From tiny ripples to huge waves, which are able to make you… tiny. Really tiny. And tsunamis. Yeah, the sea, ocean… that amount of water when calm is somehow so innocent and truly calming but when stormy… To be honest. … Continue reading

Birds 2

Remember this water is not in fact dirty, those are only seaweeds crashed because we have rocks everywhere. I think this is why we do not have amber here… or have only crushed, tiny pieces in sand… But this water … Continue reading


Birds… Smart, clever, brave even, or still only natural? May be descendants of the dinos but still, sometimes, when I look at them all I see is passion and power. Will of living. Taking care of family. Young groups playing… … Continue reading

If not anger so what?

Well, still storm. I mean, it is so overwhelming. So really. Everything moving. Everything being a sound, wetness, saltiness and… .. and something more. Not anger. Something playful what my human soul can not describe. Something… Perfectly natural. What we … Continue reading


Anger? Or just a movement which our human minds prefer to describe somehow… define… I mean, okay, taking those photos was a very dangerous thing. No fucking adventure! It was cold, wind was doing with me whatever it wanted and … Continue reading

Beach… 3

And sometimes it is only sand… And wind. And waves… But all you see is the sand and all those shapes. This amazing art, so fragile, changing with every step which nature takes, with her every breath. Truly. And some … Continue reading


For many of you most wanted ever! Part of dreams about a little home on a sandy one, with small waves, clear air… for sure seagulls not included, right? LOL Come on, we all know beach can be smelly. Very … Continue reading

My island…

As you may know, or not, I live on an island. Not so big not so small. On island where is everything. Small hills, soft deserts, stony ones. Huge boulders and ruins. Small churches, round ones, big ones… lovely cottages, … Continue reading