Havängsdösen 2

And all those stones. So magical. So amazing. So white… standing, waiting… Or maybe… There is so much more to this story. Not only astronomical view but also… They look like they were growing here. Not only keeping secrets, but … Continue reading

Simris runes

Simris is… a place in Sweden. Yes, we are still here. A place close to Simrishamn. A village? City? Settlement… okay, village is the best word to describe a place which sleeps. I mean really. A road, some homes, church … Continue reading


Stenskib Urliksberg, in fact Stenhed, Östra Herrestad, Simrishamns kommun… yeah, you got to love Google – sarcasm… is in fat no berg at all. Flat field with a ship shaped standing stones. Small stones, so if you are looking for Stonehenge … Continue reading