, shades changing…

Angels droppings their wings to take a bath… t.b.c.

My island…

As you may know, or not, I live on an island. Not so big not so small. On island where is everything. Small hills, soft deserts, stony ones.

Huge boulders and ruins. Small churches, round ones, big ones… lovely cottages, trees… and more rocks.

Valleys and soft, law landscapes with no hill in sight…

And the sea.

And colors.

And so much more…

And I am a huge fanatic of my island. Enormous!!! I mean really. I love her. She is my Mother. A place where for the first time I felt like… home.

Not a place I was born. But such things happen to us, right? We can not choose a place, time and to whom we are born, or maybe… or maybe we can but forgot about it during growing up?


But still, even loving my island so much, I sometimes, only few times a year I leave her for a day, and once I do it for few days… like to see partronus like this one. Do you also see him, or I am such potterhead? LOL

I leave her and feel constant lost. Like someone took a huge part of me and put it into a washing machine…

Weird feeling…

I leave her and see different, have different, like this different, but also remind myself it is not for me. At all… even when it sparkles with all those colors.

Even though…

I miss her. And then, even when I am back, I have those dreams that I am looking for my island. My Island. And can not find her. Can not reach, can not… so awfully can not get a boat, ferry, whatever…

Weird me.

PS. Photos are from Sweden.